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  1. I put a B&Q kitchen in just over 2 years ago. Looks decent and holding up fine. Would probably avoid their appliances though, we went with their own brand hob and it isn't great (got a NEFF oven with the slide and hide door though, would highly recommend).
  2. Just watched the highlights from the Cardinals game. Another outrageous game to fit in with the rest of the day. Brilliant to see the Cardinals coming back from 13 down at one point, and 10 down with 3 minutes left. Then overtime, just wow.
  3. What a fucking result that is! 😁
  4. Because he'd been selected in the fourth in the NFL, so it would be a wasted draft pick?
  5. Absolutely. That's what I was attempting to highlight, should have made that clearer. It's a remarkable performance after starting like that.
  6. First quarter was the worst quarter any QB has had this season (0-5, INT). Then went 22-23, 297 yards and 5 TDs in the remaining 3.
  7. Ben Stokes finally arrives in this year's IPL with a match winning 107 not out as the Rajasthan Royals first down the Mumbai Indians 195 with 8 wickets and 10 balls to spare. Sanju Samson has really impressed me for them this year, he made an unbeaten 54 in the chase as well. Brilliant stuff which just about keeps the Royals alive in the tournament.
  8. Enjoyed that race. 92 wins, like him or loathe him, you can't argue that Lewis Hamilton isn't up there as one of the, if not the, best there has ever been.
  9. Injury. I reckon the disciplinary stuff was a smokescreen.
  10. Go and give it a rest? It's beyond tedious. The manager clearly had an issue with the shape he got himself in last year, he isn't coming back. Accept it.
  11. That really was garbage. Don't think there is a single player comes away with pass marks. We're getting relegated, aren't we?
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