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  1. There's a lot of top players in the Lowland, how many do you think could make the step up to say, Championship level and make an impact? The likes of Dean Brett and Nathan Austin have done it there before and were brilliant this year for Kelty - doubt they'd want to step up but who do you think could from your team?
  2. With all our clubs having to release at least 5-6 players, many of whom are pretty decent - who do you think are the best out of contract players available this summer and who would you take at your club? I for one think the likes of Stephen McGinn, Stephen O'Donnell, Jonny Hayes and Vlaclav Hladky would be great additions to any non Old Firm teams but there are bound to be English teams lurking.
  3. There's a lot of talent in the lower leagues, which players do you think could make the step up from League One to the Premiership? Do you think any will with the potential for no lower league football until January?
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