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  1. Kelty Hearts rearranged for Tuesday 22 February.
  2. Probably because it was played on one of the Gannochy Grass pitches at Stirling Uni and encouraging fans to turn up wouldn’t have sat well with Covid Protocols.
  3. The permitted limit for attendance is 500 Seated or 250 Standing. As things stand I understand a) you can't split the numbers between the two or b) add them together to get 750. Social distancing applies currently at 2m.
  4. There will be an additional four games if all clubs in the league have completed 18 games by Friday 23 April.
  5. Yes. Providing all Clubs have completed 18 by Friday 23 April.
  6. When the Women’s Under 19 European matches were held at Forthbank, UEFA insisted the Groundsman narrow the goal line by 0.1 of an inch because it was that much wider than the post.
  7. Try tuning in on Tuesday 6 April. We don’t use Pixellot and I guarantee you a quality HD service.
  8. Dam(n) it Beaver, it's not rocket science... 8 votes required to effect change from a 27 game programme 27 impossible Insufficient support for Null & Void Insufficient support for 18 Compromise required... outcome 22.
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