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  1. Murray said in his interview with Raith TV that he was still in discussions with players to come to us as late as Thursday night. With that in mind it’s not inconceivable to think we got/we’re getting deals over the line that’ll still go ahead - you’re not always selling the players on the manager alone, it’s the club as a whole. On the PT thing, I agree with those that say it’s highly unlikely. In fact, I wondered if we have been considering going entirely the other way and going fully FT. We have Smithy and Sal signed on FT deals already, if there’s any substance to the Cammy Ballantyne rumour, that’d be another one and I just have a feeling we’ll keep Dycey and McCabe, who are also FT. If you look at the PT list from last season, it really wasn’t all that many players… Currie, Aggy, Nacho, Gal, Pyott, Janny, Deano? There may have been others but I don’t think so and even some of those guys may have been FT. My point is Murray was never keen on the PT thing and maybe the plan was always to phase it out? Interesting that Currie is already gone - was he told by Murray he wasn’t getting a deal? Interesting few weeks ahead!
  2. Murray is full-time and we’re a mixture of full-time/part-time hybrid. Around 16 of our 24ish man squad this past season were full-time.
  3. Nah, he left the club around the end of the 19/20 season when Covid hit. Scott Agnew is our current Assistant Manager, with Bryan Prunty part of the coaching staff. When Murray was heavily linked with the Falkirk role, I noted that if we didn’t get promoted, I couldn’t begrudge him going to a club at a higher level than us - I just thought it would be ludicrous to lose him to a team in the same league. I still feel the same and would wish him all the best if it came to that - he’s been excellent for us and doesn’t get the credit he deserves, even from our own support. He took Stevie Findlay’s rag tag bunch of players from just outside the relegation zone to a few points off the promotion playoffs in his first half season. He then had us 3rd in the league when it was called due to Covid, only 2 points behind Falkirk and 5 behind yourselves with both still to play. All of this with a DoF pulling a lot of the strings in terms of transfers - bringing in players that clearly weren’t suitable or wanted by Murray. He had the same DoF issues at the start of last season but despite that and the chaos through Covid we battled to 2nd place, only 2 points behind Thistle and only lost out to Morton in the playoffs, as we’d played something like 8 games in 3 weeks and had a mountain of injuries. This season is the first where he’s had his own assistant, built his own squad and it has easily been one of the best in my 30 years supporting Airdrie. In all honesty, I do think it would be a travesty if we weren’t promoted, as the football we have played has been outstanding and after the gargantuan effort on Saturday, it should be clear to all the spirit we have. You can never tell in football, but as I said to Falkirk fans at the time, I would be stunned if Murray has spoken with anyone about their job or applied for anything. His message to any suitors would likely be, wait till after the playoffs. If we do go up, I’d like to think there would be no chance he’d come to you guys - he’s got a great bunch of players I think we’d keep together (with the exception of Dylan Easton perhaps), he’s got the full support of the board and the fans. He’s had to work for it, but he’s in a very good place with us. If we don’t go up, I still don’t think it’s a sure thing that he’d go anywhere else. As others have said, he was badly burned at St Mirren and when the day comes that he does decide to leave us, I think he’ll be very careful with his choice of club.
  4. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, whilst Falkirk have clearly sounded him out, I highly doubt he’ll have given any indication about how interested he’d be. Especially given no details around the role, budget, etc. will have been discussed. If Falkirk take the call to put all their eggs in the Murray basket, that’s entirely up to them but it’s a huge gamble in my view. I’m obviously biased and I’ve already said that I think it would be the wrong move for him, even if we don’t go up this season. However, all that aside, I genuinely think there are more scenarios where he doesn’t go to Falkirk than ones where he does - question is, how much are your board willing to risk to wait on him?
  5. Cheers mate. Time will tell I guess, but like I say, I’d reckon Falkirk will need to wait at least a couple of weeks yet if they do want to speak with him properly. I think what’s happened here is that there have been comments on the Falkirk thread about rating Murray or wanting to go for him and then rumours from the club suggesting they are looking at a candidate that still has commitments. Now that could mean they are looking at Murray, but it could also relate to Hughes, Rice or another manager entirely.
