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  1. Scotland in action against Namibia in Namibia, win the toss and elected to field. 33 overs gone and Namibia are 122/5. Brandon McMullen the pick of the bowlers with 3/11 from 7 overs. England off to a rapid start in Pakistan. 364-3 from 59 overs. Both openers got hundreds, Pope currently 71 not out and Brook on 31. Foakes missed out from the originally announced team with illness, so Pope will take the gloves.
  2. I went 3-0 on thanksgiving and then 3-10 in all of the other games. What a shit show.
  3. When you bought it last year it was when the new business price was being subsidised by renewals. Now the renewal price can’t exceed the equivalent new business price, so prices go up for those in the early years of their policy, because companies can no longer rip the piss out of the long tenured customers (a good thing). Realistically, you paid less than the fair price for your risk last year, rather than this year being a piss take. Darwin is just Direct Line with a different name.
  4. Kartel Cameron with a grey leather strap for regular use, and a black watch tartan strap for occasions.
  5. England have added 18 year old leg spinning all rounder Rehan Ahmed to the test match squad to tour Pakistan. He was born 20 months after James Anderson made his England debut. If he makes his debut on this tour he will become the youngest to ever play test match cricket for England.
  6. https://www.espncricinfo.com/story/new-format-for-2024-men-s-t20-world-cup-1345824 A move in the right direction.
  7. My alignment was out by a decent bit, causing the high wear on the inside of the tyres. Straightened out and new (mid range, always go mid range) tyres fitted, hopefully get a lot more from this set.
  8. I got a watchmaking experience at Kartel in St Andrews for my 30th. I’m going to do it next weekend, so can’t yet comment on how good it is, but might be worth considering. My reasoning was exactly the same, I wear an apple watch day to day but want something nice for occasions.
  9. How long should you be getting out of a set of tyres? I’m getting barely 10k miles out of a set on the front of my car at the moment, which seems ridiculous to me.
  10. Ben Stokes in big moments is the best player on the planet. The definition of clutch.
  11. India getting spanked is always a wonderful sight. I thought England were actually a bit disappointing with their bowling at the death. Too many short balls with the boundary dimensions at Adelaide, and have Jordan bowl 3 was 1 too many. Superb batting display from Buttler and Hales though, they were ahead of the game from the first over and never looked back.
  12. I’d have gone with South Africa being perennial chokers as a bigger driver of any such inclinations.
  13. Wallet front left, phone front right, keys wherever I put them. Coins in the wee storage hole behind the gear stick in my car, because why would you carry cash in this day and age?
  14. We’re all thinking it, but wouldn’t dare type it for another half an hour yet!
  15. Calum MacLeod has announced his retirement from international cricket. I’m genuinely sad at this. One of the best batters that Scotland has ever produced. I thought that the time was right for him to step away from T20s, but he very much still has it when it comes to ODIs. A Scottish cricket legend, that innings against England will be remembered for generations.
  16. They got very close in the end, with Australia only winning by 4 runs. Rashid Khan with an unbeaten 48 from 23 balls nearly getting Afghanistan home.
  17. My son had similar last year. We raised it with his teacher, who tried as best as she could to manage it. Would definitely suggest going through the school.
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