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  1. He’s not, obviously. He’s had his contract terminated and is linked with us.
  2. Find this utterly ridiculous every time I think about it.
  3. There’s 2, maybe 3 if I’m being kind, in the squad.
  4. Why do you want Kilmarnock to score another 2 if you don’t think AJ is going anywhere anytime soon? Strange.
  5. Match reporter has lost the plot. A “valiant” performance apparently.
  6. Don’t give a f**k. Effing sp*z is a disgusting choice of words.
  7. That idiots language in the stand is disgraceful.
  8. There’s 71 places between them in the Pdc order of merit so of course it’s night and day.
  9. That’s your own fault for not checking the club website and relying on Facebook.
  10. Maybe on the ball he could be doing more but Patons work rate off the ball is second to none. He’s probably covered more grass than any other Queens player.
  11. http://www.qosfc.com/news-5610 Open door policy apparently. First I’ve heard of that, have many of our questions been answered before?
  12. Only caught the end of the game and seen us taking the ball to the corner flag in the 81st fu***** minute.
  13. I’m not. I’m far from happy about the lack of information from the club. No idea where you pulled that from.
  14. My point is if they took it serious and thought the link worked then they’d have appointed someone else but they didn’t so that tells us it’s own story.
  15. They wouldn’t. But if the SLO took it serious then they’d have appointed a successor
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