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  1. Minter for the much vaunted 'Ange Ball' against St Mirren's youth.
  2. Celtic thought they'd stroll this game tonight then have the winter break moved to suit their injury crisis. GIRUY
  3. A couple o weeks back Burghead Thistle 2 Cruden Bay 1. The lad up front for Cruden, Elijah was decent, a hard fought win, 8 games unbeaten for The Broch.
  4. Good result and performance for Rangers. Looked like a bit of desire came back into the side tonight.
  5. C'mon St Johnstone, Galatasary are nowhere near the side they once were but this is a great performance. The BBC commentators had Saints written off at around the 10 minute mark
  6. Wow Mark Walters was subjected to possibly the worst racism ever experienced at a British football ground >>>>> at Celtic Park. His every touch booed, bananas, coins & even darts rained down on him. But..but...but....he went on to have a successful Rangers career... Genuine wow moment
  7. This could be a vital point for Angie's Celtic v newly-promoted Hearts.
  8. The current situation has echoes of the Kelly/White dynasty years. With Lawwell allegedly passing on the baton to his son, if rumours are to be believed. Untouchables
  9. It's not his fault though to be fair, he's a fall guy for the LieWell Dynasty.
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