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  1. I have my reasons for leaving said players out, such reasons I will not go In to. Harvey was close to making the team but he left my windaes streaky last summer 😛
  2. You a big Martin Stewart fan then ?
  3. Game of opinions mate, let’s see yours
  4. Another player I loved watching was pancho Parker, I see him regularly in farm foods
  5. Surprised at yogi, boys a bomb scare
  6. A bit of lockdown fun, what’s your favourite 10 players over the last 10 years. Here’s mine. 10 cargill 9 Robertson 8 Farrell 7 rocks 6 caddis 5 Parris 4 Stewart 3 Davidson 2 love 1 Mullen
  7. A few big signings on the horizon, Reid fisher from new farm being one
  8. Can’t wait till the thistle lads are back running a mock in Ayrshire fitbaw, Saturdays just not the same
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