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  1. Yet you'll still be happy to take the blue pound with the pollok treasurer rubbing his hands when no rangers game on a saturday pollok are at home. My brother in law constantly refers that you even have numerous comments on follow follow on a match day of people heading over to Iok games when rangers aren't playing you may be on a high horse but the reality is different.
  2. Credit to BBC Alba they put together great packages of footage. Keep them coming i say!
  3. Delighted for supporters and Iargs committee men that came to the right decision in keeping junior membership. Only right that its kept and junior football will remain being played. Heres to many many more added to the list.
  4. Clubs keeping junior memberships to add to the east and north clubs . Beith juniors Troon juniors Congratulations to both clubs in the decision proper football clubs with a backbone and value what and who they are. Looking forward to seeing many more added to the numbers in future weeks.
  5. Was told the same thing and rightly so scandalous behaviour
  6. By the time he's finished one of his long winded posts he probably will be he's been at every other club in the region trying to do something of note and failed. His reputation is laughable currently at Rossvale 19s /20s maybe st cadocs very soon if he can get a contact name and number. Beware.
  7. Mr Chisholm excellent reputation and work and his own club through many years will be fine through this pathetic non story.
  8. Because it's ultimately run by clueless individuals who have no real feeling for scottish non league football. Anything goes.
  9. Spot on. Let's face it they are an abomination of a adult men's football club. A club born out of some money from Mr Moyes and the boys club structure who produce pitiful banners with phrases like 'history is overrated '. A club who 'fans' and committee all supported other full time clubs who felt like something different and jumped on a bangwagon. A chairman who nobody really knows and his stooge media championship manager nerd who seem to be the spokesmen for this lowland league and this new shambolic west of scotland league , really is that what non league football in this country has come to! An utter farce where we should have historic clubs with experienced proper officials who know the non league scene and it's history we are stuck with the bsc crew who have railroaded themselves into a position where they can feel important and relevant when that's the last thing they are.
  10. Delighted for beith juniors the club supporters and players at this decision. Proper football club who are not run by clueless newbies or one man brainwashing a clueless committee. Here's to many more announcing continual membership.
  11. Mate he's best ignored blabs on and on about this and that floating about youth club to youth club never lasting long anywhere. He bases everything on youth football something the vast majority of junior football fans don'thave any interest in, in the real world. His reputation is well not the best to put it nicely!
  12. It's a laughing stock no doubt about it just like the rest of senior scottish football. Criminal how the junior grade have been railroaded into this sham and being 'lead' to begin with by a chairman of a boys club is beyond a joke.
  13. Look the vast majority could see they were going down that's obvious to anyone with half a brain. Now next season in this terrible new set up is a total right off as it won't get started till january at the earliest and once january comes its not even worth bothering . Even with no cups and by some miracle we start to play in october all teams will never in a million years play 38 league games. Two seasons wasted.
  14. Spot on mate you've summed up this whole witch hunt shambles. Chief culprits on here who have no idea how things actually work . A beith supporter whos own club have lost a whole team and should be more worried about that, a glencairn super fan / wos fanboy who's team were only kept up through the change, a clydebank fan who wants to boycott everything and everyone and get everything for free, and the least said about the abomination that kilwinning have become the better.
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