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  1. F1 2018

    That's quite disappointing. He's undoubtedly on a level with Vettel and Hamilton, it's a shame he hasn't had the car to compete with them over the last decade or so.
  2. The Cricket Thread

    He's been added to the squad for this week's test. Have to say I can't see him being picked, unless they drop a batsman.
  3. The Cricket Thread

    Seems crazy to me as well, everything that came out just made me think more and more guilty. Must be a few cricket fans on the jury
  4. Hard Knocks

    Absolutely, no doubting that at all. He's not an Antonio Brown/DeAndre Hopkins, but he's comfortable in the next bracket of receivers. Still thick as shit though
  5. Golfers Thread

    Tiger taking some unconventional lines at the moment! Why bother with fairways?
  6. Hard Knocks

    Friday 10.30 for those watching on sky.
  7. Hard Knocks

    I thought Jarvis Landry came across as quite a simpleton. Mayfield and Tyrod both came across well.
  8. The Queen of the South Thread

    Yes, it's still there.
  9. The Cricket Thread

    England lead by 250 after day 3 with Woakes not out on 120. The forecast isn't great for the next couple of days, if I were Joe Root I'd be declaring first thing tomorrow, the lead is already big enough that it should be an innings win.
  10. NFL General Discussion

    Rumours that the Raiders might be open to trading Mack away. Would be a bonkers move if so.
  11. Queens v Dundee United

    We'll lose about 3-0. We never win in this situation.
  12. NFL General Discussion

    My podcast is back after a bit of a break. You can also find it on iTunes and Spotify, just search 'The American Fitbaw Cast'.
  13. The Queen of the South Thread

    Having taken a look through Soccerbase, I think that's right. What stood out to me in doing so is how many times we've drawn 2-2 at Livi, must have been 5 or 6 since then!