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  1. Stevie May back on loan IMO. We do need someone to fill in for Kennedy on the defensive duties.
  2. Hope this international striker turns up soon, I need some good news.
  3. Cheers Craig, was unsure if the suspension mentioned for the maximum penalty was indefinite or not. It might be possible that the penalties for both rule breaches run concurrently, as in criminal disposals, but have no evidence to back that up with, just a guess.
  4. @coprolite has suggested that the club has agreed with the SFA not to contest the sanctions on the COVID-19 thread...
  5. For the players, on both counts ,it could be a two, four, or eight match suspension, rising to a maximum of suspension and/or expulsion from participating in the game. I'm unsure if 'suspension' outlined in the maximum penalty could be an arbitrary amount greater than eight. No idea about the penalties against the club for the breaches of the SPFL’s COVID-19 – Requirements and Testing Regulation. https://www.scottishfa.co.uk/media/6898/scottish-fa-jpp-2020-21.pdf - Pages 60 & 82.
  6. Have you a link, BBC seems to suggest that any action will be taken against the clubs?
  7. If Hearts were informed that they could begin training on 3rd August by the SG, then I have no issue with that. Although part of me is quite taken by the handicap system you suggest!
  8. I think The Fratellis are a pop beat combo who have featured in the Hit Parade.
  9. Can't really speak for arabdelic, but it certainly could be argued that Hearts have a structural & financial advantage over their competitors in the Championship. They have training facilities which would provide the infrastructure for a safe testing regime & the financial means to afford testing through benefactors, FoH & the Premiership parachute payment.
  10. To be fair, I wouldn't imagine that would be a claim that anyone would make ever, as they are a terrible band. Interested in why you hate the Fratellis so much, did someone take a Chelsea Dagger to you?
  11. Possibly have players still on the furlough scheme & a return to training may invalidate this? Just a guess, not a certainty.
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