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  1. I tested positive yesterday for the first time. Certainly more than a wee cold - felt awful last night and really struggled to sleep (too hot all the time) Was due to go to my works annual conference - first since 2019 - on Monday and was really looking forward to seeing colleagues for the first time in ages but that obviously wont be happening now
  2. Premier Sports to broadcast Scotland Men’s National Team matches until 2024 | Scottish FA | News Scottish FA Chief Executive Ian Maxwell: “It is an exciting time for the Scotland Men’s National Team and we are pleased to welcome Premier Sports as the broadcast partner of the national side to grow their existing domestic Scottish football coverage.” “Premier Sports have been a tremendous supporter of Scottish football since they became the broadcast partner for the Scottish Cup in 2018 and it comes as no surprise to see them recognise the value of Scottish football by becoming the broadcast partner for our men’s national side. Thats a really poor spelling of "terrible"
  3. Must be 10,000 - 15,000 in that stadium. A further 15,000 - 20,000 silently at the game....so where does this figure of 100,000 fans in Seville come from?
  4. I can't imagine how Rangers fans travelling back from Seville this morning........I know what it's like to go to watch my team overseas in a European final .....but have never come home after a defeat
  5. Dont think he was crying.....he seemed quite calm with his kids to be honest.
  6. Ah well, it was brief, but I would imagine Scotland will be back to being one of the most obese nations on earth over the next couple of days as the greetin' hordes make their way back
  7. Oh come on Rangers fans dont get so down....you can win cup finals.....remember that momentous day you beat Peterhead to win the Petrofac cup......that day will forever be remembered in history.
  8. you would have thought the last thing on Lundstrams mind would have been to sook a helium balloon......
  9. 8 very good penalties - rubbish ones from Tavernier and Ramsay
  10. Aberdeen STILL the last Scottish team to win a European trophy
  11. Aha..I get it now...the Rangers fans are saving their voices for extra-time
  12. Tavernier simply cannot put a foot right tonight....Basey.....just the opposite
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