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  1. Plucky Saints making it a tight game. Both teams will be delighted.
  2. On the first day of January my true love gave to meeee, Tommie Hoban without an injureeee, On the second day of January my true love gave to meeee, a hatrick from Ross McCrorieeee, (Aberdeen 3 Dundee United 0) On the third day of January my true love gave to meeee, a country that is covid freeeee.
  3. No carrots or lettuce isn’t good, this shortage is going to affect rabbits up and down the country very hard. For the love of god is there no end to this madness?
  4. Saddened at this appointment because I won’t be able to pick Yogi Hughes in the next “who will be the next (add team name) manager” poll. I’m a Neil McCann guy now.
  5. Yes I’m here Mr Lennon....what’s that? Keep the engine running, no problem Mr Lennon.
  6. Gino Ginelli should have made the net raspberry ripple there.
  7. Whoever said one man can’t change the world clearly has never eaten an undercooked bat.
  8. Ok well if he wants to go down the NFL route then let’s bring in a salary cap to level the playing field. Its sad to see someone as high profile as Strachan want to crush what little competition there is by concentrating on only the selected larger clubs. We know pretty much every year who’s going to win the league, at least relegation is slightly more unpredictable. im surprised he didn’t say the big 6 in Scotland should automatically enter the Scottish cup in the quarters along with 2 wild cards.
  9. De wanna wanga?....... Thoughts and prayers to the Fortuna family and this difficult time.
  10. Kleenex sales to go up. Without spoiling it for anyone who hasn’t seen it can I add keep watching after the credits for an extra scene like in the Marvel movies.
  11. Does the quadruple treble still matter? They ask... Clearly the writer doesn’t by then adding Celtic prepare to face Hearts in the semi-final of the Scottish Cup.
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