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  1. Good result and performance for Rangers. Looked like a bit of desire came back into the side tonight.
  2. C'mon St Johnstone, Galatasary are nowhere near the side they once were but this is a great performance. The BBC commentators had Saints written off at around the 10 minute mark
  3. Wow Mark Walters was subjected to possibly the worst racism ever experienced at a British football ground >>>>> at Celtic Park. His every touch booed, bananas, coins & even darts rained down on him. But..but...but....he went on to have a successful Rangers career... Genuine wow moment
  4. This could be a vital point for Angie's Celtic v newly-promoted Hearts.
  5. The current situation has echoes of the Kelly/White dynasty years. With Lawwell allegedly passing on the baton to his son, if rumours are to be believed. Untouchables
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