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  1. If Brownlie isn't at the required levels to start (and clearly he isn't) then I'd probably rather play McMillan at CB than Akinola. Last week's defeat after breaking up the Bannigan-Docherty partnership obviously re-installed McCall's faith in it. Thought Dowds might've started tonight, pleasing to see Tiffoney starting again but I hope he's closer to sharpness than he's been in his recent sub-appearances.
  2. FWIW, pretty poor show if you're sending letters to sponsors about the current situation when it has absolutely nothing to do with them and they've no control over the way 3BC/JL acts or who they gift club shares too. Also, that latest statement from the club is a joke - difficult to argue with the view that this is "fan ownership" in name-only. Would also appear that the PTFC Trust haven't really thought this through at all (unlike TJF), wonder how their unofficial Q&A in the Aitken Suite will go tonight.
  3. You would need quite a lot of people who were actually prepared to go tonight to turn away. Our TV games in recent times have notoriously been low crowds anyway.
  4. This is going to be utterly farcical. The removal of their chair with no explanation (of course we all know why) will just be one of many things I expect ‘PTFC Trust’ to sweep under the carpet.
  5. He’s a non-exec director (I doubt he’s ever had a serious say in anything), he’s there for tea and biscuits and only because he’s a club legend.
  6. Surprised to see this, at 31 would’ve thought Christie could still do a job for someone. Good luck to him anyway.
  7. I don't see us keeping a clean sheet in this game if our defensive performance is as poor as it was last weekend (hopefully we've spent the week working on set pieces however). McCall has a few big decisions to make, does he stick with Mitchell in goals or revert back to Sneddon? Does Bannigan come back into the side? Will we change from a 4-3-3 to 2 up top? The latter question is probably most interesting, with Dowds getting off the mark competently last week I wouldn't be against him starting. Massive fan of Brian Graham but he seems to miss a sitter every week just now, on the other hand we've scored 6 league goals so far and Brian has had a hand in 5 of them - even when he doesn't score he's used as a vital focal point for those around him so dropping him may be unwarranted making a front 2 more likely. I'd take any kind of win but I reckon it'll finish 1-1.
  8. The loss in confidence/form of Akinola is equally concerning and sad. Prior to getting that ridiculous red card against Airdrie he was up there with the best CB we’d had post-Lindsay. It doesn’t look like he’s on the road to regaining that form and i doubt he’ll be starting next weekend now.
  9. We really don’t need it becoming a ‘thing’ again. The curtailed season where we got relegated, it felt like we were going to concede everytime the opposition got a corner. Of course we have a far better team now but no side can afford to give away cheap goals from set pieces.
  10. I fancied us to beat Accies but I always felt we’d be in for a tough match today. Plenty of football to be played obviously but 4 out of 9 is not the start we’d have been looking for.
  11. Shambles today. Couldn’t really argue with the starting 11 and squad is in a good place IMO so we should be doing better - big game next week now. The defence was solid for most of last season but when it was bad it was really bad - that needs sorting out from the management team ASAP (in terms of central defence that’s probably the one area of the field you’d probably say we haven’t strengthened).
  12. As much I like Bannigan, Turner and McKinnon are in better form than him and he’s rightly been dropped - albeit I’m surprised McCall agrees given he has a massive love-in with the Doc/Banzo partnership. Bench is looking quite decent as well, straight away you’ve got guys like Tiffoney, Dowds and Mullen who should be looking to impact the game later on.
  13. One of the few players we released I wouldn’t have been against keeping to be a backup this season. Should be a very decent acquisition for League 1 - is that 3 of our players from last season Queens have now signed?
  14. Reckon the Thistle team will look something like this; Mitchell McMillan Brownlie Holt Milne Docherty Bannigan McKinnon Fitzpatrick Graham Lawless Not necessarily what I’d do but what I think McCall will.
  15. I’m beginning to conform to the view that we’re incapable of playing a match without some sort of ticketing fiasco taking place.
  16. To be fair, you'd be hard pressed to find a journalist who've covered Thistle as well and extensively as James Cairney of The Herald & ET has in recent years. He is 3BC's lawyer I think.
  17. Bell was excellent for us in League One, but just wasn't up to the standard required in the Championship last season after he came back from an injury that put him out early on. He's a good guy to have around a club/dressing room by all accounts (and that was kinda the capacity he was used in by us last year). I'd be very surprised if Dundee wanted Crawford, he is a mid-table championship midfielder at best IMO - would've been a decent signing for Dunfermline which seemed his likely destination but I wouldn't take him ahead of our current midfielders and indeed he failed to break into the midfield and was forced to play out-wide last season. However, he was obviously better for McCall's Ayr Team than he was for us so if he could get back to the form shown a few seasons back he could be a decent squad player for Dundee. Not sure he's better than what you have though.
  18. Interestingly wasn’t one of the criticisms previously labelled at TJF by 3BC that they didn’t have enough members at the time?
  19. I don’t think you’d find many on here who would disagree with that.
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