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  1. Anyone able to suggest a ticket site for the Croatia game?
  2. Is there anywhere I could buy tickets for the Scotland Croatia game? Checked the UEFA ticket portal but no sign of that game.
  3. Just throwing some random names out there as potential candidates. Tommy Sloan, Ray MacKinnon, Barry Smith, Davie Irons, Jim Duffy.
  4. This might just be my Stranraer focus, but I have a feeling that Stranraer might have been in the lower league playoff more than any other team over the last 16 years. Does anyone know if that is right? I also feel like we might have the worst record in terms of attempts/getting promotion.
  5. Only issue for me is that the colts are already in and those clubs will be going along with it. Would much rather a way to stop it happening. Seems like the kind of thing that could have been organised before as an incentive to vote no. No criticism of the organiser of this of course, just something I wouldn’t have thought of.
  6. What if we were to crowdfund £25k to add Stirling Albion u20s to the league? Would that also be allowed?
  7. Watching the AstraZeneca news with interest. I understand the line that the risk of dying from Covid is greater than the risk of a blood clot. How does that equation work for younger people though? I’m looking forward to getting the vaccine as much as anyone, but being younger and getting it later might allow them to figure out whether it is safe or not I guess? I assume we have no say about which vaccine we get, or will that be different in June/July?
  8. I was looking at this book on EBay. Is it worth buying?
  9. I read this in the League 1 version of this thread. The Sons Supporters Trust previously issued a statement of opposition to the Colt Clubs concept and it is my understanding that they soon may be planning a poll to canvass the views of their circa 400-strong membership, the results of which would be conveyed to the Dumbarton FC Board of Directors. It would be accompanied by a reminder that whilst club Directors are club guardians at a point in time the decision they may soon be asked to make on their watch re Colt Clubs could potentially be both wrong on several counts and irrevocable for senior club football in this country. Above all, they cannot allow themselves to become primarily focused on any financial inducements.
  10. I have said it before on here but I would just like to reiterate... If we vote in favour of the colts proposal and it goes through, my interest in following Stranraer will disappear. My financial contributions to the club might be worth less than whatever else is on offer, but I’m sure I won’t be the only one that would be totally fed up if that scenario comes to pass.
  11. Did anyone hear the Aberdeen fan on Sportsound last night? Suggested Eddie Howe as an ambitious but definitely possible appointment. Did i read correctly that Derek McInnes was on £17k/£18k per week at Aberdeen it was that at Bristol City?
  12. I suppose that answer doesn’t really help in this scenario then...
  13. Is there any way to watch the Eredivisie in the UK apart from the one game a fortnight on Premier Sports?
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