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  1. Had a day charging round Laggan Wolftrax on an e-bike today. Hilarious and brilliant fun. Would be tempted to buy one, if I went mountain biking regularly and could actually afford one!
  2. What a fantastic test match. Proof, again, that test match cricket is the best sport on this earth.
  3. The fiercest rivalry was certainly when Gretna were around. The derby is Stranraer though. We've never shared a division with Annan so they've never been seen as a rival (though with the trajectory we feel to be on at the moment, that's bound to change).
  4. How long before he picks up his 8th concussion? Pretty shocked any team would touch him with his concussion record, tbh.
  5. Well chased by Ireland. They didn't deserve to lose the series 3-0, so glad they got there.
  6. I like Moeen, but he did himself no favours today. Vince another performing way below par. Roy has enough credit from last year to keep him safe, but he'll need to find some form soon, Bairstow was terrific on Saturday but 1 good knock every 3 games isn't great either. Morgan is phenomenal in this format. Indeed. It's got to be remembered that this team is missing 5 or 6 nailed on players in Root, Stokes, Buttler, Woakes, Archer and Wood. I don't think any of the fringe lot have done enough against a weak test nation to force their way in ahead of any of those. Ireland currently 145-1 from 23.1 and going very nicely.
  7. He's got a good while yet before he gets dropped, IMO. Averaged 63 in the world cup last year. If he has another poor series assist Australia (which looks like going ahead), then maybe. England currently on 232-7 after a ton from Morgan and half century from Banton. 13 overs left. A pretty underwhelming show from a lot of players though.
  8. You haven't missed anything, we currently have 3 signed players.
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