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  1. Saints have picked up £100,000 for making the semi final as reported in the Scotsman. Not a bad wee sum for the bank.
  2. Every club is cheated by refs at some point. Rangers got 4 none penalties against us as proved on Sportscene analysis. Your defender was on the wrong side of our striker that's the bottom line.
  3. Have wrote this has been a successful season top six or not. The team will be strengthened in the summer that waters my mouth for next season.
  4. Goodwin saying German striker is fit. Think Obika will start with the German being used at some point.
  5. Saints look jaded so many games too close together. County have a fight about them now. Bottom line is top six is in our own hands.
  6. Obsessed ? Will be nice if it happens still be nice if we dont the bottom line is it's been a relatively good season. What's up with you sour plums for not beating St Mirren this season.
  7. I answered your questionnaire would add that I think a passport system will be put in place for the entertainment/ hospitality industry. An Israeli government offical has admitted he has had talks with Nicola Sturgeon as Isreal looks at geting the younger generation to take the vaccine which many have refused.
  8. EDINBURGH you will have had your tea. GLASOW come in have your tea. True true true.
  9. Hearts fan with a red dot thats a surprise on Leith.
  10. To be honest have been on many a night in Glasgow never once have I experienced religious talk. I can only assume you have never experienced a night out in Glasgow.
  11. Edinburgh has Leith I like the people of Leith sound people.
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