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  1. Very much doubt it but time will tell. Will be very disappointed if he does not stand down or voted out.
  2. Just down loaded mine took around 6 times trying to get face reconnection accepted. So after all that I'm wondering how it is checked with just a big square barcode. A green tick to say your double vaccinated and your name. No photo on the cover so I don't get how this works going into a gig. Anyone could get a screen shoot which makes the whole thing senseless ?
  3. Nothing yet though its something to do with his hip . Ethan away down south to see a specialist ( hamstring ) Tanser no update yet.
  4. If we don't do anything about this are we not saying it's OK for Rangers fans to use sectarian language ? It was used as a wind up football banter if you like. Given his position and the fact he was on the board during the time of his squinty bridge comment really should have had alarm bells ringing. Bottom line for me is the club is being dragged through the mud by a guy who should know better.
  5. This story is only going to grow arms and legs. If any one on this forum uses the three letter word beginning with H it's an automatic ban. The word H is seen as sectarian Needham is in charge of the club which in turn is used as a training centre for ( young people ) . Kibble have already distanced themselves from Needham. He will have to resign at some point. Rather than prolonging the club through the mud he should resign now. Here was me thinking we pride ourselves in being a none discrimination club a community family club.
  6. With injuries brewing I can't see anything other than a Motherwell win. Flynn looks well past his best. Tait was limping at the end of the game on Sunday. Hope I'm wrong.
  7. It was tweeted a long time ago before he became chairman. At least he has not been in jail for drugs. Appoliges should make this nonsense go away.
  8. Someone put the video up. Boris Johnson would be very proud. Stuart Gilmour was there also at a time he was not on the board.
  9. Feel free I have been in the home end at ibrox and parkhead due to mates giving me their season tickets. Two rows behind me is the hospitality seats always old firm fans sitting there when we play them so maybe you should add that into your e-mail/letter also.
  10. Don't be fooled a team playing not great at the top of the league to me means that have more to come. However don't underestimate St Mirren Goodwin won't be long manager of Saints his CV makes for very impressive reading in my humble opinion.
  11. Really looking forward to this game feeling very optimistic. Our goal against looks poor due to Celtic scoring 6 goals. However we were down to 10 men after 18min. We also had a decent goal chopped off to make it 2-1. If that was not bad enough we got goals chopped off in our next two against Dundee United and St Johnstone again proved wrong chopped off . That would have St Mirren third in the league. But hey hoo we all suffer shite refs unless your the old firm of course. Goodwin does not play defensive football ( love you Jim) We will 100% have a go so will it be 3-6-1 no chance I can see it being 4-5-1 . Rangers are a strong team not playing great but winning games. St Mirren 6 games undefeated of which the last three are wins. Can't make the game due to starting work at 3pm but it means the game can be watched on Sky. Have given my season ticket to a mate Rangers fan so be nice Saints fans he is a sound guy. We have a £10 bet on with each other. I'm going to put a few bob on this game in the bookies also. Really feel St Mirren can win this in Paisley not easy but winnable at home.
  12. It won't stop until we can fill it ourselves. And neither it should. What's the point in empty seats when we can get extra cash? I'm going on what the new chairman said last week. His plan will be put to the board first then put out to a SMISA vote .
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