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  1. If the voting structure had been changed when the clubs had the chance, perhaps the smaller teams could have forced through a salary cap like League One and Two in England.
  2. Bizarre. Also a bit worried for United if they don’t sign a few players.
  3. I didn’t realise this was the case. Does anybody know which clubs aren’t doing season tickets?
  4. Is this actually real? I find it impossible to believe.
  5. Great news. If he can hit top form he could be our best player next season. Also someone that can provide some decent service for some of the attacking options hopefully. It seems we are fairly well covered going forward now.
  6. A quick look on Twitter and I can see he is being linked with Bristol City, Wycombe Wanderers and possibly Hibs. Admittedly some of that is just fan speculation but I would imagine the above is too.
  7. What about Dikamona that played for Hearts last year? Just a random signing suggestion but would tick a few boxes for United and is available as far as I can see.
  8. I’ve been playing a bit if darts to pass the time during lockdown but wondering if any darts players can help me. It’s all new to me... My darts keep breaking (the stem, I think) and the flights keep coming out when I throw them. The flights also get damaged quite easily. Watching the pros I don’t think that ever happens to them. I’m using these darts which I thought were okay. https://www.argos.co.uk/product/7431050?clickSR=slp:term:darts:33:34:1 Do I just need to buy a set of stems and flights and replace them regularly?
  9. The training top that Liam Smith is wearing in newspaper pictures today looks great.
  10. If the regularly mentioned Twitter account (don’t want to give publicity, but think along the lines of a referee...) actually makes money from its Patreon then I would be astonished. I would also be tempted to start a similar blog blasting the “MSM” and sticking up for poor Rangers if people are actually willing to pay for that sort of thing.
  11. This Twitter exchange made me laugh. I am not sure why the fans of these two clubs feel the need to take sides in a dispute which has absolutely nothing to do with them. It was ever thus...
  12. The premature excitement from Rangers fans (oddly enough) on Twitter made me smile.
  13. Reading about Wigan’s financial woes, I think they could serve as a bit of a warning of what could go wrong with Dundee United’s current financial model. Interest free loans passed to different people and suddenly becoming high interest loans.
  14. Not sure if this is the place for this, but worth a go. After the worst of the Coronavirus I’m hoping to find a weekly game of football in the city. I’m a very average midfielder, would just be looking for a run about really. A bit scared of the ball and the worst goalkeeper ever. Bonus points if your team doesn’t need people to take turns. Wouldn’t want anyone expecting too much from me... 😄 Does anyone know of any games or teams looking for players? Figure this thread could also be for organising games for all Inverness based p&b types.
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