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  1. Just a wee bit unlucky that his time at Hibs was a few years after Glass left.
  2. Trolling yourselves? This thread has certainly taken a postmodern turn...
  3. True. Think I'm just a bit overexcited by the fact that we scored a goal from open play.
  4. Yep, shame he was Preston North-Ended. I was really excited when he signed for us.
  5. Does Kennedy think he's playing world-cuppie? He needs to release other players!
  6. Yep, we're definitely giving off a newly born giraffe vibe, that's having great difficulty standing up.
  7. Almost nostalgic for the passing between the back four and the aimless punt...
  8. I fear for your record collection if you can't tell the difference between Billy Bragg & Lou Reed.
  9. I usually wait to see how we're doing by half time until I get the glue out, but each to their own.
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