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  1. Vey cold but can’t see any problems as the temperature should rise sufficiently during the day to make the pitch playable.
  2. Owing to the ongoing situation regarding the banned fans, I shall be showing solidarity with the non attenders and not be there. Bay Horse it is.
  3. Two strikers in before the weekend, one already tied up and one almost completed. From a good source who is an Aussie who works in Iceland in Hamilton.
  4. On another note regarding our young players, Celtic apparently sniffing around young Josh McDonald, 15yrs old and an outstanding talent. A sore one if we lose him to one of the ugly sisters.
  5. We basically played a young team today. McGinn was really good with some surging runs and I would have no qualms playing him before Shiels. Minmaugh strolled through the game and I am eating my words about him, there is a very composed footballer there. One is a work in progress but what a project he is! Fast, direct and a decent first touch. Mini Messi Lewis Latona came on and did really well. Watch this space with this young fella, an outstanding prospect. Finally,we saw De Bolle start a game, absolutely strolled through the game, awareness and passing was flawless, what a player we have on our hands if he can do this against a better team than we were faced with today.
  6. We are in a tailspin at the moment but I actually think we are not as bad as some of(most) our fans think. If we can get the mystical De Bolle in the team I believe he could make a big difference albeit I’m basing that on a 15 min cameo appearance! We just don’t have anyone in the midfield with composure and the ability to pick a pass, a problem we have had since Ali Crawford left.
  7. Oh my, someone is upset. Must be hard adjusting after your once in a lifetime season.
  8. I’ve no idea, but the person who told me knows Imrie well. As to the Accies link, as I said there was contact but not recently owing to the ongoing Taylor situation, whether that is resurrected, I don’t know. Personally, owing to his links to McGowan, I’d rather we didn’t go for him and would prefer Rankin to be given the job.
  9. Apparently Imrie was extremely disappointed with his budget for this season given the relative success he had when given the manager’s job. I wouldn’t rule out him returning to Accies given he was in twice for talks with McGowan(who by the way he is as thick as thieves with) but things cooled owing to Taylor digging his heels in over a settlement.
  10. A poor game which in the end we deserved to win as Morton offered very little. They seemed to rely on missile throw ins and long balls up the park which our defence dealt with reasonably easily. As for us I’m getting really pissed off with our monotonous passing across the back line and McDonald continually turning back when he gets the ball, he always takes the easy option and plays the ball backwards when there is a chance to drive forward. And don’t even start me on Moyo! Some of our fans seem to believe he is a footballer when the truth is he couldn’t trap a bag of cement! He can’t link up play and wins more headers in our box defending corners than he does in the opposition box! A dreadful excuse for a centre forward.
  11. Oh dear,the “no fans” comment. I think we are all willing Arbroath to do the impossible by winning promotion, please don’t spoil it.
  12. I always get a warm glow whenever this fixture comes around as my mind drifts back to that afternoon in 2007 when I witnessed the most complete performance I have ever witnessed from Accies. That afternoon that great team finally blossomed in to the team that they always threatened to become. And I think it’s testament to how good they were that day that Pars fans always seem to mention it on these match threads. We were simply unplayable and I doubt that Sol Bamba has ever had a more uncomfortable afternoon than he did that day against Richard Offiong, in fact Pars fans actually applauded Dickie’s superb goal.
  13. Thanks for all you did Brian, gutted you're leaving but please, get tae f**k!
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