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  1. The chances of the Hamilton game going a head must be slim you would think. There is a free Saturday in a couple of weeks.
  2. Agree if we can keep our back line fit it's far superior with out popescu. Hearts will romp that league no problem. Was impressed with Charlie Adam. Not because he scored a goal we should never have let Mullen leave . That was a right good entertainment tonight. We are so far behind hell knows how we will survive this season. Fingers crossed.
  3. Just reading a Paddy Power pundit on our game with Well. A few words stuck out. A very poor buddies side. To be honest hard to argue against that.
  4. The game will go ahead. I registered for ppv for the QOS game. Could not get logged in. QOS paid me back first thing on Monday morning.
  5. Well it cant be Obika, Morias, Foley who tested positive as MOBO sports arena thanked them for turning up today. You just know it will be defenders. Saturday will tell.
  6. Wonder who it is ? Not good when you have injuries and a small squad also.
  7. We played quite well up in Aberdeen and against Celtic. Agreed Jim needs a settled team picking his strongest 11. Motherwell are never push overs always well organised. So no prediction from me other that to say I hope we win.
  8. They cant get a cure for the comon cold which is a Covid. I think we will need to live with this for a while yet. Fans should get back into stadiums with some restrictions in place your sitting outside in fresh air. You can go to a beer garden but not a stadium with restrictions. You can open a cafe selling meals but not a restaurant. Its nuts. Sturgeon has been doing well up till now but some new rules I pointed out are wrong.
  9. Would you be happy to go along to watch what is on offer at the moment ? Think I would miss some games or maybe it's got something to do with soul less games on TV. Have been going on a regular basis since 1967 through the good and bad, the enthusiasm is slowly draining away. Next few weeks will be telling for Jim. His sparkle has gone watching his interviews replaced with the strain of pressure that's how it looks to me. His comment still rings in my ears, if I'm given time.
  10. There has been an agreement already with premiership clubs. IT will happen if there is a shut down on games.
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