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  1. Give your team some credit, Dumbarton have defended well & ran their socks off.
  2. A sensational season for Rangers, in Scotland & Europe also.
  3. Bonner drove to Dundee in his bare feet with a bootful of Wagon Wheels
  4. Today's guest - Alun biscuits Prestun How original
  5. On Sportsound just now, Lenny believes he is staying for the 're-build'.
  6. John Hughes gave a great interview on Sportsound this afternoon, sounded relaxed & had a plan for tonight 😎 His doorbell went, mid interview, & it was his neighbour bringing him a cake.
  7. I like Bonner, brilliant goalie & seems a right nice guy. Just shouldn't be a pundit, I get images of Val Doonican when he talks, I would love Phil Goodlad & Pat to anchor Sportsound one day. 😁
  8. Bonner sounds discombobulated this evening, I think he's forgot the Wagon Wheels (jam-filled ones)
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