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  1. Good experienced player. I wouldn't worry about the Clyde fans comments Tenkay. Welcome to Edinburgh Mark.
  2. Take that! Good day out for both teams and a point on the board each would be ok.
  3. A blow with Brian and Innes leaving. Both Danny's are good players and totally different. I would have both playing along with Tapping and there is the heart of the team. We are not miles off L1 strength as Montrose have shown. We have better players than Clyde already. Lets enjoy the journey.
  4. Vimto90, thanks for the best wishes. That was hard going. I did say we need 1 goal and that was the difference. Fantastic achievement for the wee team and proof anyone from the Lowland League/Highland League can climb upwards. Look at Peterhead, Cove, Montrose and Kelty. Amazing. As for the game, the only negative i have in hindsight is we should have set up like Dumbarton away and closed the game out. Within 5 minutes we could see the formation and set up was not working and then throw in a shocking penalty decision! But we scraped through and look forward to Meadowbank revamped in League 1. A special mention to Gary Naismith who was a major factor in the promotion, along with many of the youth system while we had serious injury problems. Exciting times ahead and huge challenges that Edinburgh will build for. Best wishes to Annan, friendly people and a great club. You will have a chance to win next season there is no doubt.
  5. Restaurant booked, car fueled and ready.......... We just need 1 goal. Somebody? Anyone. Just 1.
  6. Very true Vic. It is still in the balance. I felt Annan are better than they showed, they seemed to launch long balls to the giant striker and never really picked up on the second balls, when in reality they are a good football team who could play on the deck if told to. I spoke to a couple of Annan fans after and they were disappointed in the performance while saying City are a better football team. I felt we should have been in front at half time and played good passing football in an intense game. Great goals and a strong position to be in. Its like being 2-0 up at Annan in the first minute and another 89 to go, i would take that every day of the week. I also feel we are a threat and score goals, but that is not luck, we play in an attacking formation and 2 up top. Well deserved lads and lets enjoy Friday night. We have a young team in general and they hopefully have the energy left in a tough battle ahead.
  7. Don't think we have had a poor first half of the season sitting in 4th considering injuries. Also many of the injured players are returning and the team are looking good. All good news but think Naysmith was unlucky with injury problems and pulled off a miracle keeping us in the hunt. Lets hope for a good performance tonight, a 1-0 win would be fine for me.
  8. Are season tickets allowed for tonight anyone? Come on City!
  9. Play a reserve squad or some young players. Saying that, we have promoted a few of the youth from the under 20s this season anyway. Maybe bring in a few more youth. Stirling fans will want to finish on a win but will the players? Many moving on from what the fans have said and big changes next season at the Binos. Tuesday and next Saturday play off games are more important for City. 1-1
  10. Why did we get rid of a good manager who was guiding us into the play offs? There was no sense in it.
  11. The young team are coming together it seems. Well done City.
  12. Fantastic performance and result for the young team.
  13. Good position to be in Tam. Not that many senior players in the squad to be honest.
  14. A draw may have been the fair result, and Cowdenbeath may feel hard done by at the final result but we must remember City have 16 injuries and playing half an Under 20s team. The young team battled and fought for every ball and in a way deserved 3 points. Gary is pulling off a brilliant job keeping us in the mix for the play offs and maybe the youth system is producing great quality for the future. Whoever runs the youth set up is doing a great job too. Edinburgh are a young squad and building for the future. Anything higher than 6th is a bonus in my view. Well done the Manager, Chairman, Board, Under 20s coaches and players and the support who turned up on a cold December.
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