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  1. Totally agree!! My only concern is the fact he has had 26mins in 270 mins available and that miss was as bad as u will see in Scottish football. anyway I love the fact we are looking at local people
  2. Sorry didn’t he play last season with the reserves?? Think the boy probably has his level in the south... hope I am wrong
  3. Horrible to say but what a miss from Goss... honestly thought he could do a job for queens but after these 3 games it looks like the manager doesn’t rate him y
  4. Jesus are u another dev die hard??? Have u watched the games on ppv? This man stands himself taken amazing photos and promotes the South of Scotland league. Did u say the same to the Heston’s photos being taken by HRFC or George trudt at abbey vale.. Jesus bore off and if you won’t to spout the rules read the book. 🤡 🤡
  5. Does anyone think he has left for money issues? Real shame that someone should Rely on money from tear 6 football
  6. Absolutely, the clubs are more important than players, managers this pandemic might be here for a few years if clubs keep paying silly money they won’t #simple
  7. So you are more or less saying it’s to do with money
  8. So after 10 amazing years he leaves because the club is looking after the players, fans and committee???
  9. Everyone knows it’s to do with money... Pollock played yesterday because the where hoping to twist the arm of the SG to allow fans!! End of the day it’s all about money top 8 teams leave because they can’t afford to pay wages #simple
  10. Struggling to understand why after such nice words he would resign... he talks about the players, fans and committee, being there 10 years etc why leave then??
  11. Seems a lot of the top teams in the west are pulling out now as well...
  12. Absolutely no chance of fans back before a vaccine is found!!! 14 clubs have handed there notice that they won’t compete in the west... Monday night zoom meeting and there is about 5 clubs from the south all agreeing that health and well-being comes before a semi professional tear 6 league..... shut the league and let people survive this pandemic
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