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  1. Brilliant. Well worth the £8. Hoping for a winnable tie next.
  2. Stranraer didn’t even show up for the first half. Once we started playing the outcome was never in doubt.
  3. I suppose this is a possible interpretation of the comment about the crowd at the Celtic under 19s game as I know it brought a lot of locals to Stair Park that otherwise wouldn’t have known where it was... I appreciate that is not what you were saying, although I’m sure that you could see that some fans could interpret the club’s potential support for the proposal in that way.
  4. That is all very fair. I suppose you would have to acknowledge that there are some people that would not support it under any circumstances. I appreciate that you have a responsibility to do what you perceive to be the best for the future of Stranraer FC, regardless of your personal opinion. Speaking only for myself, if the club was to vote in favour of such a proposal and it went through I would no longer be interested in watching League Two football. I’m sure there are others like me. My few hundred pounds a year built up over how ever many years may be worth less than what essentially amounts to a bribe though, so if it comes down to a business decision I suppose I wouldn’t be able to complain too loudly.
  5. “However Stranraer vice chairman Shaun Niven said last night: “We’ve always been open-minded about the proposal. We can see merit in it. “We’d obviously want to see the proposal before we make a decision but we won’t go in with a closed view. “We had an example a few years back where our biggest crowd of the entire season was for a youth league game against Celtic U19s on a wet Friday night. More than we got at any SPFL game that season.” Couldn’t believe this when I read it. It’s sad to think that instead being happy with those that choose or may choose to support Stranraer, we would rather attract the large number of glory hunters that we all know that live in the town.
  6. If the season had finished as it should have last year and we had been relegated in the usual manner, I’m fairly sure SF would have been out of the job. He really doesn’t deserve too much more time in the job. Part of me thinks failure to win next week could be the end. I’ve got a bad feeling about this season...
  7. Manager’s job has to be under serious pressure now...
  8. Can you tell me more about librarianship? After reading your post I started looking into it and had no idea that librarians were so well qualified.
  9. I recently moved to Inverness and have struggled to make friends. I’ve been looking for five a side football or a new hobby but Covid put a stop to that search.
  10. I hope the board are at least looking at potential replacements for the manager for if/when Stevie has to go. The shortened season makes me a bit nervous, especially as we’re sitting bottom of the league at the time of typing.
  11. I was actually thinking that Matt Lucas was a decent replacement for Sandi when I watched the last episode. After looking at this thread I realise I might be in the minority...
  12. The banner display at Stair Park looks brilliant. Hopefully we’ll be able to see it properly at some point. Well done to Mr Walker and anyone else involved in putting it together.
  13. If the voting structure had been changed when the clubs had the chance, perhaps the smaller teams could have forced through a salary cap like League One and Two in England.
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