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  1. It never happened? Ok, I'm sure in the days to come other fans( the ones who actually went to support the team) will back up my story.
  2. He was in the squad and then after news of the Celtic score came through he was left out. He was absolutely livid as his family were all up for the game. He was as baffled as us as to thinking behind that decision.
  3. Arse bitten! Was Canzo back in the dug out today? No wonder Steve Davies will probably never play for us again after the conversation I had with him today.
  4. Im sure the new Rangers players are all over this and using it as motivation for tomorrow [emoji849]
  5. I agree [emoji16]. I know this might come to bite me on the arse.
  6. I was also a critic of him but he is one of our most improved players this season along with Gogic. Is it any coincidence that this improvement coincides with Imrie not being there to constantly berate him?
  7. Our defence is our greatest strength at the minute. I dont see us conceding 5 goals to any team.
  8. So, one arse cheek scores after 3 minutes against the other arse cheek and there are no more goals. Do the fans of the winning arse cheek complain about the quality of the game? No.
  9. Was speaking to a Celtic fan after the game in the pub and he said what a terrible game it was and how that would get football stopped. Funny how you only ever hear that after one of the arse cheeks have failed to give you the expected hiding.
  10. Gogic was immense and Lewis Smith had a terrific second half. Very encouraged by that performance. If we can take that forward into the games that really matter we will be fine.
  11. At least there won't be any Sellick fans in our end owing to our strict policy on selling tickets to only those who could show a ticket stub from the Motherwell game. [emoji16]
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