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  1. I don’t have hard mode on, but I play that way anyway. Is there a consensus on starting words? I’m currently using audio each time thanks to the 4 vowels, but I’m not really getting close until the 4th guess most of the time.
  2. About the most comfortable 1 run win ever seen, I reckon. 22 required from 4 balls, and then 14 from 2. Mahmood just avoided wides the last 2 balls and got pumped, but there was never any real danger of losing that.
  3. Burrow cannot take that sack there. Has to be getting rid of that.
  4. Looks quite clear that that’s on the ground as he catches it, to me. Pretty surprised they stuck with it.
  5. Signings never happen early in January in the market we are playing in. We are going to be mainly looking at loans. Teams willing to loan players out are still finalising the make up of their squads, and won’t want to release anyone until they’ve done that. Clubs will be well aware of who AJ wants in on loan, but they won’t be willing to say yes until they’ve made all of their own first team squads sorted. I’d expect a busy week and a bit ahead.
  6. 5 3 3 is, of course, the only correct answer. My wife does hers 3 3 3 2, like a fucking lunatic.
  7. The burning smell was very intense. However, it’s not your eyes, that’s just the smell of the laser firing.
  8. That’s not quite right. It’s the international loan rules that are changing, domestic loans will be on top of those numbers. And players under the age of 21 won’t count towards the limits.
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