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  1. The only person to mention it in the last couple of days is you today...
  2. Catriona Shearer, the lady doth protest too much, methinks. Anti-Catholicism is the very essence of the 'club' she supports. A club, whether Oldco or the phoenix club that is built on the foundations of intolerance and hatred. The people who follow follow them sign up for this when they give this 'despicable' institution their support. Shearer is no different.
  3. I haven't read much from this thread but Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum want their 'B' teams as high as one league below their senior teams. It's a disgrace that the majority of the teams in the Lowland League are facilitating this. I suppose the end game is that they will still have a foothold within the Scottish League if or when the Gruesome Twosome's senior teams leave the Scottish game. If one of the B teams win the Lowland League, would that mean that no club from the Lowland would proceed to the play-offs and it would straight shoot-off between the Highland League winners and Club 42?
  4. Forced to watch the Seville penalty shootout for 24 hours without pause watching clips of Aberdeen fans celebrating during our history as Ramsey misses and Frankfurt score the winning pen.
  5. You fancied the the likes of Arfield, Jack, Wright and all their jobber pals beating Liverpool or Real Madrid?
  6. Graced by two spectacular goals from Stuart Beedie and Ian Angus in the deciding match.
  7. I've got one thing to say to @RandomGuy. and his ilk... Lady Diana WInston Churchill Bomber Brown @bennett Rev Ian Paisley Kenny McIntyre Jonny Adair Richard Gough @G51 Queen Elizabeth II Andy Cameron @Forever_blueco Saint Phnx Nigel Farage 'Wee' Durranty Chick Young That old Queen('s Counsel) Donald Findlay Mark f*cking Hateley That sov wearing mink that won the lottery ...your boys took one hell of a beating!!!
  8. I did enjoy their tears in the end (although it was a stressful evening in truth), but I don't want anyone to forget that they escaped financial recompense by dying. Then they have the brass neck to reappear as a different entity, demand they get their league place back and bully the media or employ their 'agents' into making sure that they also play along with the myth that they're the same entity as the one that died. If I sound bitter then that's because I am. Many an enjoyable night and season was spoiled because they were playing a team and building a squad they couldn't afford by tax avoidance schemes. A double whammy! I hope their little brothers give them more to cry about on Saturday. F*ck Sevco and all who sail in her.
  9. You don't care about Oldco cheating like f*ck financially for 20+ years and robbing The Dons of a considerable amount of silverware (given the amount of times we finished second) especially during the 1990s? You don't care about our club eventually sliding into mountainous debt that affected performance on the park and could, perhaps should, have cost us our Premier League status trying to compete with these cheats? You don't care that we haven't won the Scottish Cup since 1990 which is largely due to all the financial doping that took place in Scottish football during the 1990s and 2000s? If the old Glasgow Rangers hadn't died and written off their debts then there is not a hope in hell they would've made the 2022 Europa League Final because they wouldn't have been able to afford that level of player in such short a time since administration. The old club cheated its way to silverware and success and the new club are following suite, they may both played/play at the same stadium and have/had the same support but don't let that fool you into thinking that people who insist on drawing distinction between these two separate entities are being pernickety or tiresome.
  10. No surprise there then, and a complete distortion of the truth. This new phoenix club managed to cheat the pyrimad and return at the 4th tier with the help of our ex-chairman and others. It's our duty as Aberdeen fans never to forget this
  11. Even if Sevco had won their first European trophy last night we would still have been Scotland's most successful club in Europe. It's a shame that people (especially Aberdeen supporters) fail to understand this but the old Glasgow Rangers, winners of the 1972 ECWC, died in 2012 along with all their debt that they had accrued. If you continue to talk as if this version is a continuation and not a tribute act then you're as brainwashed as that line their gullible muppet followers are being fed about '55' and all that guff.
  12. I feel like I've finally purged the heartbreak of the 1987 Skol Cup Final and the penalty miss from that Welsh git Peter Nicholas. Hopefully the first part of two episode trauma for Ramsey this summer with Scotland completing his nightmare next month...
  13. Who is it and which one of them is it? I'm assuming it's the guy with the blue shirt as the other two look like characters from Rab C. Nesbett
  14. Hmmm, I'm not sure if he's going over to watch his brother sit on the bench as third choice keeper...
  15. Hopefully, Polvara and Besuijen will really step up with a few months settling in period behind them. We forget as fans that these guys need to get accustomed to their surroundings and that could also affect performance on the pitch. Polvara sounds like he isn't just here for a year out and little taste of life outside of America unlike a certain striker.
