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  1. Ridiculous cricket. It’s only 4 games, but they are genuinely reinventing the game. They could have chased 550 there today.
  2. I wore my kilt to a wedding on Saturday, I’m too fat for it, so I’m bruised on my waist where the buckles were digging in. Stupid things.
  3. CS website says tickets may be available on the day, but offers nothing further than that. On the test, 119 runs required with 7 wickets in hand, I make England firm favourites from here.
  4. There absolutely was a run there, and because of where it went it was Root’s call as well. Lees was too busy looking for the ball rather than responding to the call.
  5. At 98-0, England have crept ahead on the WinViz. They have it as 50% England win, 47% India.
  6. Can’t find any other reason than personal preference. Strange.
  7. As expected, Jos Buttler is England’s new white ball captain.
  8. An incredible gig. Weezer were ok, but Fall Out Boy and Green Day were both absolutely superb. Thoroughly enjoyed it.
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