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  1. No idea what your day job is but don't ever try and be a detective . Back in your rabbit hole or whatever shit pit you crawled out ot. Idiot.
  2. Wasted talent on here mate is it years of listening to humour in Coventry ?
  3. I'm sure we are more happy than Dundee fans. Only lost one game at home our first league game against Motherwell how we lost that is a head buster. Beat Celtic draw with Rangers. Definitely home advantage should see us through. Dundee doing not bad in the Championship but so are so many teams in that league it's so tight.
  4. Dougie Imrie doing a unbelievable job at Morton considering how skint they are.
  5. Used to hear what a great way our club is run one of the best in the uk . We also used point the finger at other clubs for spending what they don't have . Your right about dropping the subject let's see what the account's say . Though I'm surprised by the numbers defending spending given the clubs history which is lucky to be here today.
  6. The whole point of SMISA was to keep the club in safe hands not just dodgy owners but a sound financial footing also. If there is a wee bit speculation going on that's fine if it's manageable. If on the other hand more has been spent on a gamble of finishing on 7th place and the selling of player/players then that's a gamble to far for me. The fact a former chairman who saved the club putting it on a sustainable financial footing wants to look at current finances can only be a good thing. Given the money many hours spent trying to save the club we support Mr Gilmour at least deserves to see our financial state. Nothing to see here then nothing to worry about.
  7. At what point do you say we can't afford this. If your comfortable with speculation we'll I don't know what to say apart from use the word gamble. SMISA is the bail out should the gamble not work in my opinion.
  8. Correct I thought there was something in it . What I was told came from a SMISA committee member not Stewart Gilmour to be crystal clear. I understand Gilmour has a meeting coming up with the club regarding finance is that correct.
  9. Good to read all is not as bad as rumours suggested. If it was not for Stewart Gilmour And former board members you would not have a club to support. I'm sure the financial rumours could have been handled better if a former board member who saved the club has concerns many will sit up and take notice myself included given Gilmour’s track record saving the club.
  10. He did say he needs to work on you due to your over weight ? How does he know you serious ?
  11. Oh thanks Robinson knew he was not in the running. Curious who told him
  12. Would it ? Aye so it would like Goodwin going to Aberdeen or Sunderland with Jack Ross.
  13. I see Luton Town have confirmed Robinson is on their short list of 3.
  14. I assume your not in the main stand Vince and basing your view on gossip ? There is one loud mouth who Jack Ross confronted. The same person had steam coming out of Robinson's ears at the St Johnstone game. It's about time the club had a word in his ear. A fight almost broke out when a fan confronted the loud mouth . He is the only person I have ever heard in a similar way you hear Saints fans when watching matches on SMTV the abuse that comes from the West Stand is cringing. Would be great if the loud mouth could be moved over to the west Stand and sit along with other loud mouths who like to shout abouse. Outwith that idiot central main stand is a great place to sit with sound fans who tend to be positive getting behind the team even when things are not going our way. So whoever is feeding you nonsense do not know the facts.
  15. Personally would be gutted if we lose Robinson. Some wanted Derrick McIness Hunterhill boy in to manage Saints. Bad very bad idea certainly doing a magic job at Killie .Big Rangers fan at least he was when I lived in Hunterhill . He always jumped about when his teams scored against Saints keep him well away from the club guy is a ***. Jack Ross also keep him away. Fingers crossed Robinson stays.
  16. No idea what the problem is. Duck go go gets me on in seconds. Then asks me to switch to chrome then goes very slow.
  17. We question to @Div or any mods. Using Google Chrome it can take up to 3 minutes before getting on the forum. Moving thread is over a minute any idea what the problem is ?
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