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  1. Here is the bottom line Lex you don't like the manager along with a few others . The biggest mistake would be to change the manager Robinson needs time to develope the squad into his plans. Change the manager soon 100% we will go down .
  2. He will reach 10 goals no problem will turn out to be our highest tally goal striker in many a year in my opinion. My feelings on Carson are coming true have no confidence in him as att we have better on the bench. You can't lose your centre half after 30min at Pitodrie and expect to get anything from the game. We can ill afford key players out through suspension. Dust ourselves down work hard during the week and see how we perform against County. Typical I'm up In Wester Ross only one hours drive from Dingwall unfortunately its a home game for the Buds.
  3. That's a completely different incident. I seen an Arbroath fan punched in the face. The ones on Sunday are very much organised for trouble.
  4. Sunday is the worst Motherwell team I have seen in years so did Saints create so many chances because of that ? Ayunga before Sunday he had 4 goals in 4 games. On Sunday he was extremely unlucky goal bound goals stopped by some incredible saves so Saints are very capable of scoring. Aberdeen have a much bigger budget so will have better players so should win the game. I'm also not sold on our goal keeper Carson especially with crosses time will tell. This has the potential of being a open attacking game both managers like pace on the flanks. I will be up in Wester Ross for the next couple of weeks so Saturday night highlights for me. Can Aberdeen fans confirm no streaming service within the UK ?
  5. Our NorthBank have not gone looking for fights in past seasons. Yes you can pick moments but not gang like behavior as that's exactly what they are. Has a new group attached themselves to W7 ? I also witnessed Arbroath fans being attacked in a much smaller scale than Sunday . So we have a problem.
  6. Our ultras were going to attack our car until they noticed the club badge on my polo shirt. It was a very uncomfortable moment they all wore black one had a balaclava on standing in front of my bonnet I first thought they were Well fans I was wrong.
  7. Reported the hooligan scenes by our so called supporters on Sunday totally unacceptable behaviour. Also witnessed Arbroath fans being attacked after that game. Club is aware and will be discussed at tonight's board meeting . We are a family club where no-one should feel threatened home or away fans good to know the club are looking into this.
  8. What I and a mate my wife witnessed was shocking. First my appoliges to Motherwell fans. After a bit of digging have found out it was Saints fans .. Some had balaclavas on. Stuff was thrown at Motherwell fans, They were trying to get Well fans going back to cars to fight. A loan Policeman was being threatened he was on his radio asking for assistance. A skuffle broke out just before a mini bus of Police turned up. We Saints fans need to get this stopped. There is a lot of great guys in W7 they have done wonders for the atmosphere. These are new faces to me they are going to trash our clubs good name.
  9. Never should have lost that game created so many chances. Motherwell have a nasty hooligan element following the club. Street behind the away stand . Police should arrest as many as these scum as possible then the club should ban them for life . Saints are starting to have the same problem ban these scum from attending matches before a innocent person gets hurt.
  10. Dearie me Colin do you pick arguments with yer dug. Point of reference on Robinson is on this page of the thread from me. Nothing else feel free to fish and spin away bye.
  11. We paid Morecambe £100,000 compensation for Robinson. We would want that back plus two years salary. You think Motherwell are going to pay that, seriously ? When I wrote above a bigger club he would be off Hibs that size or English Championship.
  12. Why because you don't like Robinson ? The sums involved for it to happen mean it won't. Robinson has built his team at Saints he won't walk now. A bigger club with big resources yes he would be off but not to Motherwell thankfully.
  13. Certainly have about you lol. Read my post again. What I was told - is it a fact No. Is it a rumour yes. Hope that helps if not let me know and I will try hard to simplify it further for you. Dearie me some Buds read what they want to read rather than read what is actually written.
  14. Cammy Murray guests speaker at the 1977 club on Sunday a blast from the past from when I first followed Saints in 1967. Great player left us in 72 for Motherwell.
  15. Only wrote what I heard from a very respectful guy in my book. Accounts will be out later in the year let's see what they say. By that I hope all is well. Looking forward to Sunday hopefully the start of a great season and all is well with the club.
  16. Agree at 21 his best years are in front of him he will get a bigger club than Saints. To have played 100 plus games is impressive for his age.
  17. Lee Erwin is currently top of the strikers table in Finland with 11 goals : )
  18. Today seen St Mirren true supporters. Do you agree. ?
  19. It's been in thee press Davis was offerd a deal with Saints but Rangers offerd a new contract. So yes you were WRONG not unusual right lol.
  20. Jeez St Mirren are a big club. We are one of the smallest clubs in the league . But you and me and every supporter have a BIG heart ❤.
  21. I remember early 70's we had not much more than 1,00 fans going into Love Street. We have a fickle support as today fact . The die hards turned up today around 1,500 these are the real die hards. Always laugh when reading Motherwell are same size as Saints. Motherwell have a bigger support and are more successful than St Mirren. Ross Country. ICT , Hamilton are now around Saints size. Motherwell, Dundee United, are all much more successful than Saints. Give Robinson time he can take us more successful. Sadly fickle Saints fans will get him sacked and so it will go on and on.
  22. Is that because you were in the know and now your not ? Sent you my season ticket feel free to put the boot in. Let's see what Stewart Gilmour comes up with. The guy is a die hard buddie
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