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  1. The BCG was the worst of the childhood vaccinations. Stung like a bitch that one.
  2. Yes, I live in a reasonable small village and police are occasionally seen going through in cars, but over the last week they've been going round on their mountain bikes. Definitely more visible.
  3. They're out of cap space as well, he's have to accept about $8m from them in year 1. I suppose they could back load any deal, but on a guy like Newton I think that'd be a stupid move.
  4. They don't look like they have the cap space to make it work. I'm struggling to see a landing spot for him, tbh.
  5. The US bookies apparently have DeShaun Watson as odds on favourite to be the Patriots starting QB next year. That's the headline (although it's 2021 season rather than '30), but Americans are stupid and don't understand what odds on means. He is the favourite, priced at about 3/1.
  6. Agreed. I'm all in on that idea, the SPFL should make it happen.
  7. I'm also in the wouldn't miss it camp. It's an awful race.
  8. Think I'm going to have to get myself a resistance band set to get a decent workout at home. Anyone any recommendations for a decent, cheap set?
  9. Cardinals add LB Devon Kennard after his release from the lions. I'm really impressed with Keim's business so far. Filled 3 positions of need, and got rid of Johnson's massive contract. Can now land one of the top offensive tackles in the draft to give Kyler some protection.
  10. Presumably more than 17 can't happen until the next CBA. I think the intention is that it will be 8 home, 8 away, 1 neutral from day 1, is it not? It'll be a mix of international and non-NFL US cities.
  11. Chargers are the favourites to land Winston.
  12. Brady to Tampa Bay is a done deal.
  13. Happy with that. 9.5 sacks last year, so should pose another genuine threat to the QB alongside Jones.
  14. Good pickup, one of the most reliable backups out there.
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