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  1. Probably not a country you’d want to follow in the footsteps of in that case.
  2. May well have scraped through by the sounds of it.
  3. Honestly the most I’ve ever laughed at a post on the forum. So fucking funny.
  4. Also find it interesting that posters who claim to have me on ignore @Shadwell Dog continue to react to my posts.
  5. Interesting that people are willing to cosy up to known racist @Dawson Park Boy just because he said a few mean words about myself. As if by magic proving my point that our fans will jump into bed with literally anyone who says a few words they agree with.
  6. No. My father and uncle are though and I believe they are both voting against.
  7. Eh really? The above post currently has 9 positive reactions. Plenty of our fans obviously believe it’s no strings attached.
  8. I honestly think we as a fan base are happy to flash our knickers and anyone who pays us a tiny bit of attention. Voting for something that you have absolutely no real details about is moronic. That literally isn’t up for debate. You wouldn’t vote in the GE without reading a manifesto ffs.
  9. No strings attached ffs. It’s fucking Mark Campbell all over again. Jump into bed at the first sign of interest regardless of the actual meat on the bones. It would be hilarious if it wasn’t so tragic.
  10. School kids would be smart enough not to be so fucking thick as to vote for something they have no knowledge of. It’s stupidity on a frightening scale. No wonder we have a Tory government.
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