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  1. Tanner Fund update on 01/02/21 said that they had discussions with the board about using the fund for funds or wages and the board have asked them to hold on to it until they rebuild for next season. You’d think that suggests using some of it to keep hold of some of the players we have for next season.
  2. Brilliant. What a week we’ve had, 7 points from 3 very tough games.
  3. That’s poor from Buchanan. Thought Ferguson should have done better as well.
  4. Obviously happy we’re winning but hopefully we’ve learned a few lessons from going 2-0 up in games and then throwing it away.
  5. He was saying the other their night that he’s never missed a penalty in his career. Wonder if they’ve all mostly been from that sort of run up.
  6. https://www.sportvideos.tv/bdo-chairman-sends-police-to-wayne-warren-and-took-his-throphy/?fbclid=IwAR07TnJQgwExSsz9ezIf0P8x5WNqghhQGfmGlHQTdC-wcnTYSk8CActtB5o
  7. Would be great to top the week off with a result here. Defence has been pretty solid and we’re nicking goals so I’ll go for a 1-1 draw.
  8. He might be isolating. I’m sure Jones and Edmundson were told to isolate after their Covid breach.
  9. Fair enough. I did find it hard to believe someone would believe that
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