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  1. Do you have a dossier of evidence to support this?
  2. Lovely, been a while since a bit of seethe has surfaced. Happy to help.
  3. Accies chairman has reiterated the board are against a temporary restructuring and their preferred approach is a 14 team top flight. He also made some interesting points re closed doors games, in so much as it could lead to financial disaster for clubs, more so, the so called "big" teams.
  4. Who's ecstatic? Hunt, Davies and Oakley will be no great loss. I'm more delighted about shedding the imposter that is Alston. Miller was always gonna leave at the end of this season as I think was McGowan but without doubt the biggest loss will be Gogic who was absolutely outstanding this season. The only hope is that with the current climate he may be tempted by the security of an offer from us, assuming we do offer him a contract, which I'd like to think we would.
  5. McLean was a great keeper! Although he did throw the ball in his own net once!
  6. And that's him half the size he used to be!
  7. Exactly! We'll all be able to, quite comfortably, social distance at our home games. GIRFUY! [emoji16]
  8. Oh, I'm aware you are agreeing. It's your phrasing of Grays statement I'm referring to.
  9. Scotty, in his usual manner, trying to make it more sinister than it actually is. The board have said they don't rely, or count on, season ticket sales or gate receipts when budgeting.
  10. Les Gray just been on Sportscene stating that we are fine because our budget doesn't rely on gate receipts. The benefits of a small fanbase eh? [emoji16]
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