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  1. It is the joint worst record to make it to the super bowl. The 2011 Giants won it after a 9-7 season.
  2. I think it was always viewed as an option for once he was done playing, to improve his quality of life post tennis. I think that's why it took so long to go for it.
  3. Cardinals were 9-7 in their super bowl season.
  4. I've no idea what the worst record to win a division is, but the NFC East must be getting close to it this year. It could be the end of the line for Garrett in Dallas, even though they might still win the division. The 2010 Seahawks won the NFC West at 7-9, there's a real chance that could be equalled. The 2014 Panthers, at 7-8-1, are the only other team to get to the postseason with a losing record.
  5. How much you paying for private ? Or is it you pay f**k all as being passed over? Covered by the NHS. Was a little bit nauseous, just slept it off this afternoon. Definitely glad it was done under general.
  6. This fixture fills me with dread. Fully expect Queens to give Patrick's season a kick start.
  7. It's probably the worst drop I've ever seen, at any level of cricket, never mind tests. You would expect an average club level youth player to take that catch.
  8. Booked in for this on Wednesday. NHS in my area have a massive backlog so I've been passed over to a private clinic in Edinburgh, which has the added bonus that it'll be done under general anesthesic rather than local!
  9. Redzone is an NFL Network production, so will be available everywhere.
  10. 269/5 at the close. Root still there on 114, great to see him convert for a change. Stokes made 26, Crawley 1. Pope is 4 not out. Still a good amount of batting to come with 2 genuine all-rounders in Curran and Woakes and then 2 very capable bowlers. Should be looking to get a reasonable lead tomorrow and ruling out a defeat.
  11. Basically the same goal as he scored against Dundee in the cup last year. The second of his three that night, I think.
  12. Me. I used to keep a record of all result changing late goals. We concede to draw or lose a hell of a lot more than we score to draw or win.
  13. If I'm not mistaken, that's the first time Queens have scored a late winner (5 or less minutes remaining) since 10th October 2014.
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