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  1. Took my grandson who’s 12 to the game last night and thought it was pretty poor that if he wanted a drink (he did) that the only option was fizzy juice. He went without as he hates the stuff but how difficult is it to have diluting juice as an option?
  2. Both pubs mentioned will have the football on but if your planning on sitting at the bar and watching it then The Salutation haven’t allowed people to sit at the bar for a while. They weren’t a week ago anyway. Not sure if The Devorgilla has the same ban in place but my guess is they don’t.
  3. Compared to last seasons squad the jury is still out I’m afraid. I’m not saying your one of them but the impression I get from the fans that believe we have a decent bunch is that they let this squad off the hook more than last seasons because there’s more likeable players in it and they engage more with the fans this season. When it comes to the actual football - we’re as bad as last season imo and the team is full with too many pea hearts.
  4. We’re so poor. The whole team and management can get fucked.
  5. £18 for a stream that they can’t guarantee will work and offer absolutely no tech support. Robbing b*****ds
  6. The Tanner fund has released an update on their Facebook.
  7. No idea tbh. I had a look at the Rangers bench from the Utd game and he wasn't there but he also never started for the B team against East Kilbride. He seems to be in some kind of 'nether zone' the now. Unless of course he's already on loan and I've completely missed it. He was on the bench when they played Malmö
  8. He hasn’t been on trial with Benfica and Braga.
  9. He’s fine. He was released from hospital today.
  10. That’ll be 5 in this competition now and on for a hat-trick this game.
  11. The email I got was addressed to my grandson but my name isn’t there even though he put my name on the name allocation part. Do you know if that’ll be a problem with them asking for ID?
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