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  1. Judging by the expression on the faces, either Celtic are losing or the Parachute Regiment are doing the halftime entertainment.
  2. So true. Anyone with any self-awareness would have realised that interpretation was inevitable on reading it back. But then, this is Toby Young.
  3. But factually correct. That's as much as I can manage I'm afraid.
  4. I wish I was motivated enough by this game to provide a witty or interesting response.
  5. I dont think this is like Bismarck claiming Schleswig-Holstein. You can keep them. No worries.
  6. Does Greenock not have about 8 stations between the two lines that go through it? This just in from our pedantry correspondent. *nasal voice* That is a most interesting question. The answer depends upon whether one considers Fort Matilda to be in Gourock or Greenock. A secondary consideration is whether IBM halt is, in a meaningful sense, a conventional service stop.
  7. Ah! It makes sense now ðŸĪŠ Young guys at work were telling me (I paraphrase for the more sensitive P&Bers): "Here, a lady of mature years that you probably know, has broken the internet singing Metallica on a bike. Most attractively proportioned and I, as a mere youth, would be glad to accompany her to an evening of light opera".
  8. Heard a rumour about Kyle Lafferty signing. Based on the fact he's left his Italian club and has a house in EK. I rate this in the Highly Unlikely category myself.
  9. If you have guys that could WFH then she couldn't have been clearer today, they should be doing that. That's the problem though. On a construction site some guys sort of can work from home, but can't really commit. As long there's site activity you can't just say "that's it, I never need to be here". Unless you're a QS or in senior management maybe, something like that.
  10. We were all hoping we'd get sent home. Some of us would get furloughed others wfh. For the life of me, apart from guys working on essential maintenance, testing etc none of this is essential. Cynical view? The furlough budget wont stretch to it, so we carry on. But, to repeat myself, we should be getting the jag now, way before people who have been at home since March.
  11. No, but homers are not allowed (if I'm understanding it correctly).
  12. I agree. If they insist we should be working then give us the jag. Only fair.
  13. Rumours abound that construction is going to be shut down. I think it's unlikely, just wondering if anyone has heard similar? Translation: can I go home now please?
  14. I'd accept the first one if it meant the last one doesn't happen. Don't say I'm not good to you.
  15. Anybody know any action was taken on Vigurs for that snidey foul on Scott Martin after he scored v Ross County? That was nasty and it cost us.
  16. I dont know who Norm Burns is, but this is good. I'm imagining the recording session: sincere folkies in pressed shirts at the mic, long haired freaks in the band, trying to act straight. Like The Association, but weirder.
  17. I think this is already a contender for worst thread of 2021. Coming up on the rails: Let's All Laugh at Accies Relegation Thread Rangers Are Back! Oh God! England Win the Euros
  18. Good grief, no. Dreem Topping with a can of, ahem, "fruit".
  19. Good shout. Think it came in a can with a delicious layer of jellied fat. Forgot about the grated cheese. A wee continental touch 😆
  20. My granny used to make a really sophisticated modern thing called, wait till you hear this.....a "salad". It had corned beef, half a boiled egg, wee bit of lettuce (with Heinz salad cream dolloped on top. And chips. Loads and loads of chips.
  21. I think so. Is the new organisation called Reach or some nonsense like that?
  22. According to Private Eye, its lost 61% of its readers since it started its Brexit campaign 10 years ago. Demographics will do for these rags.
  23. Good news is it's losing readers at an astonishing rate.
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