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  1. Fuchs may have been the most underrated player in the league the last two years. I'm not going to claim to know the details of how much cash you got for him, but to not even try to replace him is a horrific mistake and to me means United will be fighting for 9th or 10th.
  2. Is that the worst 4-day stretch in United's history? Taken to the woodshed twice in such a short time has to be rare?
  3. Friday night game equal more or less attendance than a Saturday afternoon?
  4. In American sports slang, "putting a clown suit" on someone is severely out-coaching them or blowing them out as to make them look like fools. Such as, "Aberdeen boss Jim Goodwin put a clown suit on Stephen Robinson during the Dons 4-1 win over the buddies."
  5. Well to continue the new manager bounce and win a classic, 2-1.
  6. Interesting definition of middle of nowhere. Guess you can take your complaints to Denver as a whole for not caring much about the sport and their city and state governments not caring about their bid as they weren't even close to being considered. And lord forbid you have to ride a bus. Of course the most important factor is fans actually attending games, something that rarely happens in Denver unless it's a Broncos game. Arrowhead holds 70K, and the games we'll get are likely to be something along the lines of non-premier group matches and maybe a non-premier first-round knockout match, which means they'll need locals to fill up the stadium. That will happen in KC.
  7. Piss off. Actually, it's a great pick, as it's a great soccer town that will support it way better than others. There's a reason we got it, as we laid out the red carpet and it was between us and Cincinnati. Denver was never a thought. Middle of nowhere is laughable, as it's 15 minutes from downtown and in the suburb of Independence. Imagine the horror of having to take a bus or an Uber to Arrowhead.
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