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  1. I'd be getting a bulk bag, personally. Should be there or thereabouts.
  2. Away and get yourself to the junior forum and stay there with logic like this. An absolute nonsense argument.
  3. They've also removed red cards from the bit under the score where scorers are noted. An awful move.
  4. If the wind has calmed we could be in for some good scoring after the resumption after that bit of rain.
  5. Huge game between 2 fairly matched teams. Need a win for any chance of the top 4. A win also mathematically rules out any relegation threat.
  6. A fair but frustrating result. Cheap goal to lose after going ahead, although Inverness will fairly claim that our goal was pretty cheap as well (as good as it was, someone really should have tackled him at some point). Big game on Tuesday, now.
  7. Highlight of the game definitely being Kohli dropping a dolly of a catch that burst through his hands and smashed him in the puss. Both sides batted poorly towards the end, Indians should really have been close to, if not beyond, 200, and then RCB should have chased it comfortably rather than the scores being level with a ball left.
  8. Thank f**k for Sky Sports. IPL and Masters coverage unaffected.
  9. James Vince doubles up, Hampshire 514-4 at lunch. The evergreen Darren Stevens scores a ton for Kent. Lancashire off to a rocky start in reply to Sussex's 301 all out, 52-3 at lunch.
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