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  1. Samples from the new Quo album, In Search Of The Fourth Chord. They were added to the official site today. http://www.statusquo.co.uk
  2. Confessions Of A Holiday Camp Owner 5/10
  3. Confessions Of A Driving Instructor. 7/10 A good laugh.
  4. Fear, starring Mark Wahlberg and Reese Witherspoon. 6/10
  5. Christine 9/10 As I said, a vastly under-rated film. When I ask anybody if they've heard of it, they say they haven't. Friday the 13th's about to come on.
  6. Will be watching Christine on channel 5 in a few minutes. Under-rated film I feel.
  7. It was quite funny in parts. And Meg Ryan was in it.
  8. You won't want to watch Speed 2 then - it's terrible. Speed 3 from Father Ted is cracking however! B)
  9. Watched a Michael Jordan biopic this morning on Channel 5. Could have been a great movie, but wasn't. 5/10.
  10. Watched this thing call Dream House on BBC1 last night. Load of pish! 2/10
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