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  1. Who did darvel play and what was the score? Should have advertised it and charged a couple of quid at the door would have been some crowd 😂
  2. Fingers crossed. 17 signed good mix of youth and experience. Looking forward to the season starting.
  3. And ruaridh mcintyre from Partick thistle.
  4. Can't be anyone from Auchinleck as you don't get bmws on benefits.
  5. 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 Someone spending more money and trying to sign one of your better players is considered cheating if that's the case talbot have done it for years. Tapping up teams players then signing them on as amateurs to beat a development fee. The talbot fans appear to be rattled
  6. 😂 😂 Your deluded if you don't think it's mutual. If that's the case then why hasn't he signed on and don't give it the work commitments rubbish. He is definitely stringing someone along.
  7. Do we know why? Is he the only one not signed up? Because he is flirting with darvel
  8. Why would it be a wind up. This is his second spell at troon.
  9. Eh It was in the transfer thread about 2 weeks ago along with your frye news.
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