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  1. DieHardDoonhamer beats the_kid1433 by checkmate. I did not deserve that at all, was well behind but sort of working my way back in to it, then a blunder allowed by a checkmate that I did not except to find available at all. Good game. @Karpaty Lviv I'm unable to challenge you due to you not accepting outwith certain ratings. Can you send me the challenge?
  2. Europe to win 15-13. Ian Poulter to be the top event point scorer. Go big or go home, I guess! Thanks once again for running this, it's made me pay much closer attention to the results every week, and been very enjoyable.
  3. I think it'll be yet another close game. I preferred our formation in the second half last weekend, the 3 centre backs all looked solid, and I think wing back is where we get the best out of Gibson. The centre of midfield is where my biggest concerns lie, as I didn't think Cochrane looked great at all. I'd change that up. I'd go Brynn McKay Debayo Nditi Gibson McGrory Liddle Johnston Connelly Soares Junior Paton
  4. I think there'll be an upset somewhere along the line, because there always is, but the NFC West teams will go in to every single matchup as favourites.
  5. Lewis is allowed to make a move to defend the corner, there is nothing even remotely borderline about what he does coming out of the pits. It's a genuinely bizarre argument that you are running with here. Blue flags are shown to cars exiting the pits that a car is approaching, so at least you've got that bit right.
  6. Tremendous week 1. Chandler Jones once again showed why he is the best edge rusher in the league. And Kyler Murray did Kyler Murray things, what a player he is. The NFC West is absolutely stacked, looks like it'll be even stronger than last year.
  7. Because he'd never make the corner if he came straight at it, and there was plenty space for him to do it. Bizarre point from you here. I don't like the penalty, it should be a racing incident under the current rules. I also don't like the current regs, though. If a driver goes in to a corner ahead then they should have the right to the apex, IMO. At no point was Max ahead (to use Mr Horner's established argument, although I'm sure he'll have seen this one differently), and so he should have backed out of it.
  8. The booking absolutely was stonewall, but that passage of play should never have gotten there. He also missed a clear booking late on when we were breaking away and the Raith boy did pretty much the same as Johnston had for his. That's a very fair point re Connelly, I'd forgotten that.
  9. Johnston getting booked was frustrating, given that there were about 3 blatant fouls not given to us in the 20 seconds beforehand. I thought the referee was absolutely abysmal. Anyway, Brynn, Nditi, Debayo and McKay were all absolutely outstanding. Lee Connelly is some player, and I assume it was just a case of his legs being done that had him taken off, because his performance certainly didn't merit it. I was disappointed with Cochrane and Paton, and I didn't think that Reuben had as good a game as everyone else seems to. I loved Paton's reaction at full time though, the boy clearly cares, and it's brilliant to see.
  10. Shit situation, but can absolutely understand the players' viewpoint. I'd be pretty surprised if none of the players test positive over the coming days given that it was a physio that was the latest case. On the actual result, I believe India should have to forfeit given they've been unable to field a team despite protocols allowing them to. A real crap way to not lose the series for England, but I struggle to see any other way out of it.
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