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  1. The Farter has spoken, he knows the relief of a good fart when watching a 0-0 and the dangers of a fart when watching a one-sided thrashing.
  2. It was one of the first matches* I taped onto our new Ferguson video recorder which was then complimented with Manchester United Vs Dundee United and an episode of The Tube and a Madonna video. *The first match I taped was Dundee United vs St Mirren also around November 1984, on Scotsport's Sunday highlights and it was raining quite heavily. I don't know when I got round to finally taping The Dons but we possibly weren't on the box during November 1984. I've never been able to find a copy of the original complete Sportscene(or was it on Sportsnight) highlights of Scotland Vs Spain since. I wish I had kept my copy...
  3. I forgot the women's team from the 2019 World Cup opening match...
  4. There's a theme here which I call Great Expectations, that beautiful moments before it starts to go wrong...
  5. That's an outright lie, I can see three sets of royal blue socks in the pic...
  6. Willie's death last year was big news in the Tees area though.
  7. Actually, we also previously had a picture of Bernie Slaven which prompted a discussion about the possible location he was photographed at, which I think was eventually decided was Ochilview... anyway here's a different one of Albion Rovers future international star in an ape like pose... But where is he playing and can anyone identify the opposition team and player (because I can't)? Maybe it's Forfar Athletic?
  8. I thought I was having a bad case of déjà vu...so take our minds off that Albion Rovers team pic, I'll post another one of their Championship winning squad of the late 1980s Either the suit was a giant or the team was affected by dwarfism... In a footnote, I watched the Dons play Albion Rovers in 1989 at Fir Park and was suitably impressed enough that I sent away for their Club Shop Price List...If I remember correctly, I bought Albion Rovers home shorts and a pennant...
  9. From the 1981 album, in my 6 year old mind, I thought Greenock Morton was a very strange and exotic place, and none more strange than the Afro wearing Jim Tolmie. A big life regret for me was that I never saw Tolmie play in the flesh unless he was in the Billy McNeil International Select that came north for John McMaster's testimonial as it was populated heavily with his own Manchester City team. However fairly certain Tolmie didn't play.
  10. Did someone else not post this picture fairly recently? In fact, I'm pretty sure the same comments were made about it although last time someone mentioned the stand behind the team. I know this thread attracts us 40+ but I hope we're not all going senile and posting the same pics every couple of months.
  11. Despite Sevco playing tomorrow tonight, Sportsound saw fit to give Kenny McIntyre twenty minutes tonight to greet about his heroes. Get this tabloid standard Sevco loving fraud off the presenters chair please BBC and plead Richard Gordon to return.
  12. I only listened to the match on the radio and it sounded very entertaining. The application of VAR is shambolic at the moment, and it's inevitable that the one team is going to score and it's going to be ruled out because of a positive penalty check at the other end. However, I suspect that VAR is making the games more exciting at present because of its tendancy to give penalties every 20 minutes at either end.
  13. This is correct, that although we managed to keep a clean sheet against Hearts that Sunday it was due to the impotency of Hearts attack rather our defensive resoluteness in as far as there was a number of sitters missed by the away team. I don't think even the most ardent of Dons fan can truthfully say he has any faith in us keeping a clean sheet against any opposition. If I was the Livingston manager, I would be on the front foot and testing our defensive flanks as much as possible. Having said that, we're scoring freely at home and I think it's only a matter of time before we score 3 or 4 in a league match away from home.
  14. Edinburgh has produced some of the staunchest Ranjurs men, none more so than the man who shares his name with a long dead UDA man. What's not to like about getting wee Griegy out of the lodge and working again?
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