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  1. He’s not been good enough when given his chance. He played really poor midweek in the Glasgow Cup, that would’ve been his chance to get in McCall’s thoughts. Although surprising due to his stats from last season, he’s clearly taking time to settle, ideally he does it soon, because we’ve pretty much fully dominated 2 matches now, but only 3 goals to show for it, thankfully the defence have been on hand to keep them out at the other end, but would like to put the game to bed much earlier in matches.
  2. Pretty pleased with the result today, it was a fairly scrappy game and we probably should’ve been a few up at HT, still to find a bit of ruthlessness. Considering the 8 or so out injured, which saw us name only 3 outfield players on the bench for the second week running, then I’ll take any win we can get. Unbeaten in last 4 and 3 clean sheets is pretty decent, just need to continue against Dumbarton next weekend and hopefully get a few of those injured players back. As McCall said post-match, Sena has been a bit of a find for us, and he’s really coming onto a game at the moment, good to see.
  3. Can only imagine, because the club presumed most Thistle fans already knew, it’s been well documented on JagZone and as said above the fans forum on Facebook. They possibly should’ve but a bit more information about Ben then, but the club have did very well on this by all accounts, which is great to hear.
  4. A Jags fan who was going into surgery to keep him alive today. The club played a song for him over the tannoy at Firhill on Saturday. What cryptic message?
  5. If they were going to be told to go, it’d have happened by now probably.
  6. Yeah, Wright should deservedly keep the jersey, when Sneddon comes back, if he keeps up the current form. I'd say, the weakness of his game is possibly his kicking at times, but his handling is good, and he does look to distribute the ball fairly quickly to get counters (good example was Spittal vs Airdrie) which is refreshing to see, one of Scott Fox's many flaws was often a slow distribution of the ball.
  7. Given the injuries we have had forced upon us, today was a very pleasing victory, probably should have scored several more goals, but apart from that, there was a lot of positives to take. Obviously been some issues off-field this week too, as McCall referenced praise towards Gerry and the Board for their handling of it, so hopefully something to build on for next week now. 2 clean sheets in a row, now as well, which hopefully gives confidence to Wright, Brownlie & Co.
  8. I’d actually say this is far worse than an injury crisis, this is so unbelievable that it’s somehow very believable. East Fife will (or should) be pressuring the make-shift defence from the 1st minute. I don’t care about clean sheet etc. as long as we get the 3 points.
  9. https://www.glasgowtimes.co.uk/sport/18885083.mccall-changes-training-methods-injuries-continue-mount-firhill/
  10. Agree, except the 2 matches under Big Eck, Forrest has been hopeless in a Scotland jersey, and nowhere near the player he is for Celtic. He also doesn’t fit the current set up at all, he’s not going to play RWB, because in these Euro games we need someone with a better defensive capability than him, and Christie and Fraser are superior to him in the No.10 role. However, I’d absolutely have him in the squad, because there is a chance he could come off the bench and create something from nothing.
  11. Palmer would’ve started Serbia game for me, as I thought he was a superior player to O’Donnell, however O’Donnell has earned the jersey, and played far better than Palmer did against Slovakia, in my opinion, so he should come back in.
  12. Fletcher would actuality suit being back up to Dykes in that system far more than McBurnie, but then again, Fletcher “turned his back on the country” by claiming injury and then playing, and then asking not to be picked, at a time when we had a bit of a striker crisis. Scott Brown wouldn’t fit into our system either, the 2 man midfield of Jack and McGregor, with McGinn slightly ahead, requires legs and good mobility, all 3 have that, Brown these days, does not. Not to mention the fact, all 3 of those players are superior in footballing ability to him, yes he’s a good leader - but no chance he should get brought back now. Allan McGregor is a terrific goalkeeper, was brilliant for Scotland and still very good for Rangers over past few years, however, is he not close to retirement from football all together? Don’t see Clarke wanting to bring him back if Marshall and Gordon are fit, or him wanting to come back and play 2nd or 3rd fiddle.
  13. I sort of agree with this actually. Gordon, even at his age now, is still the keeper I’d be most confident with but, I could understand frustration with McLaughlin as he has played a fair amount for Rangers this season. Reckon Marshall will be back in goals for Wednesday.
  14. He wasn’t getting in the squad recently due to the fact he hadn’t been playing, that’s changed now, pretty sure it was reported he had a hand injury for quite a while too. He’s a fine back up to Marshall, and Celtic patching him for Scott Bain is their issue, I think we can all confidently say Bain has never been and won’t be near CG’s level. Marshall’s a hero to us all now and rightly so, after his brilliant performances recently, but Gordon’s one of the best ever to wear the jersey still.
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