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  1. You said that the Palestinian "side" were 'anti-Semitic, violent and Holocaust-denying' (obviously, because every single one of them voted for Hamas). If you can't see that as completely racist then you have a problem.
  2. I've had a drink and IT isn't my strength, but that's an appalling statement. All Palestinians are anti-Semitic, Holocaust denying and violent? And what, you've met all of them! How do you the think the current state of Israel was formed - terrorism against innocent British servicemen had a big part in it. Away to Ibrox ya clown.
  3. As a Thistle fan I'd like to consider myself something of an expert on bad strips. That's a shocker! It's on the same level as our pink khaki atrocity. Take away the sponsor's logo and you still have the coolest home strip around though.
  4. Being a saddoe I checked the Thistle Archive site. Feb 9 1983 Rugby Park, third replay, Killie nil Thistle one. We then played three games (well two and bit) against Clyde before losing to Aberdeen. So eight games in the cup and we never even got to Hampden!
  5. Thistle v Killie in about 1980 went to four games (I think, could be wrong, could have been three) but deffo no neutral ground involved. Mo Johnston scored the winner in about the 400th minute.
  6. Not sure about that. Lived in Ruglen' for a few years about a decade ago and genuinely only saw a handful of Clyde fans in all that time. Sadly methinks Shawfield is no more as a Glasgow football ground. One of my happiest memories was the 'lights out' fighting free-for-all at the Cup game in the 80's. Made the headlines in the Express and everything!! Scotland's Shame.
  7. I grew up in EK and there was always chat about youse moving to the Kelvin bowl. Would have been a better move than Broadwood as the ground was more central and in effect ready built.
  8. I asked about this a few months ago. All I wanted to know was what were the plans for the ground redevelopment. I got a right "we're the juniors, who the feck are you!" response. That was me well telt. Shawfield was a superb ground. It made absolutely no sense as a football stadium but I'd take it over Broadwood any day of the week.
  9. It's a few months since I've been in, but The Tollbooth at Glasgow Cross sells Tennents 60 shilling. I agree, it's a great session drink ( think it's about 3% abv). The Tollbooth is alright as Celtic pubs go. I go there to watch the Gaelic football but leave before the singers start. Apart from a pub in EK I think that's the only place I've seen that still sells it. Don't think I've ever seen it in an offies.
  10. I'd genuinely give it a miss. The place is beyond weird, and not in a good way. My pal and I stayed overnight a couple of years ago. The first pub we found was in a huge, and totally deserted, housing estate. The pub was also empty, except for the KGB man in the corner and his mate 'hidden' in the back room. Every restaurant and bar we went to you got the feeling of being followed. Despite being a Saturday the whole place seemed deserted, as if everyone had fled at the end of the Cold War. The 'hotel' was in the keeping with the rest of the place. Despite being the only guests it has a suspiciously large amount of staff. On the drive out to the border we were openly followed by the local plod. Delighted and relieved to get out of the place and back to Chisnau, which was brilliant.
  11. I was 12 and nearly cried - the injustice of losing to a 'diddy' team when the cup was ours to be won! 😀. Just about that time my Hibs supporting mate got a kicking at Dumbarton East. He claimed it was the Boghead casuals but ah hae ma doots! Unlucky guy, he went to see them at Berwick (George Best era methinks) and was shot in the head with an air rifle! Feck it, that was what football was about back in the day.
  12. My phone is jigged, so apologies if this is the third time I've sent this, but why on earth would the notoriously penny-pinching Celtic board of that era think they could make money out of renting Parkhead to a crowd of 500 max?
  13. Not strange Q. Buying a player from a fellow relegation troubled club knowing fine well you were in trouble should never be forgotten , Wee bit like lining the pockets of your club with a LOT of money each year and our one of grateful agreements was our club shop to be ran from a turnstyle top end o the hill. How lucky we were indeed Where do you think you would have ended up if you hadn't agreed to move to Firhill? No idea what you're talking about re the club shop but I'm pretty sure we didn't even have a club shop at that time. If you want to go down the moral route, weren't you fined a few years ago for, illegally, charging Thistle fans more to get in than your lot? Anyways FTOF.
  14. In the spirit of reconciliation - I remember a cup replay at Boghead a few years before that, must have been late 70s? I think you won 1-0 and Ian Wallace was the star of the show. Seem to remember the crowd being about 6000 or so. Boghead was a great ground.
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