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  1. Podcasts

    I'm about half way through it. It really is excellent.
  2. NFL General Discussion

  3. Playoff Picture/Race for number 1 pick

    Cardinals throwing any chance at the number 1 pick away! Can see another 3 wins coming just to f**k everything up.
  4. F1 2019

    Early start to this thread. Drivers line up is now confirmed What's to be expected from 2019? Hopefully Red Bull can move up front with Mercedes and Ferrari, and maybe Renault too. Expect Hamilton to win it again, to be honest.
  5. The Queen of the South Thread

    I wasn't there, but hamstring, I was told.
  6. NFL General Discussion

    From a purely football standpoint, it's a great pickup. I can't see it not going wrong though.
  7. Twitter

    I'm not sweeping it under the carpet as acceptable behaviour, but surely the decent thing to do if you find yourself coming in to possession of that video is pass it to the school/police rather than inciting the baying mob of social media?
  8. Twitter

    Is it just me that thinks that even the video going viral is a huge overreaction? It's the type of incident that happens in school playgrounds up and down the country, day in day out. The type that should be dealt with by the school and then move on. It's obviously horrendous behaviour, but still a huge overreaction.
  9. NFL General Discussion

    Wouldn't be like a victim of domestic abuse to claim they made it all up, of course...
  10. Monday Night Football Thread

    Lamar Miller with a 97 yard TD, first person to have 2 rushing TDs over 95 yards in their career.
  11. Dundee v Queens

  12. Dundee v Queens

    Stephen Dobbie's debut for us, I believe. As a Queens fan with a Dundee supporting boss, I love the potential for this draw. We lose, I can pass it off as expected. If we win, he'll have pictures of Dobbie and Harkins on his desk before he gets in on the following Monday.
  13. NFL General Discussion

    And fire their OC
  14. The Cricket Thread

    New Zealand collapsed from 50-0 to 90 all out in reply to 418-5d against Pakistan. Yasir Shah with 8 wickets. NZ currently 70-2 following on, they need another 258 runs just to make Pakistan bat again.
  15. The Cricket Thread

    Mendis just run out by a superb throw from Leach. 184-6.