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  1. Totally relate to both these points. My first experience of work as a wee quiet boy in manual labour (early 80s) was very instructive in how guys can look after each other. We had some men who, quite frankly, were virtually unemployable through no fault of their own - but everybody helped maintain the pretence that they were productive (whilst taking the piss, naturally). I've often thought management knew, and turned a blind eye. No doubt there would be some who would see this as dishonest, lazy etc. I thought it was quite honorable.
  2. More of a 70s era fan masel. Although it was very confusing when they changed artist, and Roy - in the space of a week - went from short back'n'sides and sensible suit to full on Noel Edmonds style 70s catalogue model. Duncan McKay, the stereotypical Scottish hardman with beard and headband was pivotal for Rovers back then. Could do with him on Friday.
  3. There's only one team in South Lanarkshire. Unfortunately, this is merely a factual statement rather than a triumphant boast.
  4. Finally some good news. Hopefully I'll make it to the game as well this time.
  5. Looking forward to a few decent away days. Is Tam O Shanter in Ayrton Senna still a thing? Absolutely no idea how the actual football will be. As mentioned above, any league placing is conceivable at this stage. Wait and see what the annual lucky bag of English Conference rejects and Euro duds brings.
  6. If only there was a constituency with a large pro-Palestinian/Irish Nationalist/ UK Unionist/pro-Brexit majority of Celtic/Dundee Utd/Doonhamer/ Man Utd fans, he might stand a chance of keeping his deposit. <insert Kenneth Williams gif here>
  7. Agree. And the dialogue is great, which gives an idea how good the rest of it is. I always imagined Jeeves as a bit like George Sanders- world weary, deep voice. Stephen Fry was quite good
  8. I do, cant even remember it's new name. The Tight Jeans and Man Bun? Something like that. I can remember when you could do a pub crawl on Almada St. God I'm old......
  9. I still call it the Peacock because that was always it's name until a pointless rebranding effort. Last time I was in it hadn't changed. Looking forward to the away trips to Firhill, maybe catch a vegan burger on Byres Rd and some experimental avant garde theatre post match (assuming watching Brian Rice in the dugout hasn't sated my appetite for surrealist performance art).
  10. Theres a proper bit of academic research needing done on the negative impact on society of microtadgers. Famous fraudster Bernie Madoff was driven to create ginormous phallic ponzi schemes cos of his. Others I strongly suspect of being suitably motivated include Mark Francois and Dennis Wise.
  11. Aye, let's see Mark King try slapping that brute.
  12. That's not bad. I bought it for £35 in the 80s, and spent about £50 ten years ago getting some repairs done. It's very easy to play, but couldn't be used live....very weak sound and feeds back at even low volume.
  13. A Squier precision copy. And a weird Japanese 60s hollow body called Commodore. One of those guitars that could be worth a fortune or only valuable as firewood.
  14. I'm always amazed that acts I've never heard of are playing sell out shows at the Hydro. Btw: Kanye's song Gold Digger is excellent, but that's mainly because of Jamie Foxx.
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