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  1. You would think St Mirren fans would be more sympathetic to our case considering reconstruction saved them before.
  2. I think you should read the posts correctly instead of letting hatred mist your view.
  3. No offence but I don’t mind engaging with johnny and the others but you’ve got the intelligence of Gary O’Connor so I’m not going to respond anymore.
  4. You seem a bit bitter johnny. It was a horrible day but an incredible season. I suppose if I was a dundee fan I’d have to look at other clubs misfortune to get any enjoyment at all. Bloody hell I didn’t realise hibs had won the Scottish cup more than you. Wow.
  5. The best atmospheric stadium in Scotland. A proper ground haha. The socialist in you comes to the fore. The professional kink in the main stand is humorous.
  6. What’s the story with bungs and your stadium? I’ll agree that Dundee’s stadium is finished.
  7. You comfortable wearing another Scottish teams strip? Each to their own I suppose.
  8. What are you talking about? Are you trying to compare your fictional stadium with real ones?
  9. I genuinely hope it does get built as Scottish football needs better facilities for fans. I’m not so sure Tim and co will fund it now but we’ll see. Why you don’t build a stadium with United I’ll never understand. Our main stand is all but finished except corporate stuff. It’s over budget but within the margins of error that are acceptable on building projects.
  10. Has yours started? The Americans still building one? State of the art?
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