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  1. I thought the guy in the club shop noticing an XL top at the front of the rack was a tense moment. Just showed how far the club had sunk at that point.

    From a club PR point of view, not as bad as it could have been but as a supporter,  I was getting increasingly annoyed at how how easily the sh1tfest Levein created was airbrushed as "that's football" and failed to highlight the real anger from the stands.

    Still cringe at MacPhee with his suit and tie and stats to hand to hype up his record.

    Did laugh at him being driven over the bridge in his suit and tie like a convicted drink driver and then rallying the team about "the f*cking war".



  2. 5 hours ago, Green Day said:

    The BBC are being totally impartial with their guests ahead of the Edinburgh derby.

    Craig levein, Craig Thomson, Shelley Kerr, Alan Preston, Derek Ferguson so far.

    Every one of them ex hearts or a hearts fan.

    I imagine that tomorrow will be stacked with Celtic fans pre match too.


    I used to work with Craig Thomson's twin brother, a Paisley lad who had a ST at St Mirren but aye, he's a Hearts fan.

    Guess Willie Collum is a staunch Hearts man as well now....


  3. 38 minutes ago, weirdcal said:

    To be fair he was outstanding, just not dive saving or being any use whatsoever.
    Hearts have had some decent keepers and some absolute howlers and I think he was the worst I am aware of and I include my favourite idiot kurskis in that list - his heads gone red card against us, taking place right in front of the away section being a particular highlight of his time at hearts

    Kurskis was bad but Pereira easily the worst I have seen at Hearts. Was like a hologram playing in goal.

    Reminded me of that guy you played with at 5s, who was a good outfield player but hated playing in goals and would let one in, so he could be back playing outfield 

  4. 11 hours ago, Loonytoons said:

    Is your argument a purely financial based issue then?  If so, it's strange that Hearts are stating that it's all about an unfair advantage to Hibs in the fairly distant  upcoming Scottish Cup tie.

    Furlough or not, there are so may more teams than just Hearts that have been impacted by this decision.  Take the blinkers off please..

    No, my point was Darryl Broadfoot trying to deflect an argument framing it as all about Hearts,when Hearts were impacted in a unique way.

    Obviously other teams were impacted but I'm not convinced there was any risk of letting Hearts continue training.

    Agree on this having little impact on the Semi Final but then you have to agree on same basis, that letting Hearts continue training but other Championship teams not start, had little advantage to Hearts, given the season start was so far away.

    I'm not that bothered by this decision,  just think it was unnecessary.

  5. 1 minute ago, mozam76 said:

    This. He's been asked at least once before . Injuries allied to a "young, naive" squad were the excuses given. Nothing to do with tactics and or shambolic recruitment.

    Injuries were a factor in the dip of form, that is undeniable (losing both your centre halves, best midfielder and best attacker) but not to the extent of how bad it got. Ultimately his recruitment, tactics and coaching were sh1te and he was right to be punted. Albeit, should have been after the cup final.

  6. 1 hour ago, craigkillie said:

    The actual statement didn't mention Hearts at all. The guidance notes provided to give additional information to journalists noted that Hearts had been asked to pause their training - this was because they were the only lower league side that had already started training, compared to several others who were planning to start training this week but hadn't done so yet. If, say, Dundee had also been training then the guidance notes would also have mentioned them.

    True that this was in the guidance notes but I didn't see it mentioned that it was purely just for journalists.

    Point is ,hearts were specifically impacted,  so bit bizarre the all about Hearts angle.

    I still don't see the risk of letting Hearts carry on training and avoiding this farce. If there is a good argument for it then all I'm all ears.

  7. 2 hours ago, Tannadeechee said:

    English used the same line a week or two ago as well, after spending  the previous minutes of the show going on about Hearts. He really doesn't do irony does he?

    The JRG statement only mentioned one male club by name. A little bit rich of Broadfoot to go down the all about Hearts route to denigrate the argument when a statement, I assume he helped craft, specifically singled out Hearts.

    Personally, I'm not foaming at the mouth on the decision, just don't understand why they couldn't have let Hearts carry on training and avoid more tedious arguments.

  8. The spin from Broadfoot was admirable defending the JRG.

    A lot of crap though as the simple solution would be to just have suspended training for all league clubs who hadn't yet started training, and not impacting anyone who had taken staff off furlough.

    Quite why Hearts training at a national sports complex is a major risk to the game is beyond me.

    For those saying Hearts have no need to train this far in advance of the season,  surely that means there is little advantage over the other Championship teams if they just carried on training?