  16. The 0-9 reverse was a humiliation and, alongside the Championship decider defeat, my worst days of being a Dons supporter. However, a tiny crumb of solace now from a distance of 12 years or whatever is now being aware how much pain Jack and Robertson must've been in during this wretched day.
  17. Aye, Foster mentioned something about giving Considine a contract even if he doesn't play because he was a good role model to the younger players! That's all well and good but we've had plenty of players sitting around not contributing on the pitch very often (including, although not through any fault of his own, Andy Considine) this season and that didn't turn out to be particularly successful. Of course it's sad to see a long-serving player move on but we can't just keep offering him deals because he's been here a long time. He's done well out of Aberdeen and, in turn, he's gave his best for Aberdeen and conducted himself professionally. However, all things must pass, and the time was right I think for him to move on. It's just a shame that it wasn't long after he reached his personal career pinnacle of playing for Scotland that his Aberdeen career was basically ended by a sub-standard pitch in Baku
  18. I think that was due to the fact that the club felt partly responsible for complications he experienced under the knife which set him back.
  19. I was there too and that's exactly right. Ridgers was wasting time at every place kick long before ICT went down to ten men. It was extremely negative tactics by Dodds, I was disappointed with him. That said, I don't think it will bother him too much. He and his team got what they wanted and Dodds will think he's reached the minimum aim for the season by reaching the play-off final with a financially backed Killie always favourites. His team could have won it in the last minute of normal time with that brilliant solo run (Hardy?)as could've Arbroath in the second-half of extra time with the header off the bar. The game was awful but compelling. Kirk Clubfoot marshalled the rearguard action well. Arbroath will rue the missed opportunity. They didn't stretch the opposition defence enough and the longer it remained 0-0 you just knew there was going to be a sting in the tail with penalties. They must put it aside and go again next season. It's going to be fascinating with Dundee and Cove Rangers also in the league. I've never been to Gayfield before with that kind of numbers and it didn't handle it well. Because of the segregation there was only one exit for the home fans and it meant it was impossible to get out if you were located on the East Terrace (I felt like Tom McKean getting boxed in for the umpteenth time). However, someone removed the fencing behind the South End and plenty took advantage (it had to be done). Also, port-a-loos aren't the best for a crowd of that size but at least if you were in the one closest to the South End you could still see the pitch from air vents around the top... I was surprised by the passion and noise of the ICT travelling fans. A very good performance from them if not from the teams on the pitch. Gutted that it was Bobby Linn that missed. It reminded of me of his and Simon Murray's performance in a 2015 play-off against Queen's Park. From 0-2 down, Linn destroyed Quuen's Park and set up Simon Murray for a double. That's how I prefer to remember Bobby Linn rather than that miss last night. I actually thought that he added a bit of attacking threat when he came on.
  20. Goodwin will need to have a very good summer transfer window because if it goes pear-shaped then I don't think he'll see the January one. Furthermore, we don't really have a good solid core of a team here already so he needs to build that core with his share of the transfer fund kitty off the Ramsey & Ferguson transfers. Although we're prepared to write off the end of this season at the moment, these hapless, uninspiring opening matches of his managerial reign will count against him if things are still going wrong come October. I would say, in boxing parlance, he's on the ropes at the moment and, if I'm being honest, I suspect Jim Goodwin will not be Aberdeen manager in twelve months time. I think it's just too big a job to do in to little time before patience runs out. Goodwin took over a mess; however, I think he should've aimed for consolidation of the club's and his own position first. He's been brave or foolhardy with his decisions so far. I think it would've been prudent to try a gradual revolution, offer hope to the existing players in the squad whether you wanted them or not, and try to squeeze every last bit of effort and application out of the squad until you could replace unwanted players. I don't think you can just ignore what's happened so far just because he didn't sign any of the players.
  21. It was only exactly two years later on May 11th 1985 when the Valley Parade fire happened. We should always remember the good and the bad. It makes us better people.
  22. It might be the final Gothenburg anniversary where we hold the honour of being the last Scottish club to win European silverware....
  23. You'll be desperately disappointed to see the departure of your 'Starman' * It was only a couple of months ago you were defending him to the hilt and baffled why anyone would be happy to see him leave. Well to paraphrase you, "no ifs, no buts, I'm happy enough to see the back of him" His performance and general attitude on the pitch since Glass left has been very poor *There's a Starman flying in the sky, they say he'll come back and see us but that just blows our minds.
  24. I thought they already had a partner across the street from them? I've always thought not having a local derby to contend with has been an advantage although the rapid advances of Cove Rangers might change that (at least until Banks o' Dee advance to the Premiership and the Aberdeen - Cove Rangers rivalry is usurped by the Wellington Road derby)
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