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  1. Great performance from us, bit surprised as I genuinely felt Montrose were the best side bar Falkirk that we’d played this season. Rudden is a really valuable asset with a bit of confidence in him. Definitely the best performance of the season from the team, possibly the best performance in a few seasons in terms of the style of football we played at times.
  2. Whilst that’s a fair point, we aren’t, and Given how little of Lyon we’ve actually seen (whilst I appreciate he was fairly good against Cowdenbeath) he’s not going to start in a must win game, even if it is against Montrose. I think Docherty will probably start anyway.
  3. I’d start Bell, but I think it will be a case of fitness with him. If he could do a job for 60 minutes and then have to be replaced by McKenna or Sena - I’d take that too. I have a feeling he’ll be rested for this one however. Given he’s 36, playing three 90 minutes in a week may be an issue for him.
  4. Cardle’s having a decent season but if we somehow do get promoted - has he still got it at Championship level? I’m not so sure. Sneddon, Penrice and Reilly may still be seen as “prospects” by McCall - forgot Reilly was still at the club. The rest will go I’d imagine, with the exception of possibly Foster who’s role as assistant manager with PTWFC may go in his favour of getting an extension as a backup player.
  5. To be fair to McCall, he didn’t really do that. Pretty sure he made a point of saying he didn’t want to talk him up too much but he was certainly impressing etc. A must win game against one of the better sides in this league is not a game to throw him into I’d say - if Docherty had to be rested Geggan would take his place.
  6. Not massively bothered about the performance just want another win, expect it will be a scrappy affair and maybe just one goal between the winning side and losing one. Montrose on their day are decent, I just wonder whether they will prioritise the Cup Match on Saturday against Killie, given some of Killie's league performances this season it wouldn't actually surprise me if Montrose feel they've got a good chance in the Cup. Potentially could see Bell and/or Foster drop out for this one due to age and the fact they'd be playing 3 games in a week. Go for 1-0 Thistle and another Rudden goal.
  7. Neil Lennon - although I'm not entirely sure we know if he's ill or not but there's a video doing the rounds of him steaming and not looking too good apparently at a pub in England and the aforementioned Duncan Smille is with Lennon.
  8. Good result tonight be even better if we can continue the run against Montrose. Zak maybe in line for a starting position - McCall suggested post match. He’s clearly been very frustrated hopefully he can get a few more now.
  9. For what reason (genuine question) has something gone on?
  10. 1) I totally agree, think it’d be an awful decision - it’s more what I reckon could happen, especially Bell not playing one of the games be it Tuesday or Thursday. 2) Could probably see that happen.
  11. Might want to tell some of your other fans that.
  12. McCall mentioned Graham having an issue with his ribs post-match, and Archie said he had a knock pre-match - so I’m guessing McCall would like to give him a rest from starting on Tuesday (problem is, I don’t think we can afford too). If Bell plays Tuesday, I doubt he’ll play Thursday or vice versa, so either McKenna could come back to centre-half or Sena returns. Apart from that, we shouldn’t at all contemplate changing anything as we know what happened last time we did so. In terms of the stronger team, league table wise Montrose should be a slightly more difficult challenge, but I really don’t think there’s an awful lot between the teams anyway, in other words if we lost to Clyde and beat Montrose it wouldn’t surprise me.
  13. I hope for a 2-1 Jags win but think it’s more likely to be 1-1.
  14. No - the overall highlights package is usually only available on JZ. For last night’s game as it was Scottish Cup, there should be highlights put up for free by the Scottish Cup media team however.
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