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  1. Fella at my work says that the club never gave the old management team what they were after in terms of a budget and that is why they walked Big concernis players leaving as a lot seemed loyal to Greerson and teams will not be long in snapping them up especially if out of contract this summer. Would take a good few at Maybole but teams higher up will come in to pope on paper looks ok but same buddy tells me that a lot of players are away to other teams or they are talking to other teams already
  2. I am hearing Steve Wilson ex winton is in for the job?? from what has been said whittlets will do well to hang on to the players they have just now rebuild job for new manager
  3. Grierson has left the club I see. any one know who the favourites are??
  4. If you are speaking about Muirkirk they were beaten 5 2 by Irvine vics. I think their manager is out of his depth. Big Nade and co can’t be happy playing with some of the players that are there. No hard feelings but their back line is terrible from games I have watched this year. The centre backs especially the boy Peck should be playing low level amateurs. time to re group for those boys and get a fresh clear out for next season
  5. I heard that Whitletts had a few players missing today. was there a falling out with Grierson??
  6. I hope the bosses at the wosfl see a lot of the comments on this and realise that they will be responsible for deaths if they decide to continue the season right now
  7. That is not a real suggestion. the two you have mentioned have no achieved anything at this level. Spank did do well with Craigmark and they were promoted so maybe a bit harsh but let’s be realistic plenty of other good managers who would be in line first
  8. Yes agreed. Older committee members who want out of the house will go and watch of course. I witnessed from a few live streams that some of the teams are managing to get Tom, Dick and Harry through as committee members where it now looks like some teams have a support at games. When I watched Darvel a few weeks ago they had a stand filled at cumnock. when will the WOSFL stand up and take action. They are putting lives at risk and I would be angry if I was a family member. This should be taken further as the protocols in place are non existent
  9. Irresponsible for the league to continue with no testing and players travelling from all over
  10. With the new announcement football at this level is surely finished now
  11. Tuned into the Darvel game today. Looking at the stream I cant believe the game went ahead, from what I hear to the park was an accident waiting to happen goes to show how irresponsible these refs are at this level and the standard of refereeing is also terrible. he is very lucky no one was seriously hurt. Both teams should have been sent home and serious questions asked of referee
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