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  1. That’s what happens when your GM is drunk. Could see Cards in the Caleb Williams conversation in a year.
  2. Makes sense to get it off the books, no money carries in to 2024 by doing it now. This year is a write off anyway with Murray unlikely to be fit for about the first half. Interested to see what happens beyond that, though. Caleb Williams has to be in the discussion if there’s a high pick for next year.
  3. They were not on show at the park this morning when I was cutting grass. They must all have been attracted to the exotic Mr Alli
  4. I wore glasses from the age of 5 up until 29. Got laser eye surgery at the start of last year though.
  5. It is easy to do online. You have to send documents in the post, but the online application is straightforward, and makes the countersign bit easy as it’s just a case of the person getting sent an email with a link to complete. We applied for our youngest’s first passport a couple of months ago, came back in about 3 weeks.
  6. Dave McKay, Ciaran McKenna, Stuart Morrison, Connor Murray, Michael Ruth all released. Those out on loan and still playing have yet to be spoken to. http://www.qosfc.com/news-6077
  7. Lola sizing up the invader on her territory. A lot more civil than I was expecting, they’ve largely left each other alone so far.
  8. The absence of Chris Woakes in much of the conversation saddens me. I’d have him in the side ahead of Broad in home conditions.
  9. Actually seeing McFly twice, they’re supporting Lewis Capaldi as well, so that’ll be good. Seen them a few times before and they always put on an excellent show.
  10. My gig list this year: P!nk Lewis Capaldi McFly Quite the list, come at me P&B.
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