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  1. Good to hear the chairman say the 1877 club is staying. Club looking into a fan zone which is also a good idea .
  2. Glad to see I made the right call by giving this game a miss. Maybe I should buy a lottery ticket now
  3. Robinson likes a big physical no nonsense team of cut out the red cards I agree. But big phisical teams will always be getting cards.
  4. That was a very enjoyable season Robinson putting the pride back into the club with gates up also. Can't be arsed with Saturday and it's 12.30 kick off time . Invarary George Hotel for dinner and a wee day out. Season ticket for next season in place hopefully build on this memorable season.
  5. Aberdeen should really be wining this being a home game and a squad on a budget Saints could only dream of having . But that's been said quite a lot this season wether it's Celtic, Hearts, Rangers and Aberdeen so if St Mirren were to come back down to Paisley with points it would not surprise me .
  6. Alan Wardrop is not a stupid man many seem to have a dislike for the man even though they don't know him. If he has evidence of what he is accusing Kibble of this will be far from over. Alan is not the type sue the club but he will prove a point that Kibble did wrong here.
  7. The board have put a ban Wardrop wrong in my view . We know Kibble used the St Mirren charity foundation in a government grant form. No permission had been asked to put the charity name on the application. Next Kibble pointed the finger at Renfrewshire council for shading in land belonging to St Mirren football club. Dare say Alan Wardrop will have an axe to grind understandably in my eyes. What did SMISA directors know of this ? Why did Kibble not share / share with fellow directors. If you think there is nothing to see then I disagree. Needham was all over the press with his bridge attack on Rangers fans. No standing down or ban there .
  8. It's not what I want I'm stating a fact Alan Wardrop has taken legal advice if what has played out in the press is true then to my eyes Alan Wardrop has a strong case . It does not need to play out in court .
  9. When the directors put a ban on Alan from the stadium and he said he would take legal action this was only going to go one way . It's going to get messy can see big changes at board room level when all this is played out in court. Sad it's got to come to this .
  10. I don't think St Mirren Charitable Foundation being used to raise cash without their knowledge is normal. Now add in Kibble blaming Renfrewshire council for mistakingly shading in land owned by the club to be built on. Now Renfrewshire council saying it has nothing to do with them in fact it came from kibble . All very murky your guaranteed this won't go away any time soon with legal advice now on the case. Blow up your own house.
  11. I don't know Alan Wardrop personally only through my dealings with him for the 1877 club. On that he has been very helpful going beyond what he has too . For me it is totally wrong to ban Alan. I have seen a section of W7 outside our ground starting fights . They came to attack me and a friend until they realised we were Saints supporters. That's who should be getting bans Ned's giving our club a bad name . Personally I would like to see a complete removal of all directors SMISA and Kibble and a completely new board in place . It won't happen but I would vote for it if a vote ever came up. Both camps have made stupid mistakes it's not a one sided situation.
  12. Hearts fan on the train said their player went down to easy. But if your putting your hands out like that your giving the ref a decision to make.
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