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  1. I remember. It would have been mad if Rangers and Celtic both made Euro finals in the same year twice in 5 years.
  2. Was the final at Wembley that year? Must have been a sore one for Celtic to miss out on. Would have been strong favourites for it.
  3. I think the UK has been displaying, for a while now, traits more commonly associated with the parts of the world we have been conditioned to laugh at/pity - due to their corruption and poor governance. It's being done in plain sight, and hardly anyone gives a shit anymore.
  4. Without knowing what started this, I sincerely hope the wee ned got properly sorted out. I like that one where the Scottish guy with glasses on outside a Spar, or something, is very polite up until the point he decks some nasty wee p***k. A satisfying watch.
  5. Yes a welcome return indeed but her accent seemed even wilder than usual. Possibly been doing a lot of the Gaelic channels and less English perhaps Agree. Love the way she pronounces Scotland 🥰
  6. (Desperately subduing my inner Finbar Saunders) No, I've got a shit phone which has failed to fully capture her radiance.
  7. Is there an option to raise the stakes? I need a big cash injection to have my Murdo Frazer tattoo removed. Well, I say that, but in truth it's actually a hideously deformative birth mark on my arse. <insert punchline here>
  8. Great photo. I dont recall cosplay being a thing in 1970s Lanarkshire, so God knows where this boy had been in the morning. Also, what a player Willie Pettigrew was 👏
  9. Nicely summarised. The word "belief" is the important one for me. People believe all sorts of mad shit.
  10. Hey DJ! Got any Major Lance? I feel like dancin'!
  11. Brian Rice. Working your way backwards using the reliably predictable Scottish football nickname methodology would get you there. I've saved you the bother cos I'm still on a high after last nights miracle of getting a draw 😆
  12. I've just driven through Cambuslang. The thought of the people I saw queuing outside Benny's Chippy shagging has fair put me off my tea. It was going to be lobster as well.
  13. Well done, mate. I've heard it's quite uncomfortable in the short-term after the op, but well worth it thereafter. Should make a real difference if you go ahead with it.👍
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