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  1. I used to go onto HYS quite regularly. However, I recently made the decision to ignore it as it was not good for my blood pressure. You are right it is dominated by the SiU gang (same posters day after day putting in long shifts - the Uncomfortable Truth above is one of them) and they are joined by a heap of Brexity types from doon sooth. The fact that 50 people are quite happy to agree with that type of post tells you all you need to know
  2. Does that additional £7bn result in Barnett consequentials of circa £650m to Scotland? I am pretty sure we can put it to better use than they have with their world leading nonsense
  3. I don't know why you bother engaging - he will give your response a great deal of thought then come back with some contrarian view.....any contrarian view.....as long as it is contrarian. This pandemic has been great for Todd is God.....a daily open goal for fowk who like nothing better than a good moan. Seriously, has there ever been a time that he has been content with life?
  4. Aye because she was chairing the Scottish Government Resilience Committee (oor equivalent of COBR) at the time Really, criticising Nicola Sturgeon for not turning up at something is incredibly harsh. Care Homes - think you need to seek answers on that from your Tory pal Robert Kilgour. Privat Care Homes were a disgrace - think of the Skye disaster where they shipped in staff from Kent etc Oh aye, I did have a laugh at your Track and Trace too.....hoho
  5. Thats not what he said. He said 3 or 4 weeks after the first one.
  6. ah yes, see what you mean. Then again the 9 Labour cooncillors have been suspended from the party so that it doesnt look like a Tory British Labour coalition. Disgraceful coalition pretty much summed up by their fast-tracking PB Devco's Draft Project, ignoring all licencing procedures purely to satisy a major Tory donor (Stuartie Clarkson) Marie Boulton (Labour (as was) endured they got their licence in unprecendented timescale. Hunners of cones at the beach forcing cars to park in the middle of the road...another great scheme from this coalition.
  7. Doesnt work in Councils - look at the state of Aberdeen CC
  8. Nope....only part of Scotland (and even then not for a good 7 minutes)
  9. There was a guy on the radio this morning trying to justify £16bn on defence as we just spent £14bn on PPE - is that correct, we (as in bloody UK) spent approx £200 on PPE p\for every man woman and child - Tory donors must all be billionairres now. Both figures are ludicrous - is there a serious threat from China? If there I dont feel it. I hate this creation of phoney wars purely to justify additional spend on weapons of mass destruction to ensure sandhurst educated tory twats get a hardon
  10. but....but.....there was the VOW...that's only strengthened the Scottish Parliament......most devolved parliament in the world...six years on I am sure all of that has been implemented hasn't it.. David Cameron signed every copy of the Daily record himself....didnt he?
  11. I think Lesley Riddoch would be a good shout to head up a YES campaign. Blair Jenkins were pretty invisible and whilst came across as a decent guy he was less than inspiring
  12. I just looked at the pots and came up with exactly the same group (without knowing you had posted) However, we both forgot the golden rule - Scotland will be in same group as Israel
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