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  1. We played absolutely dreadful on Saturday and the players looked unfit. Then a large group of these unfit players went into the city centre during a pandemic to celebrate the miserable defeat. There must be a culture at the club that makes this acceptable. That culture must be encouraged by McInnes and his management team. But you want us to relieve the 750k per annum McInnes of any responsibility for this state of affairs?
  2. No, they need to clearly state the repercussions of what will happen if any player acts irresponsibly or unprofessionally especially given this ongoing pandemic. That clearly hasn't happened up to last Saturday...
  3. I believe the management team were aware that players were going out. If they weren't then they should have been because this ain't normal circumstances when you're supposed to be in a bubble... After years of complaining that they haven't had enough rest or competitive match fitness before the Euro games start, the one season they get it, they go and ruin it. Now we go into the Euro games with no match fitness (and we looked unfit against Sevco and they still went out afterwards) because we made an arse of it. So spare me the McInnes happy clapping please.
  4. It'll be interesting to see if this changes his approach. He speaks very passionately about the club but he'll know as well as anybody that business decisions require an emotional detachment. There's no doubt the players and, I believe, the management team have let him down badly here. Even the 80 year old club ambassador was in the boozer for ten minutes after the game.
  5. It was the only reasonable course medically and for competitive advantage. Surely Hamilton and Celtic will follow now in postponement. You cannot have these three teams benefiting at the expense of the other teams in the league that have to play us with a full compliment.
  6. By the sounds of the Cormack interview, they have no intention of doing that..."We all make mistakes" was the general tone, missing out completely the unprofessional aspect and disregard for the club and supporters they've displayed. In fact, Cormack saluted them for deferring their wages again.
  7. I feel sorry for Cormack after watching the interview. He must be wondering what he's got himself mixed up in. Cormack's being diplomatic but there seems to be a discipline and attitude problem at the club. Shinnie was up here, in his close season, to celebrate his August 4th birthday. McInnes must have spoke to him and surely was aware that players were going out to celebrate with him. If he wasn't then he should have been. It should have been nipped in the bud. What's more worrying is that the players still felt like going out after that shitshow.
  8. Definitely not, and it looks like fake news because I thought Ronny did better than most of them
  9. The list of possible Euro opponents is nearly complete. The teams with *p have a preliminary round to negotiate in which they are favourites. The screenshot comes from Bert Kassies site..
  10. That's true he might not get a sniff tomorrow if we allow them possession. I'd like us just to get right in their faces and make it a battle, I can't remember when sitting off a team was successful for us at Pittodrie...
  11. I don't think Hernandez is going to play judging by the rumours I've heard but could be wrong
  12. I'd rather we played our own youngsters rather than a short-term fix for a 19 year old with 3 league matches and 0 goals for six months in a league he doesn't know. That being said, I hope he does well, and if he does then he'll be off in January. Remember what happened with Danny Ward. We hoped to extend his contract, his parent club recalled him and we were left with an unsuitable replacement from our own squad in Scott Brown and a league title challenge went down the pan.
  13. If you mean Anderson shouldn't be judged on tomorrow's match alone then I agree. McInnes is far to quick to drop our own youngsters if they don't perform as he wants in one game. If you mean Anderson shouldn't be judged against Sevco then I completely disagree. Our players should judged on the bigger games for quality and smaller games for attitude.
  14. I know you're quizzing the Canadian perhaps tongue-in-cheek but certainly McLennan and Anderson shouldn't be going anywhere. I'm less concerned about Wright although he has shown himself useful in the past.
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