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  1. Unless he improves from last season. We can only hope that he might. That said, I still think maybe another Centre-Half of experience wouldn’t be a bad thing.
  2. This is a good point, for all we had tall enough Defenders last season, they were rarely good in the air. Need to have a solid defensive structure, also concentration from the defenders needs to be better, often last season around the 75th minute, they'd go on a maze of errors, they need to be a lot more focused.
  3. Thistle don’t have any rivalry with Kilmarnock - to my knowledge. Maybe the older fans have a story behind it, can’t speak for them. As said above the songs that mention Killie and others are only because they are catchy, there’s no rivalry or clinging on we’re trying to do with Kilmarnock.
  4. Only who Thistle are playing against. It bothers me not, if Clyde win or lose games (usually we are separated by a league or 2 so it really means nothing). Only care about teams winning or losing If the outcome affects Thislte, but it’s not a hatred or dislike for a specific team. Don’t speak for other Jags fans though.
  5. Only hope McCall is right that Cardle has a big season in him. Felt he was slightly past it last season, but he’s been working hard during lockdown, so hopefully he’ll be at least a decent League 1 squad player.
  6. In what way? She was clearly asked advice, and responded saying not to mention any names, (of clubs etc.) had she not responded the club could have been in serious bother if a banner had went against any rules that are set regarding these types of things. It was also a private message, that really should have remained private!
  7. What I said wasn’t wrong though, she’s making sure the club aren’t in official bother with the SFA/SPFL due to wording/placing on a banner, hence why she took “advice”.
  8. 1. Limited 2. Only some of them 3. Probably Not
  9. Season’s literally just finished, he wasn’t going to be signed before then.
  10. In other words; I take it she’s trying to prevent the club from being fined or punished further.
  11. Bit of an understatement, but unfortunately you’re not wrong! Regardless of anything traditionally or historically, the first 2 Clyde/Thistle fixtures are situated at perfect times for 2 really good matches, 1 on opening day and the other at New Year.
  12. We’ve had at least 1 Glasgow Derby every year since 2013. No doubt that trend will continue when we predictably draw Celtic in the Cup (again!). Games vs Celtic/Rangers are really the only derbies we’ve had recently. The fact, Clyde and Thistle haven’t been in the same league for a long long time, and geographically it’s not really a Derby, any affects of it being one are probably gone. Maybe still more a rivalry for the older supporters.
  13. https://ttpo.substack.com/p/why-things-are-finally-looking-up
  14. You’re right, nothing probably will. I already agreed with you about accepting mediocrity, my response was directly to what you said about fans being a massive contribution to where we are now (I.e getting relegated), I feel that’s out of line, although you seem to have cleared that up now to the extent that how it actually read, wasn’t what you meant at all. Fair enough I’ll accept that. (Whether this relates to what you meant or whether it doesn’t) Fans haven’t massively contributed to where we are now, many many reasons to where we are now, most of which you stated above, all before any blame goes to fans. That’s just my opinion.
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