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  1. That time of season again fresh start all to play for every fan thinking this is our year . Kelty hoping to do a Queen’s Park , Rangers , Livingston, Gretna, and stroll into the summer sun next year with the glory . While us City’s of Elgin & Edinburgh et all battle out for a semi final playoff place . [emoji460]️ love it . Need to get to Asda & back before 3pm again [emoji1490]
  2. We had teething probs last year with no sound a wee bit wd 40 on the camera will fix that [emoji460]️ . I’m no expert mind
  3. Agree with the two good goalkeepers and with a bit more sharpness up front all’s well for another high finish in league two [emoji460]️
  4. A bit different this season most of the significant players were all signed up early on . So for me any extra players coming in would be a bonus. So I’m in a happy place football [emoji460]️ wise .
  5. A couple of weeks ago I was thinking 3 defeats no pts not many goals for . The nearer it’s coming I’m feeling optimistic [emoji1474] BUT the disappointment I could really do without this time so trying to stay low key 🥺
  6. Congratulations Kelty Hearts looking forward to seeing yous at Elgin City next season & paying yous a visit [emoji460]️
  7. Harsh times for Brechin city but enjoy next season in Highland league new beginnings new pubs great people up here .. Plus 3 away games within 10miles of my house
  8. Bit of a lottery once the heavens opened up until then we looked well up for it. But all the best to Edinburgh city in the final .
  9. Brora for me , put a smile on my uncle Jackys face . Brechin (why us) [emoji34]
  10. Elgin start in a much better place after Tuesdays win for sure [emoji460]️
  11. Well footballs a simple game [emoji460]️ simply win at Stranraer or it’s all over .
  12. Fair play to Albion we took their chances in 1st half & they took over 2nd half [emoji460]️ was a hard watch at Stenny on Tuesday was more heartbreaking watching today . Still all to play for but no room for any more f ups [emoji460]️ now I’m off for a long walk off a short pier
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