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  1. James Maddison, which, Sevco goal aside, all I remember about him was an unwillingness to pass... although, to be fair, a last minute winner against Sevco probably puts his head above the biggest disappointments waterline, no matter how pish the goalkeeping was on that particular occasion.
  2. Which ever way you polish it, the league table says we're a team in decline. A decline which began in earnest when Cormack and McInnes started working together. Glass is symptom of the issue but not the root cause. Dave Cormack is a man who thinks he has all the answers but if he doesn't take a step back then we're going to be in trouble soon enough. I don't think Glass is the answer but who is signing these players? I don't think it's the manager. Cormack basically said as much when he discussed the managerial recruitment process (which, of course, amounted to shooing in Glass). Something feels wrong about the organisational structure at the club. The December matches will give us a better idea if we're going to be in a relegation battle this or season, or if we'll have to wait until next season but I think it's valid to be concerned at the direction the Dons are going in under Dave Cormack.
  3. All smashing, but I think I'd rather someone, namely Cormack, addressed the real issue with regards this rather hopeless and 'out of their depth' management team that is currently in charge. We're sinking perilously close to the foot of the table. What would be "wholly unacceptable" is if Glass remains in the job because Cormack can't bring himself to admit that he's made a mistake with the managerial appointment....
  4. That doesn't tell the whole story though @senorsoupe. I remember as a 10 going on 11 child watching the match against France. The French started off in blasé fashion, thinking that they were going to swat the Canadians aside, but as the match progressed and the Mexican sun rose the French became more agitated as the score remained 0-0 and Papin missed chance after chance. Canada were very unlucky during that match and vaguely recall a very good performance from Paul Dolan.
  5. I know but it just sounds like some horrendous Europop cheese...I keep checking Black Lace's back catalogue to see if they've covered it.
  6. Are you a cuckold? There's probably better sites for that kind of thing other than P&B
  7. I love Scotland winning and I love going to watch them.... ... however, I wish we'd give that "We'll be coming down the road" ditty a miss, I find it grating.. Probably an unpopular viewpoint but just my grumpy old man musings.
  8. I think it might've been but during his first spell as manager in 1965.
  9. On a completely off topic and irrelevant point, I've recently been enjoying the Canadian 1986 World Cup tune. I think it might be from the same songwriting team that gave Aberdeen fans The European Song in 1983. Crackin' stuff
  10. Excuse my ignorance, who's the chap on the right? His clobber seems to be from the mid-1990s, Lambie looks like a Sweeney extra from the early to mid 1970s whilst Bertie Auld looks late 1970s/very early 1980s.
  11. It's a pity Hezbollah didn't kidnap Derek Johnstone instead.
  12. 55 is a number being used to convince a gullible mass of right-wing hate filled cretins that their old team still exists.
  13. Hmmm, unfortunately that wasn't the case with Stephen Glass
  14. Ach, a little corruption of the Ricky Villa's name, it still works verbally...
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