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  1. So we can safely say that Robson is not off to Spurs just yet.......will they hold out until summer?
  2. Netherlands have had 33 shots v Gibraltar after 66 mins....yet only 2-0 up v 10 men. 86% possession.
  3. Is @Christophe still on P&B - not seen since mid-Feb.
  4. Wouldnt mind if I got a decent picture on ViaPlay. I subscribed for the month and have watched a few matches so far and the poor picture quality is extremely annoying. I actually watched the second half of the Scotland game on my laptop as a bit clearer than my tv....no idea why that is. I get a decent picture on BT Sport (although I think it buffers once or twice every game) so unclear why Viaplay is so poor.
  5. you could argue that goalkeeping coaching in Scotland has been less successful in the last 20 years than those who coach forwards. Our left back coaches on the other hand.......
  6. I came to the same conclusion today.....if Forbes brings something different that gets more people across the line in voting SNP / YES then all good....if she doesnt then maybe another change in a couple of years may see someone like Mhari McAllan step forward (she is really impressive) I think the religious element is over-played. I am satisfied that she has kept her religious believes out of her parliamentary career so far and hope that she can continue to lead a party in the direction that the majority wish to move rather than her own beliefs.
  7. Yellow ball - doesnt count........
  8. There are Ospreys not too far away.....fully expect to see them return from Africa in the next couple of weeks
  9. och it was only against 10 men............
  10. something that slipped my mind until last night...I was first to get tickets for this game. Queued all night even though there was no need to as a voucher system was in operation. Just wanted to be first. Picked up my tickets and was cornered by the Evening Express photographer....still have the photo from that nights front page somewhere.
  11. If this was real would the majority not be about 20 stone? So either they went to London or Brentford came up to Glasgow for two organised fights in the woods lasting a grand total of 75 seconds. Hardly worth putting on their shorts and face masks
  12. If you ordinarily work on a Saturday then yes Actually I think it may be a public holiday on the Monday but as most employers now just roll public holidays into your overall holiday entitlement then thats up to your employer
  13. This if from the SPFL website.....ridiculous if no games on the 6th....I assume all Sunday games now MAY 2023 5 cinch Championship fixture Rd 36 6 cinch League 1 & cinch League 2 fixture Rd 36 6/7 cinch Premiership fixture Rd 34
  14. Jeeso after praising Rebecca Morrison earlier she somehow manages to throw away a 8-5 lead going into 10th and final end by losing a 4 - clear the stones lassie, clear the stones. Lost two matches today to now sit 1-2
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