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  1. Today St Mirren Football Club officially becomes a fan owned club. This stops any rogue business man/group ever getting control of the club. This will be celebrated 🍾 on Saturday with a win .
  2. Comedy gold on this thread. Keep it coming.
  3. Was working yesterday so went into SMTV to watch the full match which was not available. Correspondence has told me I have no subscription ( I'm a season ticket holder ) That to keep a sharp look out for an announcement very soon. Bloody hell I was really looking forward to watching the Thistle game.
  4. Pity away fans can't get in Ken. The Paisley Buddies will be too strong for Dundee Ken. Ken this though Charlie Adam is a top man. So I'm going Dundee 1 St Mirren 3 Ken.
  5. Thought it was too good to be true to go into the new season with such a strong squad. Saying that Goodwin knows who he wants so I don't see us being weaker. Intresting few days ahead.
  6. Lucky you I did not get one or plenty other fans. Enjoy I will go to a pub in Paisley seem I'm staying in Glasgow Saturday night. What time have you to be in the stadium.
  7. The main stand is closed to fans. Why not move subs, officals, press to one half of the stand letting more fans in the other half.
  8. As it currently stands we have shifted just over 2,000 season tickets.
  9. Those that can't get in will purchase ppv so income is still there. Obviously its not the clubs fault agree with you. But the correspondence from the club is poor yet again. The 500 who got into the Dunfermline game are back in the ballot for the Thistle game which is a poor decision also. Going by the season ticket announcement today regarding public sale the holding of seat numbers for last season season tickets holders suggest not all have renewed yet. Can't imagine there is an incentive for fans to renew who have not done so thus far. Edit forgot this game is live so no ppv for home fans.
  10. Next up Partick Thistle in Paisley a club I quite like they like Saints live in the shadow of the two dark side clubs. However McCall for some reason has a bee in his bunnet about Saints where it came from I have no idea. Would love Saints to give him a sore one then to hear the shite he comes away with is always fun. Sorry Thistle fans the guy is a grade one p - I - k
  11. On a positive our strikers are scoring in all our games so far. Ethan off the ball movment last night was good. Spraying passes around reminds me of the role JDH played. Some of his longer passes strayed but that could in part be down to a poor plastic pitch. The heat also played its part last night I for one can't wait for the first game of the season we have progressed no doubt about that.
  12. That was not our strongest team and to be honest would not have expected it to be. No disrespect to the Warriors they played not bad a good club so respect to them and good luck for the forth coming season. Like it or not its our,strikers are,scoring in all what could be claimed is preseason games. Hope I get picked for the ballot against Thistle ,staying in Glasgow on Saturday night so fingers crossed 🤞.
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