  6. Posted this on the Falkirk thread as well… Not sure where the idea that Ian Murray is a done deal is coming from - given the kind of individual he seems to be, I’d imagine he’d have flat out told Falkirk he wouldn’t discuss anything until after the playoffs. Not saying they won’t have sounded him out, but that doesn’t mean he’s spoken to them about the role in any detail. As things stand, he’s got a very good chance of managing a group of his own players, that he’s put together himself and has fostered a great spirit in over years, in the Championship. And, even if we don’t make it through the playoffs, whose to say the board won’t throw everything at it to keep the squad together? Ludicrous to suggest this is anywhere near ‘done’. I’m not saying it won’t happen, because you can never say never in football, but I’d genuinely be stunned if it did and certainly not before the playoffs have taken place.
  7. Not sure where the idea that Ian Murray is a done deal is coming from - given the kind of individual he seems to be, I’d imagine he’d have flat out told Falkirk he wouldn’t discuss anything until after the playoffs. Not saying they won’t have sounded him out, but that doesn’t mean he’s spoken to them about the role in any detail. As things stand, he’s got a very good chance of managing a group of his own players, that he’s put together himself and has fostered a great spirit in over years, in the Championship. And, even if we don’t make it through the playoffs, whose to say the board won’t throw everything at it to keep the squad together? Ludicrous to suggest this is anywhere near ‘done’.
  8. If it makes you feel any better, I have extreme doubts that he’ll be anywhere near the Falkirk job. And we are more than happy to keep him, thank you very much!
  9. I’m actually genuinely surprised anyone would have Gal on any unsure or bin lists - each to their own of course but he’s consistently been one of our top scorers every season and works his socks off. No brainier to keep him for me. Similar with Aggy - I get that he’s getting on a bit in his career now but, bar a few shaky performances, he’s been consistently reliable this season - turning in some superb performances along the way as well. Add to that his role as Assistant Manager and I don’t think he will be going anywhere as long as we can keep Ian Murray. The only guys I’d be looking to move on would be the fringe guys - people like Ritchie, Lyons, Walker, McDonald, etc. - rest would be keep for me. Even taking quality out of the equation, you want to keep as much of this group together as possible, given the team spirit we’ve got.
  10. And perhaps more importantly, why would he even want to go to Falkirk?
  11. Might well be the case mate - like I say, was a best guess, based on info I’ve accumulated over the years. Would make sense if Frizz was FT/Walker was PT - assumed Ritchie stayed FT following his release from Hearts and was under the impression Allan had a good job out with football, meaning he’s PT but I may well be wrong! Think the general split is right though.
  12. I’ve never seen it formally confirmed anywhere, but my best guess would be that it’s broken down as follows… Full-time: Jay Cantley Callum Fordyce Josh Kerr Luke Lyons Scott Walker Dylan Easton Rhys McCabe Matty McDonald Dean Ritchie Salim Kouder-Aissa Gabby McGill Callum Smith Part-time: Max Currie Craig Watson Scott Agnew Adam Frizzell Jordan Allan Callum Gallagher Pat Pyott My understanding is that the PT guys join the FT guys for training sessions on the Tuesday and Thursday evening. I’d definitely say it’s the way to go at this level and have seen a massive difference since we switched. Bear in mind as well that we only adopted it in 2018/19 - so before Ian Murray joined and originally with more PT guys than FT. As I said before, even though I think it’d be a sensible move for Falkirk, it will take time - it’s getting the balance, getting the right players and to get all that, getting the right manager.
