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  1. Just strolled past McDiarmid there. Boyd on the pitch side doing circles on his mobile while Callum outside talking to a driver of a black Range Rover. Hopefully see some news later
  2. I agree too. We should have started with Muller at the back. With our problem of not scoring enough goals at home. not having Rooney out on the right was a disadvantage for us.
  3. No complaints, they should their class in the end. Loved the occasion, well done to all Saintees for staying till after the final whistle. holy moly, we missed Spoony!
  4. Noticed online sales are now closed. Sold out? Or was it only open for so long? on a side note, the Finnish lad, is he now training with us?
  5. Booth and Craig must be sure starters. Wise old veterans will be needed in this situation
  6. I notice Kennedy is not involved with Aberdeen today. Would it work him coming back to us? I haven’t heard anything, just wondered what folk think
  7. Yeah hopefully the club will milk this opportunity with scarfs, programmes etc and a decent ppv link online. Imagine the demand from Turkey. As a guide… Galatasaray have around the same Twitter followers as Rangers and PSG
  8. 1. Rangers (by Feb sadly) 2. Celtic (just) 3. Aberdeen 4. Hibs 5. St Johnstone (if no exodus) 6. St Mirren 7. Hearts 8. Dundee United (if keep keeper) 9. Motherwell 10. Ross County 11. Dundee 12. Livingston (unless Martindale is removed early doors) a lot of ifs and buts I know…. Blush…
  9. Home top is the better choice for me. Any chance of a 3rd strip? Or it that wishful thinking. I heard a rumour 3 strips are required in Europe but most likely nonsense
  10. On the season renewal applications it said the 1st European home game is included. Club may regret that now…
  11. Great work out for the squad today. However I have a horrible feeling we are going to struggle to get goals again this season. Guess the transfer window is still young… Did anyone film the Rooney cheer with the trophies towards the east stand?
  12. Seeing Melamed linked with Hibs according to Twitter. Apparently rejected a return to Isreal football.
  13. With today’s news hopefully Saints will be applying for 4K going forward to avoid all this drama again. Hopefully the club will announce so
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