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  1. On a non-weekend game you could probably get a ticket at kickoff on stubhub for $10.
  2. $625 for Austin for cheapest from what I'm told. But it sells out every game for the most part so getting season tickets makes sense unless you want to pay $70 to a scalper or stubhub near kickoff. In Kansas City, I could probably buy a ticket for $20 for standing or a bad seat from a scalper close to kickoff.
  3. My MLS team got taken to the woodshed today: https://www.espn.com/soccer/match/_/gameId/623316
  4. Wouldn't it make a difference whether you win or lose the final? What's the guess on how much money this has made?
  5. Never got that reasoning, either. Couldn't agree more.
  6. I hear ya, but that would require Dundee to actually have a decent stretch, something they haven't done all year.
  7. Will you give the Cliff's notes version of what's happening with my fellow countryman and Hibs? Haven't been paying attention.
  8. Outside of deciding between which of Motherwell and RC will get the final Europe spot, it basically is. Props to RC. I thought they'd be relegation material, and if I had to bet it looks like they could be playing ECL qualifiers in late July.
  9. Have to take off the maroon glasses, mate. Hibs has had a bad seven months, but it was never in danger of even the playoff, while Dundee has basically been a disaster from day one.
  10. Exactly. Those teams that have made money from European competitions have distorted Scottish football in such a way that its caused QotS to be utter shite.
  11. Maybe got my weekends confused? Will do anyway.
  12. I'm heading over to Keyes' mansion this weekend for a lake party, so I'll see if I can get to the bottom of this.
  13. Dundee arguably chucked it in early February.
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