    From a Hearts point of view,  the SC semi is a red herring, it's so far away that suspending training now has little impact on that.

    Levein's point on Naismith was weak as well, especially given how often he was injured under his training.


  9. 22 hours ago, Golden Gordon said:

    Yes, but Hearts' were provided with three opportunities to come up with a proposal for reconstruction that was agreeable to the other clubs and which could have avoided the current circumstances.  They failed to canvass enough support for each of these proposals and are now seeking compensation from the clubs they were unable to convince.  It's a very high stakes gamble, which as you rightly point out, could have no advantage for Hearts 

    Forgot to reply to this yesterday but yeah, none of the Hearts or Rangers proposals garnered much support, but as I say, clubs and the SPFL must have known a no to reconstruction meant legal action  which is why I was surprised at the lack of proactive moves by the SPFL at the start and why Dundee United voted against, as that would have ruled out any moves to null and void.

    Albeit, don't think that will happen and at best Hearts will get some additional compensation.

  10. 2 hours ago, kingjoey said:

    It was really nice of Hearts today to advise their previous manager that, the day after the announcement of their new manager, he is being replaced. What a quality club.

    The rumours are that he advised Budge he was taking another job (Schalke according to the 'ITK' on Kickback) and so Budge moved for Neilson at that stage.

    It did seem strange the announcement regarding Stendel only came today.

    What is also strange, is us not taking at least a month to get a replacement in.

  11. 1 hour ago, Green Day said:

    Oh aye, 51% when Anderson and FoH £10m million donation is taken into account.


    p.s. I know exactly what I am talking about - it is that Hearts would be several million pounds in the red every year without the begging bowl.

    So you can hardly criticise Dundee Utd for spending to get out of the seasides..............mind you, thats exactly what you will be doing next year.

    Yeah, Hearts spend all the money and then go "Baws, how is this going to be funded?" and get on the blower to James and FOH begging for more money.

    Think you have a scoop there.



  12. 1 hour ago, Golden Gordon said:

    It pains me to to disagree with someone whose avatar is Bob Mortimer, as it feels as if I am disagreeing with Bob himself.  I agree that taking a moral high ground doesn't safeguard people's jobs, but neither does requesting £8 million compensation from the other SPFL sides.   If Hearts are awarded £8 million compensation, this would have a financial impact on the other SPFL clubs who are required to pay it, possibly leading to job losses at other clubs.  It is a lose-lose situation either way, if jobs are lost at Hearts or any other club, regardless of team allegiance.    

    It will, which is why I think the £8m figure is brinkmanship, as I can't believe that will be the award, if compensation is agreed but the threat of it may get something substantial.

    Hearts are being demoted to a league with less games than the Premiership and all the sympathy from other chairman isn't going to make up that financial shortfall.

    The best way to avoid any legal action was reconstruction as it was always coming otherwise. 

    It was an imperfect solution to avoid this mess, well unless the Hearts and Partick case is kicked out immediately.

  13. 1 hour ago, GAD said:

    Exactly, Hearts are taking this action because it's the only way to placate their simpleton fans. That's why they are desperately trying to get an out of court settlement, no doubt for an "undisclosed" amount that the fans can pretend is £8m and has brought the SPFL to its knees.

    You're kidding yourself if you think other fans wouldn't have clamoured for this in the same situation.

  14. 3 hours ago, Golden Gordon said:

    To be fair, I think there are a few points where Richard Gordon manages to cut through the crap & highlights that Hearts & Thistle no longer, allegedly, hold the moral high ground through acting in self interest through legal action.  Also points out the financial impact that any compensation would have on the SPFL clubs, if this was awarded.  However, Neil McCan's assertion that none of this would have happened if the other clubs had just allowed the 14-10-10-10 reconstruction is just mind-blowing.  It's like the same argument that was made about the Hibs fans' actions  provoking Rangers*' fans to invade the pitch at the 2016 Scottish Cup Final. 


    A moral high ground doesn't safeguard people's jobs or placate a support. The majority of the Hearts support wanted the club to fight any demotion without a challenge, so as a soon to be fans owned club, Budge was always going to take legal action once reconstruction inevitably failed.

    Seems to be an undercurrent on this board whereby Hearts taking this action is only happening because it's Hearts.

    If the league had been called with Celtic or Rangers 4 points behind the other (OK that would never have happened) or the season declared null and void and Dundee United not promoted,  those clubs would be taking legal action as well.

    The SPFL were fully aware legal action was likely following the original vote and both they and Hearts have been preparing for this for weeks.



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