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  1. Goff getting launched in to the ground is a beautiful sight.
  2. Hoping the cardinals upgrade O and D lines, then it's corner, WR and RB that are the priorities
  3. Good start with the Rams going 3 and out. Mon the Packers in this one.
  4. Disappointing. That's a chance to put real daylight between us and the bottom 2 missed.
  5. Fine here, although the stream isn't particularly smooth today, but that could be at my end. There is no way you could tell that from any of the replays shown there. If there was contact, it was minimal.
  6. Dan Campbell expected to be the Lions head coach when the Saints season ends. Just 3 spots left to fill now.
  7. Root and Bairstow get through to the close, with England's highest partnership at Galle. They are 127-2, trailing by only 8.
  8. 50 for Root, England now 96-2 after that wobbly start.
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