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  1. Loyalist town ya tattie muncher.
  2. You cant beat a bit of flack for trying to keep punters up to speed, never mind it's all good fun well i'll sign off from this page with another bit of news , there's a striker coming in today.
  3. I will still buy my season ticke even though i should be getting an OAP concession i'll get a discount on the ticket from being a member of club 24 for the last couple of seasons i've sponsored a player and took a turn in the lottery i wont be doing either now so i wont be putting almost £350 into the club not a great bit of buisness in my opinion.
  4. Nothing definate yet but probably a couple of players on loan.
  5. Sunderland and Stoke interested. From what I saw at Clyde they're welcome to him. He was bang average and there's no way he'll end up at any of those clubs.
  6. Was this the number 4 at fault for the first goal? I thought Fordyce was at fault for the goal he hesitated when he thought the ref was going to give a foul.
  7. I think McGill is worth a punt he played well when he came on, Lacy and McDonald have areed to sign, as for O'Connor he done ok he would need to up his game to get a deal as for the rest i dont think they'll be asked back .
  8. Screaming out for a striker you'd struggle to get any of those strikers to score 20 between them and im being generous.
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