  13. It’s worth bearing in mind that when we first came down all those years ago, we had better budgets than the majority of teams around us and spent at least a season or two as a full-time team in a league of largely part-timers - it didn’t make a difference. We had 3 club legends in charge - Sandy Stewart, Kenny Black and Jimmy Boyle - none of whom really had what it took, unfortunately. By the time Boyle took over, we’d gone part-time and focused on developing youth players but again, he just didn’t have what it took and too many of those players just weren’t good enough. Bollan came next, as we tried the more ‘experienced’ route and, while there were glimmers of hope here and there, we probably couldn’t really back him the way we needed to financially. By the time he was shown the door, we’d been consistently in the 3rd tier for 4/5 seasons and it was longer than that if you count the few yo yo seasons beforehand. We then had the first ‘takeover’ and the full-time experiment, which saw a raft of ill-advised managerial appointments - Eddie Wolecki-Black, Kevin McBride, Marc Wilson, Stevie Findlay - as well as a bunch of untried kids and one or two seasoned ‘pros’, as the club desperately tried everything they could to turn it around. It was only after our takeover in 2017 where, after giving Stevie Findlay a chance for a season and a bit, the board saw sense, went hybrid and appointed our best manager in 20-odd years, Ian Murray. 12 years and counting in the ‘wilderness’ and believe me, there is no easy fix. Hell, even since Murray took over, there have been a lot of bumps in the road. Many of us (myself included) have backed him and believed he was building something/there was steady improvement but it hasn’t always been an easy watch and many weren’t buying into it until this season. For what it’s worth, I don’t see Murray going anywhere near Falkirk next season - whether we’re promoted or not. He’s just come off a significant project with us for the past 4 years that was a bit further along than where you guys are at right now. Like others have said, there’s clearly some serious issues behind the scenes that need ironing out before things start to work on the park. I reckon if we do lose him, entirely possible if we aren’t promoted, he’ll be after another crack at the Championship. Also worth pointing out (and this is only a rumour I heard floating around the terraces just after Christmas) but Murray was apparently approached by Falkirk before they appointed Rennie (as well as by QP and Hibs for their academy job) and he knocked them all back. It tells me that he won’t be jumping for the sake of it anytime soon and you’ve got to think that even if we don’t manage promotion this season, which would be gutting given how good we have been, we’d still be a better prospect than Falkirk next season. I guess my point is, while it’s not guaranteed, it’s highly likely it’ll take you guys 2-3 seasons to get to where you want to be from here, at best - given the position of the club, contracts, what other teams are doing, etc. This isn’t a throw money at it and it’ll go away situation and the same goes for the manager thing - while you always need to aim high, I think a healthy dose of reality is needed if anyone thinks getting a manager like Ian Murray in current circumstances will be easy or a given.
  14. As ridiculous and frustrating as last night was, I find it incredibly hard to be too critical of the team, given the way they’ve played throughout the season. Yes, any team should be able to exercise a bit of game management and see a lead out with a few minutes to go, but it will happen on the odd occasion in any given season. We’ve done well in that regard all campaign, bar Dumbarton, so just need to suck it up and move on. Ironically, the second equaliser probably came as a result of the tactical shuffle we made to try and get the winner - I do wonder if that goal is scored were Dycey on the park. That said he did look injured. Currie has had a couple of frustrating moments recently but again, I’m not going to jump on him just because of that - there were other failures in the build up to both goals. It’s just my take, but I also think some of the criticism of guys like Gal and Smithy is ludicrous - Gal is just coming back from an innocuous injury (and is only PT remember) so it’ll take him time to get back up to speed and while Smithy didn’t have his best game last night, he’s been excellent with his work rate and overall contribution. We know we don’t have a 20-goal a season striker, but together, all these other guys should chip in with enough to get us to where we need to be. I thought Kyle was excellent on his return and Janny also had a superb game, to name just two. At the end of the day, we need to bear in mind that after putting in so much effort on Saturday, last night was always going to be a big ask. As others have said, Cove are going to be very hard to stop but we were always going to have to rely on them dropping points somewhere so nothing has changed - just need to get back at it and concentrate on ourselves.
  15. Another big win for us and another example of a game we’d have let slip away in recent seasons - it’s a testament to the manager, players and the team spirit we have. That we are so down to the bare bones right now in terms of our squad makes it even more impressive - a CM at CB, a right-footed CB/RB at LB and only 3 outfield subs? Superb effort from all. I thought over the piece we did enough to deserve the win - first half we were utterly dominant and, most importantly, clinical. The second was a bit more of a slog, due to losing the goal so early on - from a free kick that wasn’t a free kick in my view - but we gathered ourselves well and saw it out. Falkirk looked very ordinary in the first half, only really producing two moments of note - one of which Morrison should have buried, the other Max Currie deserves huge credit for making an excellent save from. They upped their intensity in the second half and that, coupled by the timing of the goal meant they were more in the game but you can totally see why they are where they are and why they’ll struggle to crack the top 4. Frustrating that Cove seem pretty invincible right now, but we need to keep doing what we’re doing and be ready for what is a huge match against them in a few weeks time.
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