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  1. I'd take Mac Janes from Alabama after Lawrence. He's likely not to go before 15 at the earliest, so many could trade up and take a shot. I wouldn't take Fields in the top 10 but everyone else seems to like him.
  2. No question. Just incredibly dumb by the Jets.
  3. So they give the potato to whomever they beat and it just gets passed around?
  4. Donation: ($27.30 = £20.08)
  5. Me when we snapped the ball that last play:
  6. Kudos to the Browns, as they played a hell of a game and were way better than I gave them credit for.
  7. haha, just giving the piss mate (not sure if I used that phrase correctly?)
  8. Don't talk about @RossBFaeDundee favorite Michigan quarterback like that.
  9. Rugby and Aussie Football League kickers are producing tons of punters.
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