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  1. I was being sarcastic. I did a couple of tastings during my time in Scotland, so I've had a few -- some of which were good and some of which weren't. And there are several places over here that produce quality stuff, no matter how you spell it.
  2. So you're telling me that flask of Old Crow I drank yesterday wasn't high-quality stuff?
  3. What's the alcohol offering like at the stadium? Can you load up on whiskey in case it's a complete shitfest?
  4. That's the thing that gets me, is the dude could pull off the shaved head look, so why not go with it? I've got a buddy that tried what he's currently doing for a few years before finally starting shaving it about every 10 days. Looks about 10x better. I don't have the face to pull off a shaved head, so I've had to fight it as much as I can.
  5. Lucky Charms. It's Dallas Cowboys running back Zeke Elliott.
  6. Due to bad decisions, sure, but not due to inaction, which is the case here.
  7. I was actually laughing at it because I thought it was a funny comment, not because I disagreed with it. I concur with his thought that most Americans worth hundreds of millions or billions who are sports owners would have taken significant action by now.
  8. I'll say this regarding Keyes: If he does nothing over the next 10 days and doesn't try to improve the club somehow by spending money for another couple of players, he'll have to turn in his Texan card because he doesn't care about winning in sports. Judging on what part of town he lives in, his house alone has appreciated probably $300K in the last 15 months, so lord knows finances aren't an issue.
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