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  1. We need to make some signings. We are short in depth if we lose Wright along with Edmundson and Watkins. 3rd place is financially important due to the potential in european placement. Cormack needs to make it happen. If we want to be a top 100 european side nows the time to act. Im firmly behind mcinnes. Hes a good manager and gas done well during his time here. Id personally be gutted if he were to leave.
  2. Glass would be an utterly horrendous appointment. I dont think people eealise how well McInnes has done during his time here. We'd be better off going for Robinson who is now available.
  3. Would be a huge boost if he along with a few over youngsters could come into the first team and be the real deal.
  4. You're right he signed a 3 year deal last January.
  5. I'd still suspect the occasional pre-contract. A fair number of players will be leaving the club at the end of the season. Cosgrove and Hernandez will most likely be sold. I think Fergie may leave in the summer to cover our losses. I see Lewis Morgan is available as a free agent. Edit: Can rule him out as well as we've no money.
  6. Going by the comments made in the evening express by Willie Miller and Joey Harper, they have both commented about Aberdeen attempting to sign Watkins on a preseason contract will be our #1 priority. Willie Miller had mentioned the likelihood of Leigh signing which in actuality happened the following day. So I'm wondering if they are indicating some of the transfer activity for this window. I'm still hopefully Ross Stewart, Watkins and Campbell (very unlikely) will sign preseason contracts with us. I'm not so confident McLennan will stay sign a new deal either.
  7. In truth I was somewhat disappointed to have missed out on Brophy as I thought he'd be an improvement on Main however I'm really disappointed about missing out on GMS. Coincided with Wright turning us down. Clearly Covid has taken its toll on the clubs finances. Next season's squad could be interesting to say the least.
  8. McGinn is 34 in the summer. Theres still a good couple years left in GMS. Its a good replacement. Main has/was an improvement on Stevie May (goal ratio wise). Brophy has a better goal ratio then Main so would be hoping for an improvement once again. Ross Stewart appears to be very similar to Cosgrove in physique, height etc however he does seem to have more pace and technical ability then Cosgrove. I'd take Findlay over Declan Gallagher due to his age. He'd be a good replacement for Devlin and Considine is getting old. Get Hoban singed up for another season. Watkins is an absolute must signing. Brilliant player. Need to find a replacement for Logan/Hernandez. O'Donnell?
  9. I'd be surprised if we weren't in for him. Newspapers reporting Oxford Utd and Hibs were his only offers. McInnes does like a good transfer hijack......
  10. Aberdeen are in talks with GMS as are Hearts. We are favourites to sign him. Disappointed we didn't sign Cadden. I wonder if we were in for him.
  11. If there is any truth to this I'd speculate GMS and one of Cadden/O'Donnell. The other two players would have to be strikers. Stewart and Brophy?
  12. I genuinely think McInnes could be here for the opening of our new stadium. It could be another 10 years!
  13. I think part of that consistency we've had has come down to not chopping and changing our manager every few seasons. We were quick to rush Calderwood out IMO. McGhee and Paterson are the stuff of nightmares.
  14. Tbf Hibs will be offering each of those players contracts as well. Most likely Dundee Utd and Hearts too. Findlay and Gallagher will also be in all our respective clubs monitors too. Controversial on here but despite the dull/hoofball/pragmatic tactics deployed by McInnes I'm still right behind him and don't think there is anyone better available and hasn't been since McInnes joined us. Calderwood, McGhee, Paterson, Ebbe etc all struggled to get us to where we are now. McInnes at least hits the expectations of top 3 most seasons. The last 2 seasons we were very unlucky not to finish 3rd. This season is one of our highest points tallies under McInnes at this stage of the season. I'd be really disappointed if he left.
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