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  1. Richard Gordon said "slight injury and will be fine for Friday" - Tierney that is
  2. why not just change the time of your appointment - mine was supposed to be last Saturday but as i was playing golf I got it done the Wednesday before instead - really easy to reschedule
  3. ah sorry forgot that some of Scotland is still in level 2. However surely "everyone off premises" and "chucking out time" would both be 10.30pm in these areas.
  4. However pubs are open 'til 11pm so I cant see 8pm kick offs going on that long even with penalties
  5. Probably wise to change your appointment in that case. I was supposed to be getting my second jag this Saturday but I am playing golf (more important than a wedding I appreciate) so changed it online to an available slot yesterday - done, and feel completely fine (which definitely wasnt the case after the first dose)
  6. First their branch leader self-isolates and now one of their repugnant MSP's gets the BBC to kid on he is not a Tory The SNP's Craig Hoy asks about "deeply disturbing" waiting times for children's mental health services. He says one in five children are still being turned away from referrals and asks what is being done to improve the situation. Ms Sturgeon says there is ongoing work on "rejected referrals" and more investment into Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS), as well as plans to redesign the service to make it more available within the community. Article share tools
  7. I believe that he did exist around 2000 years ago but thats it. He would effectively been an early magician and impressed his audience with the old turning water into wine trick....feeding 5000? It was probably about 50 but over the years exaggerated dramatically. The impressionable will have worshipped him as their new messiah and he will have been hated by the enemies of these people and best that he was taken down. Resurrection..bolllocks. Thats about it. I am mid-fifties and still cant get my head around religion....I dont pretend to understand it nor do I wish to understand it. For example...what exactly is the difference between a Catholic and a Protestant? How many of those claiming to be one or another actually know the difference? For far too long religion in this country has been used to control the masses....I would imagine that the majority of old folks who still attend church see it as a social thing rather than anything else.
  8. Got my second jag yesterday - in -oot in 15 mins. It was supposed to be at TECA on Saturday afternoon but that would interfere with my golf so went online and booked a slot at Inverurie (which is closer) Such an easy process changing it to a time and venue that suits. Feel fine this morning, which is a relief as I felt dreadful for 2 or 3 days after my first jag
  9. Wouldn't mind depay having a Scottish granny right enough Well apparently his full name is Memphis De-Scotch-Pay
  10. I use one of these with a paper filter....incredibly cheap (think mine was £2.99) and does a great job. Been using this method for years with bags of ground coffee - although I sometimes buy some bags of hazelnut infused beans, grind them down and mix with shop bought ground coffee
  11. I couldnt work out if this person is male or female....so at least you have cleared this up for me
  12. Come on then are you going to tell us this "class joke" or not.....we have been waiting an hour now
  13. Would you rather he just kept quiet and didn't give us an insight into this shambles of a government?
  14. me too if you havent already reached 32 entrants
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