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  1. Cheers, I'll try to check it out ASAP
  2. Cheers I'm on that historical kit site but theyre not always accurate and mostly only does home kits, if anyone has any photos on messageboards or anything it would be appreciated
  3. Cheers I've got them both but trying to get the GK for that one
  4. Cheers I've got them already they're just not saved on the screen, I'm mostly lookin for the lower division stuff Cheers
  5. Hi All, I'm looking for some assistance, I've been extremely bored recently and decided to re-create the Scottish League from 86-87 on Pro Evo for the PS4,I've managed to get a lot of pictures of the premier league kits for the teams but struggling for the home away and Goalkeeper kits of some of division 1 & 2, can anyone help with some squad photos etc? The kits below are the ones I've got so far plus some other Premier League clubs so I'm looking for more of the 1st and 2nd Division. If anyones interested i'll post the completed ones if I can get them Thanks in advance Colin
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