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  1. I really like that top. Ideally with white shorts and green socks. Then the away Yellow tops, blue shorts and white socks. Many combinations possible which would be excellent. Bin the black or red socks and find bright colours.
  2. Another quality player with huge potential. Hearts loss and our gain. Welcome back Kelby.
  3. A quality player, good on the ball and will fit our playing style perfectly. I remember him at Stirling. Welcome Lee.
  4. A brand new state of art pitch will help the style of football we play. Happy days. Terracing on the opposite side of the main stand will be good for increasing viewing opportunities - Main stand, side of pitch, behind the goals and now behind the dugouts! All good for the season ahead. Away fans welcome in all areas too.
  5. Hi Tenkay. Can't wait on the season ahead for City, just hope the team can strengthen very slightly and take on QP?! It will be a tough task to be honest. We have lost a few players and maybe need 1 or 2 more.
  6. Hello there. I have been following Hibs, Scotland and Edinburgh City for many years and thought i would join up. C19 has allowed me to utilise the computer more and find you guys 🙂
  7. That is good going. What is the normal season ticket level and what is expected? Hibs usually have about 12,000 season tickets but have been known to reach 14,000.
  8. £100k for Ollie Shaw!!!! Really. He hardly played. Is he still there?
  9. No parking around Murrayfield apart from the Skating Rink area. I really wish we could build a New Hampden in the middle of Scotland where transport links are decent for the whole Country. Denny - Stirling area. Build a stadium with 3 tiers, 30/30/30k. 90k fully open for Big Scotland games and Celtic Rangers finals for instance, dropping down to 60k for other big games and then 30k for smaller crowds expected but keeping the New Hampden experience there.
  10. Rangers Youth Academy and the cost is working well! Shocked at County.
  11. How are the Bino's fans feeling about the season ahead? Happy with the team and potential for a play off place or is the manager going for the league again? Some decent players in the Gone/Unknown list.......Duffy, Bikey, Jardine and Peters.
  12. Ouzy looks a good signing - typical attacking City player.....excellent technical ability, great potential and good attitude. Brown, Black and Hendo signing really gives us a chance of play offs and push for the league again. Maybe just need a couple more and we are ready.
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