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  1. I don’t think he was using that as an excuse for league position, more using it as an example of Broomhill giving them exposure that they wouldn’t get at other clubs (which there is probably merit to that argument). What is bizarre however is that it’s somewhat contradictory from what Ferry was saying when he signed many of those players (maybe not the ones he mentioned specifically in fairness), but either way they were previously open about the fact players dropped down levels and turned down playing higher because of their ‘belief in the project’. In their mention of the weather and the league/rival clubs being un-accommodating as factors in a dwindling crowd, the glaring omission could’ve been that the novelty had wore off a bit (particularly if they stopped doing so well). Naturally, they didn’t want Saturday matches because Broomhill was supposed to be podcast fans ‘2nd team’ and they’d presumably prioritise following their 1st. Is it really that odd that some clubs didn’t want to move their games to a Friday Night to suit Open Goal? (I presume that’s his gripe). The points made by Si regarding the difficulty of being a manager and hosting an upbeat podcast were pretty honest, I’d have assumed that they would have preempted that being a potential issue anyway.
  2. Article does not paint a good picture at all. The club response in the present day seems rather inadequate as well (although anything would be too little too late I'd imagine), I think the story about the scumbag physio has been documented before but had no idea about the extent of Lambie's apparent knowledge of this.
  3. That’s obstruction, could’ve been a red imo.
  4. Smart to bring on McLean, with the Spaniards about to combust we’re surely due to a penalty before this game’s over.
  5. Need some fresh legs on soon, would imagine Dykes and maybe Christie will come off.
  6. It was pivotal we saw out the half there, hopefully can start the 2nd in the same way as the 1st.
  7. I’ve an awful feeling about this, feels like just about every team in the league has given Cove a battering at some point during the season and we’ve still yet to beat them. A comfortable afternoon with a few goals would be nice but I’ll take any kind of win.
  8. I’d strongly wager Si would still claim that.
  9. ‘Tarnished’ is harsh. Archie is still a club legend, indeed only a few months ago inducted into the Hall of Fame. I’ve seen nothing but positive comments from Thistle fans responding to his new job at Motherwell. It was tough at the end of his managerial spell and obviously it didn’t end in the way anyone would’ve wanted with McCall recently but I’d say he’s still well respected, people have a lot of time for his long-commitment to the club, and he’d receive a good reception at Firhill if he turned up on any given Saturday.
  10. Jack is a surprise start but he has been pretty decent anytime he’s played under Clarke (usually with McGregor alongside him). Not a bad team but thought he might have went Dykes and Adams together for this one.
  11. The “Si Ferry Meets…” content was usually the best stuff they produced IMO, although it seemed the general popularity came from the introduction of ‘Slaney’ and the podcast with him, Kyle and Halliday. You could probably make an argument that Slane has become as much the face of Open Goal now as Ferry, given they rarely produce a video without him involved and obviously he was assistant manager at Broomhill (& loosely part of the playing squad), therefore don’t suspect OG will face any real damage from this project ending other than the loss of the weekly Broomhill podcast and the documentary. I wouldn’t completely write Ferry off as a coach after 1 season but in the future he’ll need to separate his coaching from his podcast work, the combining of the two has evidently not worked (as most predicted).
  12. Doolan hoping Muirhead will be back for next game, but will obviously still miss this one. Harry Milne is fine and back in squad and Cammy Smith returned to training this week.
  13. I think this is how most people anticipated the Open Goal ‘project’ would’ve probably ended but I didn’t think it’d be quite so soon. 24 pts off top is pretty poor given Ferry was giving it the ‘best team in this league’ stuff early doors.
  14. Muirhead confirmed to be out for about 2/3 weeks, so missing this one. Milne out with the flu, which is disappointing because he’s probably been first name on the team sheet for most of the season, at least it’s not an injury. Hodson will deputise in that position tomorrow.
  15. Well that’s a blow (albeit not totally unsurprising). Was impressive for a short period of time, he could have a very decent career ahead.
  16. Angus Gunn is probably better than the other options at the moment (I’d still have Gordon ahead of him if it wasn’t for his awful injury) so for that reason happy enough to give him a chance providing he has the right attitude, which Clarke is obviously confident he will. The idea that he could be England No.1 is absolute delusional stuff however.
  17. Referees have been dreadful of late at our level but it’s not specific to us - fans of most clubs would give a similar account.
  18. Doolan’s pre-match interview suggested Sneddon wasn’t fully fit yet and had only trained for the first time yesterday. Would guess he’ll be back in next game.
  19. I think the cost of living is definitely affecting most teams away support this season. I would be pleasantly surprised if we bring near a thousand on Saturday albeit it is obviously a big game.
  20. I don’t think the pitch looked any worse than it normally does (not counting last season) at this time of year. Quite a few of the pitches in the division have looked poor recently.
  21. Echo the thoughts on McAvoy, I think he’s been really good since the Ibrox match, definitely should retain his place in the side even if Dools opts to bring Holt back in. Tiffoney and Bannigan were particularly good today, best performance from Tiff in a while. Only disappointment was that we didn’t make it 4 or 5, but that’s clutching another brilliant result for Doolan & Co.
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