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  1. I will still buy my season ticke even though i should be getting an OAP concession  i'll get a discount on the ticket from being a member of club 24 for the last couple of seasons i've sponsored a player and took a turn in the lottery i wont be doing either now so i wont be putting almost £350 into the club not a great bit of buisness in my opinion.



  2. 19 minutes ago, Spanish Armada said:

      There probably will be trialists on the bench but no one will be shoe horned in aggy will control the midfield alongside mccabes legs to get up and down the park with Eastons flair and creativity to create chances for the two strikers             


    Wardrop Watson Kerr Fordyce Quitongo 

                      Mccabe Agnew


                    Gallagher Allan


    Subs:Cantley Ritchie Frizzell Walker Pyott

    Played Dunfermline tonight lost 1-0

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