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  1. New keeper is out of contract end of next season. Could be a long term thing if it works out
  2. Last year the kits were on sale 12/7 and deliveries began 27/7. I personally think the time scales will likely be similar this year. Hopefully we will get a peak at them by end of next week
  3. That’s Callum Hendry with a cheerio message on Twitter there.
  4. Aw jeez, my hopes are all up for Hendry now… Guess being told your the main striker is a decent positive for him
  5. I agree, none of our top lads I don’t feel will stay. It’s a huge rebuild ahead and it’s going to be expensive. Hopefully the frights of this season mean the Browns will spend more than they ever have before. I’m already nervous about next season, we can’t rely on a team like Dundee losing most weeks next term
  6. I’d play the second string, keep some legs fresh Mahon, Sang, Gilmour, Bair and MacPherson all hopefully getting 90 mins to showcase themselves. Cifti for the hope he actually gets a goal Craig for just sentimental joy Will Hector-Ingram be unveiled at last???
  7. Just strolled past McDiarmid there. Boyd on the pitch side doing circles on his mobile while Callum outside talking to a driver of a black Range Rover. Hopefully see some news later
  8. I agree too. We should have started with Muller at the back. With our problem of not scoring enough goals at home. not having Rooney out on the right was a disadvantage for us.
  9. No complaints, they should their class in the end. Loved the occasion, well done to all Saintees for staying till after the final whistle. holy moly, we missed Spoony!
  10. Noticed online sales are now closed. Sold out? Or was it only open for so long? on a side note, the Finnish lad, is he now training with us?
  11. Booth and Craig must be sure starters. Wise old veterans will be needed in this situation
  12. I notice Kennedy is not involved with Aberdeen today. Would it work him coming back to us? I haven’t heard anything, just wondered what folk think
  13. Yeah hopefully the club will milk this opportunity with scarfs, programmes etc and a decent ppv link online. Imagine the demand from Turkey. As a guide… Galatasaray have around the same Twitter followers as Rangers and PSG
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