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  1. As expected Threave look very strong and will probably be favourites for the league. Saints also look strong given their last two results. Stranraer look to be struggling more than previous seasons and the same can be said for Mids and Abbey Vale. Wigtown appear to be a little surprise package if recent form is anything to go by which is good to see. It’s shaping up to be an exciting season.
  2. Who will be the first team to break the rules. My moneys on Threave and their 30+ players and staff at training
  3. Will training resume on the 24th of August or will the Government and SFA push it back further?
  4. Jamie Adams has signed for Creetown on the basis that he only plays on grass parks. Great signing for Creetown none the less!
  5. Sam Henderson and Ryan Gibson. The newspaper snippet was swiftly removed from the YOUR FOOTBALL PAGE (border edition) Facebook Page.
  6. Vinnie Parker making a fool of himself in the newspaper. Announcing the signing of two additional goalkeepers that haven’t actually signed for the club.
  7. Rab Cameron stepped down as the Nithsdale manager. Since the departure of Sean Mckenzie and the poor quality signings that have been made it’s easy to see why he’s decided to vacate. I think Nithsdale will be lower half of the table next year, sad to see as they had a lot of potential.
  8. Are there any other players in the south who could make the jump to Annan or Stranraer?
  9. Goss would be a good fit for Annan. Learning from Peter Murphy would do him the world of good as he needs to mature into the game a bit. There are a few other players in the South League who could potentially make the step up to league two. Dean Smith from Mids could make the jump, Sean McKenzie from Nithsdale, Craig Murray and Jake Gemmell both formally of Annan and Lewis Todd and Hugh Cameron from Threave to name a few.
  10. Tommy muir’s a better player and athlete. I don’t think they’re comparable but Annan would probably be a more realistic move for him.
  11. I think we'll see him back in the south next season. Very good player but in my opinion he's not good enough to make an impact at championship level.
  12. All south teams set to miss out on the opportunity to play in next seasons Scottish cup due to the revamp proposed by the SFA but would receive a five thousand pound payment. Will Threave, Saints, Newton Stewart and Wigtown be happy with this or will it be highly disputed?
  13. With only 16 signed players there’s a very real possibility of some of the reserves going up as we seen last season.
  14. With Stranraer taking the step down to League 2 I wouldn’t be surprised to see the better players in the reserve team moving up to the first team.
  15. I hear they’ve went the other way and lost the majority of their good players
  16. I think Saints will be a top team for the coming season having made some very impressive signings.
  17. I’d say that the title challenging Nithsdale we have come to know in the last few years has gone. Very poor signings by Rab Cameron.
  18. Dode to Dalbeattie is a sensible signing. Any idea why Gemmell left Threave for Saints? Money? or a disliking of the new management team? McCulloch to Nithsdale is a surprise.
  19. It appears the majority of players are staying where they are for next season. The only other rumour I’ve heard is Dode Martin to Dalbeattie.
  20. Coates, Learmont and Wright. I don’t think they’re anywhere near the standard of Jamieson, Wilson and Gemmell.
  21. Threave have apparently signed Ryan Coates from Lochar, Grant Learmont from Heston and Corey Thompson amongst other rumoured players. Poor quality players by all accounts compared to previous season signings.
  22. Wasn’t Gemmell a first team player at Annan a few years ago?
  23. Threave rovers have signed Graham Wright today. Looks like Jake Gemmell’s replacement so the Saints move must be correct. Given what I’ve seen of the two, Gemmell is the superior goalkeeper with more potential but only time will tell.
  24. Could the players that Eck’s played a blinder has quoted there be easily replaced with other south players?
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