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  1. Ritchie Nicol is that u?? or should I say tanner fund main man
  2. Let’s hope there hasn’t been anymore businessmen or potential sponsors managed to get in and watch our beloved Queens, because I have a horrible feeling this might be the tip of the iceberg. Saying that if you look on the queens mad site it’s as if nothing happened.... Wonder where Jardie and co are hiding during this disaster
  3. 100% a lot of fans felt the club let them down years ago over the Rangers vote.... few long standing fans even boycotted the games!!!! A few have game back and have even started the bonus ball for Queens during this how must these people few. this for me is on a whole different level, the response from the club was like a slap in the face to the common person What makes it worse for me is that so many people have tried to follow guidance during this pandemic some not being able to see families or even worse go to funerals etc but who ever thinks it’s fine to invite someone (makes no difference if he bought 5 ST ) to a game is disgusting, never want to get involved for tit for tat but it does make you wonder if big JT queens legend was harshly delt with as well
  4. Course he could!!! As chairman he accepts a lot of responsibilities, financial, health and safety etc etc he loves the limelight let’s see if he will stand tall and take the blame
  5. Such a shame for the common person... so many people have worked hard to try and support queens anyway they can this year, seen a few tweets from the SLO’s saying they are disgusted etc. Must make there positions along with the tanner fund etc Untenable under current board.
  6. You do realise the fine the Queens chairman could face if he is found to have broken the Covid laws in tier 4?? He won’t give a dam about the SPFL not being able to get anyone at Palmerston
  7. Does anyone know who the Queens Covid-19 officer is??? During these strange times all attendees At the matches have to be recorded and That information sent through to the SFA. I only hope the Galloway’s X5 Names where on that list
  8. If you look at The area of the new South of Scotland Enterprise Covers you can clearly see the DG and Borders are one
  9. This can only go one way..... There are 3 directors, Hewitson, Paterson And Blount if all 3 Or who ever knew that GG was going to be there With his family during the Covid-19 pandemic then they all need to resign tonight. Imagine walking into either one of these businessmen place of work Pharmacy, accountants or building firms With your family and saying it’s cool I we will sit in the corner and create a bubble. Also how many of these men have taken the Furlough money, building grants and looked for help from the agency’s in Dumfries
  10. Imagine paying to watch games on sub standard cameras and we let this wombat in
  11. How the hell Has this even been allowed to happen!!!! Never seen the announcement from the FM about being able to take family Members to football matches and create bubbles....... Hewitson quick enough to take the 500k from the government Wonder who will foot the 10k bill from the police for breaking lockdown rules. #nofansmeansnofans
  12. Also heard a rumour tonight that Abbey Vale wouldn’t take a few Queens players on loan.... oh my god what has happened to my home town thank god I stay up north couldn’t live with the embarrassment
  13. 3-1 no subs used why have a local striker from Dumfries if you ain’t going to use him??? Saying that I see queens loaned a boy to Dalbeattie last week who got 10 mins game maybe these boys are all there to make the squad up and ensure hewitson gets the SFA funding
  14. My mate told me at the start of the season Queens would be lucky to get 10 points!!!! I thought he had been smoking the funny fags but my god this is looking likely with this management team... Also I take it Goss ain’t going to get a chance how many mins is that now? Give the local lad a chance he can’t do any worse than what’s on show
  15. Totally agree!! My only concern is the fact he has had 26mins in 270 mins available and that miss was as bad as u will see in Scottish football. anyway I love the fact we are looking at local people
  16. Sorry didn’t he play last season with the reserves?? Think the boy probably has his level in the south... hope I am wrong
  17. Horrible to say but what a miss from Goss... honestly thought he could do a job for queens but after these 3 games it looks like the manager doesn’t rate him y
  18. Jesus are u another dev die hard??? Have u watched the games on ppv? This man stands himself taken amazing photos and promotes the South of Scotland league. Did u say the same to the Heston’s photos being taken by HRFC or George trudt at abbey vale.. Jesus bore off and if you won’t to spout the rules read the book.
  19. Does anyone think he has left for money issues? Real shame that someone should Rely on money from tear 6 football
  20. Absolutely, the clubs are more important than players, managers this pandemic might be here for a few years if clubs keep paying silly money they won’t #simple
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