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  1. Fans seem delighted. Surely their club is being kinda stolen from them?
  2. I anticipate edinabear's next post with enthusiasm.
  3. Emslie's Iwelumo moment. Often frustrating performance. Would have been found out by a better side but 2-0 away is 2-0 away.
  4. A real success story for 'the league'? You are having a laugh. Not content with ruining the top level of Scottish fitba, the OF are now sucking the life out of the LL.
  5. Whose? The answer shows the sham that this is.
  6. Even the username looks a bit analogue-generated.
  7. I remember that. Arranged a hillwalking trip to the Lakes around it so that on the Saturday I could train up to Gretna and watch the ICT game.
  8. Still, if Gretna 2008 and Vale of Leithen voted* to admit the two branches of Scotland's Shame, I hope they're really satisfied now. * I dunno if either of them did.
  9. Cinch can now be added to the Other People who can be blamed for any setback experienced by Old Firm (Ibrox) plc. Like tonight's...
  10. Aim must be to provide pathways for good young players to remain in Scotland as long as possible, rather than being drawn to Engerlundland or elsewhere.
  11. Can't get to tonight's game but we'll have to be a zillion times better than at Benburb to avoid a hammering from Talbot.
  12. Looks a good appointment. Good to announce it on the day that the misconceived TEAMGEEBEE start at the Limpix, too.
  13. Disappointing game and performance. Onward and upward hopefully.
  14. Benburb 1 Rob Roy 0 Poor game, two poor teams, only goal a scramble just before h-t.
  15. Big news story of course is the racist trolling of the penalty missers, quite rightly as it is disgusting, albeit forecast on this thread right after the shoot-out. Then there's the general English thuggery inside the stadium and outside. Trending on social media, coverage on local and national news sites except the BBC. They are awfy quiet about it. Why is that?
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