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  1. I hope the bosses at the wosfl see a lot of the comments on this and realise that they will be responsible for deaths if they decide to continue the season right now
  2. That is not a real suggestion. the two you have mentioned have no achieved anything at this level. Spank did do well with Craigmark and they were promoted so maybe a bit harsh but let’s be realistic plenty of other good managers who would be in line first
  3. Yes agreed. Older committee members who want out of the house will go and watch of course. I witnessed from a few live streams that some of the teams are managing to get Tom, Dick and Harry through as committee members where it now looks like some teams have a support at games. When I watched Darvel a few weeks ago they had a stand filled at cumnock. when will the WOSFL stand up and take action. They are putting lives at risk and I would be angry if I was a family member. This should be taken further as the protocols in place are non existent
  4. Irresponsible for the league to continue with no testing and players travelling from all over
  5. With the new announcement football at this level is surely finished now
  6. Tuned into the Darvel game today. Looking at the stream I cant believe the game went ahead, from what I hear to the park was an accident waiting to happen goes to show how irresponsible these refs are at this level and the standard of refereeing is also terrible. he is very lucky no one was seriously hurt. Both teams should have been sent home and serious questions asked of referee
  7. Will the other games make it? Snowing in Cumnock I hear. Medda pitch ok??
  8. I am glad to hear about peacock as assistant. Baillie as a coach not so good. He has no loyalty and has not been successful at any team at this level. Amateur coach at best
  9. Well done to the boys today and a clean sheet. hopefully kick on now and get more points on the board
  10. Quite sad they are where they are now. Fair play to the boys for continuing to play and get out of the house a good friend of mine is a follower of ardeer and mentioned that it is a group of pals playing together mostly from Ayr with quite a young coach I think. Sadly some of these boys would struggle at pub level on a Sunday not even good enough for mid level amateurs
  11. Why don’t you have anything positive to say..
  12. And I have clearly managed to do this to you. Thank you for taking the bait it was very easy can anyone who does not have an anger problem please answer my question
  13. Why are you so angry about this? it was a question not a go I am allowed to ask maybe you should get help for your anger
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