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  1. Curtis Campher takes 4 wickets in 4 balls as Ireland bowl out the Netherlands for 106. Ireland currently 27/1 after 3.5 in reply.
  2. How the f**k does that happen? Just leave the best receiver in the league in the end zone all by himself
  3. That move from Nuk to get there was absolutely filthy.
  4. It's probably worth emphasising that Bangladesh - are the 6th ranked side in the world. - recently had series wins against both Australia and New Zealand. - were expected to absolutely stroll this group. That really is a superb victory, and will make a lot of people pay attention to us.
  5. Anyway, what a fucking win. From 53-6 after 11 overs to that. Fantastic comeback with the bat, then a superb performance with the ball. Tremendous.
  6. Could potentially still go to net run rate. If we lose to Oman and they lose to Bangladesh then we'll all be on 2 wins.
  7. Watt deserved that wicket. He's been excellent.
  8. Greaves gets Shakib with his first ball with a horrible half tracker
  9. Early wicket for Josh Davey. More of this please.
  10. Get there exactly. Excellent from Greaves in particular to get us there from where we were at 10 overs.
  11. Really good partnership between Greaves and Watt to at least make it respectable. Edit: obviously Watt goes ball after I post this. Sorry folks.
  12. This game was, in essence, a free hit. However, this is the type of batting performance that destroys confidence. Will need to bounce back well against PNG on Tuesday.
  13. Fucked now. Relying on innings from bowlers
  14. Batting order now looking very short. Need to get through the next 10 overs or so without losing more than 1 wicket if we want a competitive total, I'd think. Graves, Watt, Davey and Sharif can all hold as bat, but they are all bowlers very much first.
  15. While that's obviously the hope, the next 3 are all very capable batsmen, and can score quickly as well. It's not all on Munsey.
  16. Munsey is often a slow starter, tbf. Losing Coetzer early is, of course, less than ideal though.
  17. Oman gave PNG a thumping in the first game, winning by 10 wickets. Scotland up next against Bangladesh. Bangladesh won the toss and will bowl first.
  18. I'm world cup ready. This is an absolute belter of a shirt.
  19. I have no advice to offer, but projects like this fascinate me, so I'm looking forward to seeing your progress. Medium term ambition is to have a garden big enough to attempt something similar myself.
  20. Zach Ertz traded to the Cardinals in exchange for rookie CB Tay Gowan (6th round pick) and a 2022 5th round pick. Pretty happy with that.
  21. Because his red ball form doesn't justify it? 7 innings with an average of 11 in this season's county championship.
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