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  1. As friendlies go it's not a bad game Ayunga looks a right good signing. Oh how I miss the football.
  2. Went online to buy a ticket for the Arbroath game which reads Ne Events Avaliable. Thought they would be on sale by now.
  3. Reading some Morecambe news I see Anthony O'Connor is among a number of players listed on their transfer list so is available. Obika is free to go also hope the big chap finds a club.
  4. You definitely have a talent to be a Tory minister. How about shifting all convicted persons to Rowanda.
  5. If anyone interested in any of these items pm me. Its for a charity night . / Hi pal having an auction on 10th July in taverna for MND.thought you might like these.
  6. Pleased the old firm are only getting one stand. Preseason starts 20th of June I'm sure we will see some news signings before that date.
  7. Not sure if it's been mentioned we are in the running to sign striker Toyosi Olusanya Motherwell and Livie also interested.
  8. Press & Journal reporting we knocked back £100,000 for Dunne then we slapped the £350,000 price tag on his head.
  9. 350K seems excess however I'm pleased to read that for to long we let players go for buttons. This sends out the right message you want pay our rate or piss off.
  10. He has only played around 30 games in the last 4 years scoring 4 odd goals. Certainly a big hit at Saints with the fans. Great guy hope it works for you both.
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