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  1. Is this how most Dundee fans met their girlfriends/wives?
  2. For sure. Just thinking about it, at the moment, it seems like 4-11 could be a giant toss-up. For instance, I could see St. Johnstone finishing fourth but I wouldn't be surprised if they finished 11th, either. And with no one knowing what the hell is going on at Aberdeen or United, and Motherwell needing to sign another 5 guys, it's gonna be a wild few weeks.
  3. Random question: How do fans from Dundee and the area decide who to root for between FC and United? Is it basically who your dad/mum roots for, or is there a geographical boundary as I'm under the impression with Hearts/Hibs?
  4. Keep in mind I did have Motherwell fourth last season, haha. Waiting to see more signings, but it does give me some encouragement if @craigkillie -- who is one of the more level-headed posters on here -- and myself are on the same page regarding Livi.
  5. haha. My apologies. Should have said: "Who is a person that doesn't watch Jeopardy!?"
  6. In my much-anticipated prediction I've contemplated having them 11th. I'm sure that will get blasted, but they were absolutely dreadful from February on in the league.
  7. They both have California ties so the rumor was he wanted to get to the San Francisco team. Won't happen. However, being the Jeopardy! presenter when he retires is actually a possibility.
  8. haha. I'm guessing there are some people that commute from Dundee to Edinburgh for work (or used to)?
  9. Also known as Aaron Rodgers' fiance. Her best work was Snowden, imo. Divergent was just awful.
  10. Agreed. He was great, but the rest of his team was pure trash for the last 30 minutes.
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