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  1. Brilliant player, when Annan were signing Tommy Goss and Ian Anderson, Sean should have been at the top of the list. His footballing ability and goal scoring is unbelievable but he’s an absolute nut job.
  2. No home friendliest have been announced. All away, Raith and Hamilton and Kilmarnock away but that ones closed doors.
  3. Yep mostly if not all based locally. They’ve just signed Lewis Sloan from Dalbeattie Star who’s arguably been the best attacking player from the region in the last 10 years.
  4. Cheers I must have missed that bit. I thought we were all just assuming they were offered deals but with everyone leaving named except them and that last sentence in the link then it’s likely they were.
  5. You got a link where it tells us they’ve been offered new deals? I can’t find one
  6. No, we’re full time. Max will be full time, not sure where you’ve read or heard he’ll be part time with us but he’ll be full time like the rest of the squad.
  7. Think Max was the most obvious one who we’d be signing.
  8. The only ones I can think of are Ryan Connelly who Murray signed and then came to us after one season at Raith. John Baird. Joe Cardle and Watson the CB. I seem to remember he signed a few on loan from Hearts and Hibs in his time there. And Barry Mckay I think? On loan from Rangers. Granted it’ll be more informative hearing from a Raith supporter.
  9. Unless I’ve misinterpreted it, it looks like big Ruben will still be with us next season.
  10. Cheers. Completely forgot he’d scored a couple of goals for Killie. It really is an abysmal record. Utterly mental he started every game he was available for.
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