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  1. Are you maybe thinking of when Goss was signed when AJ was on furlough?
  2. No idea but my guess is its someone who’s agreed a new contract rather than a new signing.
  3. Out of curiosity, what system do you think would have brought the best out off Dobbie this season?
  4. And if we stay up, next season will be the same.
  5. At work so missing the game today and the live updates are still showing the Hibs game. How’s the first half going?
  6. What’s the weather like in Dumfries? It’s snowing here
  7. Cheers, that’s reassuring. I’m glad I went, anxiety is a b*stard but I’ve dealt with it that long that sometimes you just have to say f*ck it and go.
  8. Cheers mate. Your reply and the replies from others on here earlier helped. Cheers again
  9. I really wasn’t for going to mine today. My anxiety can be mental at times and after reading the blood clot headlines it really did have me worried. Eventually thought f*ck it and just went. No side effects yet.
  10. Cheers folks. That’s made me feel a bit more a ease. I read about the blood clots and Countries temporarily banning the use of AZ. Got me a bit worried, but I’m prone to worry about absolutely everything.
  11. Has anyone had the AZ vaccine lately? Does anyone think we’ll cancel it over here? I’m due to get it today but feeling a bit nervous.
  12. They are lucky still not at 50-55s in South Ayrshire bar underlying health problems It maybe he’s something to do with their doctors, they’re all at the same practice. My brother who is 55 is with a different practice hasn’t been offered his yet and he stays in Dumfries as well.
  13. That’s my daughter (33) and son who recently turned 30 both been offered their vaccine and booked in for next week. My sons partner who’s 25 also got offered it but she refused it as she’s pregnant. All have no health conditions and are a reasonable healthy. They all stay in Dumfries where quite a number of healthy 20/30 year olds are now being offered the vaccine.
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