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  1. Absolutely no need to apologise, btw. That's what this thread is for.
  2. That was a tough read, but I'm absolutely glad you've posted it. Get it off your chest. You are far too harsh on yourself, you're still young, there are plenty of positive opportunities ahead of you. Please, go to your GP and try to get the help you need. Feel free to drop me a PM if you need a chat. I can't speak from your experience, but happy to help if anyone needs to vent to someone they don't know.
  3. @Frank Grimes I'm happy to help run next season. Makes sense to spread the load, could all be done via Google drives or similar.
  4. The league cup starts in less than 3 weeks (although Dundee's first game is in the second round of fixtures, it's 3 weeks tomorrow).
  5. It had only been used for something like 35 overs, so that was much ado about nothing really. She hit 3 6s across her 2 innings, which already makes her the leading 6 hitter in the history of women's test match cricket. No one else has more than 2 in their career.
  6. Watched some of the women's test between England and India yesterday. India's 17 year old opener, Shafali Verma, looks like an unbelievable talent (although as I type I see she's just got out). 96 and 63 on debut, and she played some lovely lovely shots through all parts of the off side.
  7. Michael Leask on some form against my club last night. Thank f**k I'm not a 1s player 😂
  8. Quite impressed with Draper there, played some lovely shots. Kept his head well at the end after losing his serve while trying to close it out, and then his opponent having a bit of a heads gone.
  9. Because when we play Morton or Killie both of our kits would clash with them.
  10. I know that one is awful But at least it's not this awful
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