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  1. It's not really unfathomable that you'll be 10th at 5 p.m. on April 21.
  2. If I randomly run into Keyes should I greet him, "What's up my good c**t?"
  3. Pretty sure all of my fellow countrymen would know it refers to Dundee United...
  4. Yeah, if I called someone a c**t here it would likely lead to a fight. It's especially harsh towards a woman.
  5. So in Scotland you can call someone a c**t and still like them?
  6. I would like to see some United-FC matches as the banter between United and FC fans (which doesn't happen nearly enough on the board) is always pretty good. Although the banter on the last 5 pages of this thread would give any other club's infighting a run for its money. Relax, lads, you're on a league points streak.
  7. I'm aware of what he means and don't disagree. I was pulling him up on using an awful Americanism. He's obviously missed the joke though. I just tried a joke of my own. Let's see if you got the giving the piss...
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