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  1. Hearing football at all levels from Chamionship down will be postponed from today SPFL Premier League will be only permitted football for next 4 weeks
  2. Did anyone notice the lino at the Celtic game yesterday - positive he was reffing at our level last season?
  3. Seems to me most of the posts on this thread are from Pollok - who are not playing in the league at the moment Pipe up when you start playing you absolute pains in the arse
  4. £7,200 to each paricipating club this season £2,500 for teams who decided not to participate
  5. Comeontheloknow - each club made the decision based on thier own circumstances, there may be some who will regret that the further we go into this season A question for you though - your statement outlined "guaranteeing the safety of volunteers and players on matchdays" which is understandable - why enter a team in the under 20s league? I find that baffling!!
  6. Maybe I sm wrong but even if there is a 4 week lockdown that does not mean the season would need to be curtailed The leagues have kicked off and have until next June to finish - I am sure the clubs who are participating would not mind a four week break, if enforced, and to start back January or even February. The clubs that have dropped out however will still need to wait till next Summer so no real impact on them I, for one, have enjoyed seeing the resilts coming in on a Saturday night and hats off to all the players, staff and committees for the efforts - the season has started - it NEEDS to finish
  7. Detaiks from SFA about rules around players being released from contracts I refer to the recent withdrawal of several West of Scotland Football League clubs from participation for Season 2020/21. The Scottish FA’s Registration Department is receiving an increasing number of enquiries from these clubs and their players in respect of the status of existing registrations/contracts. Contractual matters are between the employer (club) and employee (player) and the Scottish FA is not in a position to offer any advice or guidance on individual contracts/registrations. The clubs and players concerned are encouraged to engage in order to discuss and resolve any registration/contractual issues which may have arisen as a result of the club’s withdrawal from the league. Ultimately, if matters cannot be resolved to the satisfaction of both parties, a club or a player is entitled to refer any dispute to the Scottish FA in accordance with Annex 2 of the Registration Procedures (P213 of the Scottish FA Handbook https://www.scottishfa.co.uk/media/6947/scottish-fa-handbook-2020-21.pdf ). The West of Scotland Football League is requested to advise all clubs concerned that they should engage directly with their players in respect of existing registrations/contracts. Contact should only be made with the Scottish FA in the event that all attempts to resolve registration/contractual issues have been fully exhausted and the club or player wishes the matter referred to arbitration. Should you have any queries in relation to the above, please get in touch.
  8. Guidance out this afternoon about changing facilities - we should be able to access soon enough
  9. Have St Cadocs kept the majority of the playing squad they had signed (the ex Beith lads etc)? Drumchspel have signed some well kent faces and that is a really good test for thier first game - Kilsyth are top seeded team in thier conference and it will give the Drum a real idea of the challenge ahead Think you might be right aboug Glasgow university but they are very much an unknown quantity which might be difficult for St Roch's
  10. Saturday brings the start of the West of Scotland Football League Thoughtnit would br good to have a thread that lets us talk about fixtures, results etc. Instead of wht teams were right to stay and why teams were right to pull out coupled with commentary from the Co-vid 19 experts. Who do your team play on Saturday, are you looking forward to it?, do you expect to start with a win. Are your team able to offer a streaming service or other social media coverage until we can get the fans back in. So for a start how do you think the new boys (Drumchapel, St Cadocs and Glasgow Uni) will fare this weekend
  11. That would have been far too sensible mate
  12. Glorified friendlies my arse The west of Scotland football league starts next Saturday - next May there will be 4 clubs crowned Champions. That championship will quite rightly be listed in thier role of honour Next Saturday there are about 30 fixtures - each ov them have 3 points up for grabs - the teams who are staying need to now enbrace the situation (I was very vocal that there should be promotion) but the clubs voted and there was not enough support to change the decision around promotion now not on cards Also you can ram Regionaling the league - we play in the west of Scotland leagie, not the Ayrshire, Lanarkshire or Glasgow Leagues The conferences should be organised based on the same principal as originally formed minus the teams who have dropped out - this will give 3 FAIR conferences Sick of all the negativity - lets get it on next Saturday. For the clubs who cannot participate it is an awful situation and not something anyone wanted to see but in the meantime ...see yous next summer Bring on next Saturday
  13. However If all clubs were to have voted to start on the 24th then we would have had a full competitive league, however some clubs thought not for them (thier choice). Based on your logic you could say it was of the way the 31 clubs in voting no and some subsequently withdrawing is the reason we did not all start competitivley on the 24th There must be a fix
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