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  1. Little to none, unfortunately. But that channel isn't a massive one to begin with. My suggestion would be to try midweek matches Sept. through November/December if the SPFL is trying to get some views over here as going up against American university football on Saturdays is a tough fight. Saturday matches in August and late January through May would be fine.
  2. haha. I'm seeing maybe Paramount Plus streaming, but nothing for certain yet.
  3. Was the defender even trying to mark on that second goal?
  4. These kinds of threads are sometimes highly entertaining, though.
  5. I know @G51 and @johnnydun are big fans, but how many others have seen this classic?
  6. That it does. The Tweet -- presumably because it came from Aberdeen -- failed to mention that I've been hanging out with Keyes and his family at their mansion on Lake Travis and had been nagging him to get later start times.
  7. Reference my avatar. As to the rest, @johnnydun and @ropy and myself are making plans for a podcast that will be listened to by billions around the world.
  8. It's not McDonald if that's what you're inferring?
  9. I enjoyed my trip to Scotland a few summers back, the people there and have met some cool Scottish people traveling other places in Europe. My heritage is also from the Highlands (my last name is regularly found in Scotland, at least that's the impression I'm under), so those are the reasons to follow. As a fan of a small-market baseball team, I thought following Celtic or Rangers would be akin to a Scottish person becoming a Yankees or Red Sox fan if they started following Major League Baseball. To me, it would be kind of a lame move to start following a foreign league and pick the richest team.
  10. Accies 2, Arbroath 0 Ayr 2, Dunfermline 1 ICT 3, Partick 2 Killie 3, Morton 0 Raith 2, Queen of the South 0
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