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  1. Shocker. Made a right mess of those conferences. What happened during the zoom call did someone hack in and jumble them all up. Maybe a club can take legal action to get a change to this mess.
  2. Read he's leaving beith not sure if retiring from playing assuming so?? Big guy must be classed as a junior football legend. Not a beith juniors supporter so don't know exactly his honours won but must be a good few not considering clubs he played for before and any honours won. Did John play scotland junior?
  3. And what do you want done now exactly?? A comment made by a ex committee man made about an incident 15 years ago. I heard a out of his face pollok fan come out with all sorts of vile stuff just this season . Some truly horrendous shouts at Clydebank and random acts of intimidation and violence outside that ground in the car park See this is what happens when you make these kind of comments it starts mud slinging where nobody comes out of it looking good no need whatsoever to go down that route on a thread like this.
  4. So fantastic memories of this cup final. I see Talbot are top of that list also despite not winning it for 25 years between 1989-2014. My 1st final was as a neutral way back in 1993 a all central affair between shettleston and lesmahagow at cambuslang rangers ground where it seemed to be held every year in the 90s. Great competition imo even up till recent years. Any memories of this cup? When whyte and mackay sponsored this cup for years was it a different cup as it is now? Here's to continual success under whatever jurisdiction.
  5. Good appointment. The guy before was clearly out his depth obviously a gamble of an appointment after the club failed to get its number one man before. Good luck to ladeside though a good club.
  6. Tuckers from Annbank his brother runs the pub , I'm sure kenny Paterson is from annbank too must be a few talbot folk in that pub Let's face it if someone is from annbank born and bred and they support talbot whether or not some talbot legends run a pub or a shop or whatever or if a legendary player is from the village or not if you don't support the village you are from you should be hanging your head in shame. It's totally going against the whole point of non league football. Nothing but a glory hunting turn coat who brings shame on the village.
  7. It was a horrendous post from yourself imo. A cheap shot at trying to sully the name of a club with a fantastic name in the game. To bring some balance i will lower myself to this level since it seems fair game on here i've been to newlandfield numerous times witnessed alcohol in the ground, drug taking, casual homophobia, and sectarian shouts . Since a clydebank fans seems to be taking high ground i've witnessed cowardly violence by a fan of that club , anti english remarks, casual homophobia, and language thrown at officials that belongs in the dark ages. Since mud has been thrown a bit of balance and exposure of other clubs needs to be shown also.
  8. Nothing to do with a conference call but i was at a clydebank game end of last year and witnessed a shocking incident where a clydebank fan punched a rival supporter outside the ground in the kidneys from behind and for him to scurry off and instead of his friend pulling him up for this act he said he should of saved it for a talbot fan later in the season. Heard it with my own ears saw it with my own eyes. I've been to newlandsfield another bigger junior club where I've witnessed many a poisonous atmosphere the pollok forum even had a pollok fan receive death threats from within . Point being on club is immune from scum behaviour nobody can take the high ground.
  9. If he has family hailing from the black isle then maybe and i don't know about it
  10. This would have been a cracking replay such a shame never got played would of fancied broughty to have got through. Mr Petrie was saying yesterday he wants to finish the senior scottish cup whenever , i'm in the land of fantasy here but would have loved the junior cup to have came to a conclusion it was shaping up brilliantly with some bumper crowds to have looked forward to.
  11. No Will you be? If you are will you still be posting on this? Thanks
  12. Decent article from them. The chap at armadale is well thought of and has done great work at that particular club
  13. So you are a lowland league official. What team are you associated with has to be the ek chap.
  14. Let's face it bonnyton are canon fodder and would be in bottom junior league they are doing nothing wrong just opportunist who have ceased the moment. Feel sorry for the youth team won't be any fun at all what's to come.
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