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  1. Cheers... I certainly cared the night I went up to Peterhead to watch us get gubbed 4-0 or when McGoo led us to a 3-1 defeat at The Broch with a team of unknowns including an Indian international. Although the scoreline has no relevance, it can be a good indicator of the quality and morale of the squad.
  2. Almost a tour of clubs manged by the recently deceased Billy Lamont. In fact, I think he's in the East Stirlingshire pic
  3. I can't see any mentioned of the bounce match against Arbroath on the official site or the club's Twitter feed. Does anyone know what our line-up was?
  4. I had network issues at Hampden on Saturday, although it was slow rather than no access...I'm not sure why but I couldn't open the Flash Scores app. Maybe to be expected with 50,000 people in a small area
  5. 22nd August 1992...Rained I think, I remember because Rix and Ratcliffe played for Dundee. I also seemed to recall Dundee had a big lumbering carthorse up that was Alan Gilzean's son but he didn't play that day so I must be getting mixed up.
  6. It's unusual to replace like for like after a sacking, therefore replacing managerial inexperience with managerial inexperience. Usually the manager's perceived weakness is replaced with the opposite. Just looking at our results this season in the league, really only Motherwell away and St Johnstone at home as offered a glimpse of real relegation candidates. Obviously, we need to stem the tide of these negative results or the confidence will seep away, but, for the moment, I still believe Glass can turn this situation around.
  7. Haha, indeed, embarrassing error Beech named after the nut the tree produces not after a beach (Pontefract definitely not on the coast). It's only my second visit (I was at the Handsworth game on Saturday). I'm following the winner in the FA Cup starting with Penrith in the Extra Preliminary Round.
  8. This match ain't finishing 0-0. The kick off time allowing for a drunken atmosphere and the antagonistic feelings both sets of supporters have for their current managers is going to ensure a cup tie atmosphere. In fact, I think a draw is unlikely too. A mistake by someone is going to send the 3 points to someone, I know not where... I couldn't give a fu ck, hopefully I'll have just attended a sold out Beachnut Lane to see Pontefract Collieries triumph over FC Halifax Town or whatever their phoenix handle is now...
  9. Oh I don't think Killie will be promoted this season, and if they are promoted then any catch up will probably have to wait at least another year...
  10. He's typing with the hybrid doric-toonser twist which is common vernacular up here. It's important we retain our regional variants of English and don't allow them to die in favour of the Queen's English. It seems to be popular now to be ashamed of regional variants. Not for me, keep them alive in everyday usage...
  11. What's your issue? I don't see anything "daft" within the message. Now toddle off back to the Championship thread and we can catch up next season...
  12. Lets face it, neither keeper is up to it and that's a very big problem when you add to the mix the current state of our defence, which includes Ramsay I may add.
  13. I have to agree to disagree. Did the players really have belief they were going to win the title playing half the season with the English Scott Brown in goals?
  14. What do you mean by "aim for it"? Just through talk or by actions? If by "aim for it" you mean belief within the whole squad that it's possible to win the title and we're challengers, well that hasn't happened since Willie Miller was boss and it ain't happening anytime soon... We haven't won the Scottish Cup since 1990 so it would be quite hard to get the players believing a league title is on the horizon!! We haven't won the Scottish Cup since Margaret Thatcher was Prime Minister! Is it a coincidence that our glory years matched Thatcher's reign of 1979-1990?
  15. The rare managerial tête-à-tête between McGoo vs Mowbray as Aberdeen and Celtic bosses served up a classic 4-4 in 2010. There's no reason that this one-off meeting of minds between Glass vs Postecoglou can't be as equally ridiculous.
  16. Cormack isn't going to replace an inexperienced manager with one with no experience...he's obviously going to look for someone that's won trophies out with the gruesome twosome...he'll want someone who knows how to win the Scottish Cup and League Cup and has set up his team well in Europe against clubs with far greater resources.
  17. I'm not blaming Lewis solely for our woes but "credit in the bank"? His confidence is shot, he's got the goalkeeping version of the yips, he's not ever getting back to the form he showed pre-2018. Sure he'll pull off the odd great save but he inspires confidence in no-one, not least, the defenders that play in front of him. Was it "credit in the bank" that earned McGinn a three year contract after he popped off to Korea in the knowledge that he could return whenever he wanted irrespective of form then another year's contract this summer, which only his most ardent P&B Dons loyalists would've granted him. Was it "credit the bank" that brought Hayes back on a two year deal after three years sitting on the substitute bench? Was it "credit the bank" that took Marley Watkins back when Cardiff rejected him for reasons unknown? We need players that are up to it now, not that were good in the past and hoping they come good again. Although, I should add, Woods is not the long-term answer either.
  18. He's hopeless, he was on the bench today...hopefully be back at Livingston by January
  19. Coincidentally, I just used exactly the same term, "dead man walking" on a What's App chat group to describe Glass before I saw your reply.
  20. Oh dear, broken Glass listening to his post match interview...he's finished I feel sorry for him, he's getting thrown to the wolves...
  21. A drunken away support and a negative result at Dens Park has all the ingredients for things getting very ugly for Glass and the players.
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