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  1. Supporters’ Bar upstairs at the Stadium. 20 minute walk from the train station - over the bridge to the left as you exit and head past The Vue - or jump on the Park & Ride at the adjacent bus station.
  2. The free entry for Season Ticket holders was offered to all 4 host Clubs.
  3. Any player being paid less than circa £80 per week is likely to be under the level of the NMW, particularly during the weeks where away travel is involved. The NMW requirement cannot be averaged across the season. Clearly this requirement makes things tougher for the likes of Elgin and Cove in particular.
  4. 100% Of the choice currently available to you, I’d be amazed if he wasn’t.
  5. Very short sadly. 2 appearances - came on as second half sub in first game after joining on loan and got injured in the last minute of the first half the following week having started. Utd very kindly cancelled the loan deal and he returned to Tannadice for rehab. Highly regarded but clearly we didn’t have time to judge him fairly .
  6. Better wait for a couple of games before changing then!
  7. This 100% - and this is the case irrespective of what Waddell may say or think. Of the 20 current SPFL1 & 2 Clubs not one was in favour of introducing Colts Teams to SPFL2 and only one showed an interest in further discussions re the introduction of SPFL3. That one Club may have changed its opinion since the meeting was held. That said another one may have replaced them!
  8. If it’s an accumulation of bookings, pretty sure the suspension kicks in 14 days after the trigger point.
  9. It’s 2 different powers, isn’t it - SPFL decision being appealed through SFA Judicial Panel?
  10. SPFL decision not SFA - edited, apologies - original decision made by SPFL, appeal via SFA Judicial Panel. Referee submits teamlines to SFA who are responsible for registrations. In turn the SFA would have informed the SPFL of the ineligible player.
  11. @Forthbank_News Update on @Stirling_Albion Danny Jardine: conscious and communicating but on his way to hospital as a precaution. Thanks to the @ClydeFC Doctor and the First Aiders for their prompt and efficient attention. Further update later this evening.
  12. As previously stated McCart & Mulholland are not members of the CWG. The CWG is the appropriate Forum to discuss the Colts proposal. In no way shape or form does that mean the membership is supportive of it, A personal view? Colts Teams will never start life within the SPFL structure.
  13. A lovely, unassuming, modest man. Home and away, I’d look him out for a blether pre-match. His warmth of personality and his passion for Berwick Rangers shone brighter than any floodlight. He’s left a gap at Shielfield that will never filled and tomorrow will undoubtedly be a sombre occasion, up until kick off when hopefully both teams will do him proud. Thoughts with his family.
  14. Brummo

    Pretty sure you're referring to Robert Clubb.

    He's alive and well and still actively supporting Stirling Albion.

    Posts under the name chuckitphilliben on the Stirling Albion Fans Forum, Rave On! but not sure if he's a P&B member. 

    1. Brummo


      Pretty sure it was Richard but the surname is pretty unusual so may be related.

      I remembered  Albion were challenging during that season but looking back, I see it was Alloa got promoted as runners-up.

      Mr Clubb must have been a more zealous fan back in the day because he publicised the fact he supported Albion on his room door, whereas my support for the Mo. was a more private matter.

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