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  1. The Queen of the South Thread

    My bet would be on Motherwell.
  2. The Queen of the South Thread

    Buy your ticket at the arena. For atmosphere, you're best in the terrace behind the goal.
  3. Queens v Dundee Utd

    Nipping it in the bud would have been sorting it out 18 months ago. It's a huge concern.
  4. Queens v Dundee Utd

    Partly true. Try and play through the middle of us and they'll struggle. Stick the ball wide and get crosses in and they'll pump us. Nicky Clark on the shoulder of this defence gives me the fear.
  5. F1 2019

    Noises coming from Renault suggest they think they've got their engine up to the standard Merc had last year. Mercedes and Ferrari will jump forward again though, so they'll still be a bit short.
  6. 2019 NFL Draft

    He's signed to the Raiders
  7. Free agency 2019

    Denver is where quarterbacks careers go to die. Unlucky, Joe.
  8. The Cricket Thread

    He was given 3 demerit points for the incident itself, which took his total in the past 2 years to 8, which triggered the ban.
  9. Reasons to be Cheerful

    Enjoyed reading through the car chat I'm 27, passed my test in November 2009 2005 Renault Clio 2009 Vauxhall Astra 2008 Seat Altea XL 2007 Renault Megane 2016 Fiat 500x (current) 2016 Vauxhall Corsa (current) Hated the Renaults, been pretty happy with everything else. Suspect we'll change the Corsa at some point this year, and the fiat will get replaced next year.
  10. The Cricket Thread

    It's so difficult to win away from home in tests, which really doesn't help. Hopefully that trend continues through the summer though.
  11. Aberdeen v Queen of the South

    I don't think anyone is arguing that the championship is as strong as the premiership as a whole. So, let's exclude those games involving teams that finished in the top 6 that season. 2019: St Mirren 3-2 Alloa, Motherwell 1-2 Ross County, QOTS 3-0 Dundee, St Mirren 1-2 Dundee United (prem 1-3 champ) 2018: QOTS 1-2 Partick Thistle, ICT 0-1 Dundee (2-0) 2017: Ross County 6-2 Dundee Utd, Dundee 0-2 St Mirren, Hamilton beat Dunfermline on pens, Hibs 3-1 Hearts (2-2) 2016: St Mirren 1-2 Partick Thistle, Ross County 1-0 Dunfermline, Dundee 2-1 Falkirk, Rangers 2-1 Kilmarnock, Dundee 5-0 Dumbarton, Rangers 4-0 Dundee, Hibs 2-1 ICT, Hibs beat Dundee Utd on Pens (4-4) 2015: Rangers 3-0 Kilmarnock, ICT 1-0 Raith (1-1) That gives us 10 wins each, which suggests that there is nothing between the lower end of the premiership and the championship. #facts etc etc
  12. Queens v Dundee Utd

    I think over the next few weeks we'll see Wilson replace Jacobs as the starter, but I don't think it will be for this one. Same starting 11 as Sunday, with Wilson on the bench and Aird obviously missing.
  13. 2019 NFL Draft

    I think 2 of top 3 will be edge rushers, 2 of Bosa, Allen and Gary. Either 2 or 3 will be a QB that someone trades up for.
  14. The Cricket Thread

  15. Free agency 2019

    Would be very surprised if he does. Jacksonville, Washington, or maybe Miami.