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  1. Yes, I remember Ferguson being played further forward against Burnley in particular & thought he was very promising further up the park. Admittedly we had Shinnie as an option, alongside Hoban/Ball I think, in those deeper midfield roles. We are currently missing a Shinnie/Flood type, who can run & harry all day. My fear is that McInnes will attempt to use Feguson in this role, instead of further forward & his attacking attributes will be under-used.
  2. Dublin Irish United, Belfast Celtic??, The Wednesday, the Harlem Globetrotters? What even is that?
  3. I stopped reading after the guy said he was an Aberdeen & Inverness fan.
  4. Can't imagine anyone connected with Rangers* would have a love of arcane ritual, needless ceremony & false hierarchy. Oh, wait...
  5. I agree with you Bob, if McInnes is going to play his usual 4-2-3-1, then the competition for the holding two should be between Ojo/Bryson/Campbell/McGeough. I take your point @Dons_1988 that Ferguson might not have the creativity to play as a 10, but if he were to play a disruptive role further up the pitch, in the same way that May was used, then he might be able to create more chances via pressing, driving runs & second balls from speculative shots. Unless McInnes begins to put more emphasis on movement, I worry that we will be overrun by the better teams & fail to create against those who sit back & defend.
  6. A British league would significantly disadvantage Scottish teams. Scottish clubs' main source of income is gate receipts, whereas English clubs benefit from greater TV income.
  7. I got a nice Tommy Hilfinger jacket from that same market stall.
  8. That's being a tad unfair on the Idiot Community, it never hindered Frank McAvennie.
  9. Poor judgement shown here. They should have held on to this in case they lost their opening fixtures.
  10. Two versions of this. Daily Record names Kennedy, club site does not.
  11. Cheers Bolognese, think I was lured into high expectations of him as a result of Sportscene clips. So we've bought the professional equivalent of the kid who can dribble, but is also ball greedy, so will often be found trapped in the corner of the playground, still in possession of the ball, but surrounded by a groups kids kicking lumps from his shins?
  12. I thought we might have a better chance of a result if we used our new genetic mutation division to fuse some of our players together, to create a new breed of super-player. Also means we would save on wages, bonuses etc.
  13. There was a soldier called Teruo Nakamura who held out til 1974 hidden on Morotai Island in Indonesia. Two other similar cases earlier that decade in Guam & The Philipines as well. I had no idea anyone held out until that point! Without wishing to make light of a terrible situation, I'd imagine that Hiroshima & Nagasaki would be equivalent to the league being curtailed & if the Japanese had only been able to fight on, they surely would have been victorious.
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