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  1. Is it not Colin Boyd if so he’s the chairman of Kilwinning Rangers & vice-chairman of the WoSFL
  2. Oh mick you do like to blow you’re own trumpet wonder what the papers would think of you’re language on here to folk that don’t agree with you
  3. Did you’re team no have a blank cheque book a decade ago and won everything but the big one so how can you have the audacity to call any club out for doing the exact same thing ?
  4. So you’re admitting the title Talbot got last season was tainted?
  5. I just don’t like Talbot fans especially one’s like yourself
  6. No seething just pointing it out but most already knew
  7. I wouldn’t say the players are anything like you described but the fans are a bunch of arrogant wan£ers
  8. Clydebank v Kilwinning off pitch frozen
  9. Just because you’re successful at a small junior club no disrespect to Craigmark doesn’t mean you will be a success at a top junior club so Spank you’re not going to be getting the Beith manager job
  10. Have you no looked out the window lately [emoji300]️ [emoji301]️[emoji300]️[emoji301]️
  11. Sorry folks, but Jack Frost has cancelled all games for tomorrow.
  12. The players will only be on furlough if it’s there permanent job if they work in a supermarket that’s been open during the pandemic they will most certainly not be payed from the government furlough scheme for not playing football as a hobby/pastime
  13. You just need to watch some of the games streamed to see some clubs aren’t following the rules and I’d say quite a few aren’t
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