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  1. Livingston United have to wait, they could have filled the gap
  2. Everything has all quiet from Livingston side of things since their Statement, I think they are waiting to see what happens at the EoS agm with Boness etc. I think Whitburn will move eventually, from what i hear the committee were split on moving. Armadale Twitter guy is their secretary, and he say's its only his own views and not the clubs, so who knows what they plan to do. Bathgate Secretary has stepped down, and they seem to be signing anything that moves. Fauldhouse no news since the new manager has came in other than players leaving latest i hear captain Sammy Watson has went to Armadale
  3. There is no longer a Super league in the east juniors it's just 1 North league with 17 teams and a West Lothian League consisting of 13 teams playing for a title and no relegation. And you wonder why Livingston want to move, they probably looked at it and thought they had to move to continue to progress.
  4. There is now a chance for them to regionalise the leagues EoS north as there are 14 fife teams and EoS south 16 teams the rest(Midlothian etc) It will give them scope to expand or create additional leagues below as the numbers increase.
  5. Livi applied in the last couple of weeks and got rd by the EOS that their application was too late, it's on the livi Facebook. https://www.pitchero.com/clubs/livingstonunitedjuniorfootballclub
  6. one league set up has to be sensible and promote
  7. Statement on the Livingston United web site says their application is in.
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