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  1. The usual Courier staff on twitter said more info will be released after full time. I saw Davidson shaking his head talking to Kennedy before ko, I’m expecting crap news
  2. May due to sign contract extension as per courier
  3. Yeah I resigned to losing Guy some time ago. He will likely get plenty of strong offers from down south and that was likely his game plan. I just thank him for coming here in a pandemic by himself. To miss so many games and to be benched so often and yet he has stuck at it like a good pro. I’ll enjoy watching him for the remainder of the season.
  4. I have a feeling Davidson will set Saints up just like the semi. Conway will defo play for the set pieces, Craig in for Davidson. Booth/Tanser a tricky choice. I reckon Booth has done enough to get the nod. Spoony will start regardless even if there is a slight risk he won’t make the full 90. Melamed will be benched. Only used if chasing the game. id love it to be set up just as it was on Saturday but Davidson likes to be cautious in big games. I see this been no different.
  5. This was a short sketch this but was very well done indeed, it caught me completely off guard and is emotional. Enjoy!
  6. Anyone know if we have a chance of trialing some fans in attendance for the County game?
  7. Rangers will probably play in away kit. They won’t mind showcasing it to punt a few more in the shops
  8. Sadly I don’t we aren’t ready for this sort of test at Ibrox. Another reason the Aberdeen 8 situation was infuriating, it would have been a good game to assess where we are. Saying that, I’m confident our defence will be a good test for the Rangers attack. Our midfield and attack is too early to tell. I predict a loss, 2-0
  9. I see our one time target Hemmings has left Dundee. I wonder who has tapped him up...
  10. Tommy spent a whole year trying to get the average age of the squad down. Davidson about to reverse it all with his first (non loan) 2 signings. The mind boggles... id play Kane over Maclean... has his faults yes but brings way more energy and threat. Watching what I did of Maclean last season you can tell he has lost his agility and another yard of pace
  11. Right... it’s gone on too long... My ocd is getting to me, I have to say it! When will the ‘t’ from our name be screwed back up onto the main stand again? It’s been months! If someone knows who is responsible for such maintenance please give them a nudge/slap Thank you
  12. I don’t like it, looks like it’s been designed under the same mould as Dundee United. Fingers crossed they do a lot better on the away jersey
  13. Sat friendly with St Mirren cancelled as expected
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