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  1. Eh? Most of your "nevers"I have seen at Hampden Apologies if you are only 14.......
  2. If Scotland dont win their Group A and go on to lift the Nations League Clarke must go !!
  3. Utterly brilliant result and some wonderful performances. Porteous and Hickey stand-outs for me......shows what strength in dpeth we have now. Is the Steve Clarke must go thread busy tonight?
  4. you are spot on there I seriously forgot about McGinn playing......conserving energy for a good 45 minutes retaining the ball at the corner flag I suspect
  5. Got to be happy with that half to be honest
  6. Haha....I absolutely never said I negotiated the deal. The licences were only awarded in January and these ScotWind windfarms are likely to be in the water from 2028 onwards hopefully. No public stakeholders on the specific TOTAL Energies projects but huge opprotunities for the supply chain both on mainland Scotland and at Flota, Orkney where they plan to produce hydrogen from the electricity generated from their West of Orkney site. You still believe the Scottish Government are payin £700m for the ScotWind licences? If so maybe best to take yourself away from this discussion as you clearly do not understand it.
  7. If you dont understand the ScotWind licencing process you can just admit it rather than copy links to articles which you havent read yourself as they state the opposite to what you claim above. All of the aforementioned offshore wind developers have submitted Supply Chain plans which will result in significant investment in Scottish infrastructure and use of Scottish supply chain companies. You mention BP, who have set aside (with partners SPR) £25m per development for supply chain development alone. TOTAL Energies, another you mention, have commited £140m to early local supply chain investment. Here is the link https://totalenergies.com/media/news/press-releases/scotland-totalenergies-and-scotwind-partners-commit-local-industrial (incidentally, I was in the room when their CEO Patrick Puyanne made that announcement and that they would join BP in locating their global offshore wind HQ's in Aberdeen)
  8. I fancy Maguire to get the winner now....with a wonderfully sliced volley past the Pope.
  9. Hoho...Maguire gave the ball away for both goals....he is on a hat-trick. Will he be subbed due to crowd reaction........most likely
  10. OK Mr cut and paste. All those articles are indeed referring to the ScotWind licencing round but you refer to the Scottish Government paying £700m - that doesnt make any sense to me. Didnt bother clicking on all of your links but the first few made no reference to BP, Shell and TOTAL Energies making £5bn profits (is that collectively or individually....and over what timescale)
  11. Care to explain where you get your figures? What £700m paid by Scot govt? £5bn profits in what timescale? Will be interesting to see your explanation of these.
  12. Maybe he has seen the forecast for Friday. i am playing in the Newmachar autumn quaich - 36 hole qualifying on Friday does not currently look like much fun.
  13. Aye, you have said that a couple of times now. Don't you recall that we lost 1-0 when Levein went with the 4-6-0?
  14. Didnt enjoy watching that on tv to be honest....only the third competitive home game (non-Covid times) that I have missed since 1994. Excellent result and decent second half performance Alan Hutton is a decent pundit
  15. I still have one North Stand ticket available for £25 - if interested PM me in next few minutes as need to go out
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